Chapter 534. Awful curse.


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Din Yu Mian was really perplexed about Mo Fang …

As a student of Mingzhu, he could get lost on campus walls!

It was even more struck by the fact that the rest of the participants before the qualifiers were washed in and preen, and he did not even know the date of his fight!

By the time he reached the competitive ground, the bout was nearing completion.

– In your team there should be only three people now, imagine how they resent! – Din Yu Myan brought Mo Fang to the competitive territory.

However, just looking at the arena, Din Yu Mian froze … four people in a team! And none less!

Mo Fan, who was standing nearby, was looking at the landing.

His face grew dark when he saw that Ai Tu Tu was among the competing … his heart just jumped in anger!

– She pretended to you? – with a smile on his lips, Din Yi Mian was keenly interested in everything that happens, sitting down at the same time among the audience.

Mo Fan was very angry. The fight was already underway, so he decided to wait and beat Ai Tu Tu after it was all over. Well, she did the business !!!

The commission of all their affairs could not lead to anything good! Apparently God, when he handed out the brains, certainly cheated her, or threw something defective to her!

“Well, and it’s hard for your team …” commented the course of the battle Ding Yu Mian.

“Yeah, that’s obvious …” said Mo Fan.

The face of Gujian, who was in the arena, became completely gloomy. Now he seriously doubted this girl named Mo Fan …

Its main element is plants. Using plants at this point was an unfortunate decision.

– Shine: Blindness!

Ai Tu Tu herself understood that now is not the time to use the magic of plants, but now she would not risk doing so. Seeing that Gujian had fallen into a trap, she released the magic of light so that, having blinded others, he would have the opportunity to escape.

However, a blindness spell does not act separately on opponents, if it already blinds, so absolutely everyone …

Gujian at that time was already forming electrical discharges, he was able to use a magical artifact to free himself, so he could now attack …. Who knew that this girl would release the magic of light, and he would not be able to see the enemy!

While he was blinded, ice chains were already flying in his direction. They grabbed his arm, and threw him back into the air so that he took off …

Gujian was wearing protective armor on the body, but she also scattered into pieces when the ice chains seized him and he fell from a height to the ground.

He looked at the rest of his team. He was injured and he no longer had the strength to control the situation. The team fell apart.

They lost again.

– Team number 16 won!

The judge announced the result of the fight, and smiles appeared on the faces of the students from the sixteenth team.

Among them, the team captain Bai Yu Lan smiled the longest. He looked at the torments of Gujian, and his smile was accompanied by a strange growl.

Gujian and Bai Yu Lan did not get along. This time, he defeated Gujian by hitting him in the chest with fire.

– You are sick?! Did you think that blinding magic would blind me too ??? What side could you be in the top twenty ??? Stupid! Don’t get in my eyes anymore!

Gujian violently pounced on Ai Tu Tu with curses.

Of the three fights, Gujian has already lost two, and all this thanks to this durekha!

He suffered the first defeat, but he could not survive the second! And now he didn’t care that there were people around …

What a splinter she is!

Gujian’s words were heard on the site, but he did not even think about stopping.

There were few people at the site, but they all clearly heard this abuse.

The rest of the team, Li Jie and Liu Xin, also boiled inside, but they didn’t pour it out like that …

Due to Gujian’s anger, silence reigned at the site.

Soon the curses again cut the silence …

Ai Tu Tu lasted a few seconds, and then wept.

Gujian’s words were hard to listen to, they hurt the girl’s pride.

For the first time, she pretended to be another person for fun.

Now, when she saw the sadness of the team from the second defeat, she was no longer happy. Even the expensive magical artifact, which she bought, was not justified.

The attacking magical artifact, of course, was useful, but the strength of the rivals was one level higher.

However, after this loss, Ai Tu Tu did not expect that Gujian’s curses would hurt her right in the heart …

– What are you roaring? Get out of here, and don’t get in my eyes! Shouted Gujian.

When he saw her for the first time, he already understood that this girl would not bring much confusion.

– Gujian, well, enough …

– Yes, we still have a third match. She released the magic of light to save you – said Li Jie.

– Yes, with her about what kind of fight can we talk ??? – not let down Gujian.

Ai Tu Tu could not believe that this man, who poured his curses at her so powerfully, was the one she wanted to get. Ai Tu Tu decided to leave.

However, turning toward the exit, she stumbled upon someone’s chest …

The owner of the chest opened his arms and hugged her tightly.

Ai Tu Tu looked up and saw Mo Fang.

Her body seemed to be broken by an electric shock …

Now she was afraid that Mo Fan would start scolding her no less than Gujian.

At that moment, she already had the opinion of Gujian on the drum, but Mo Fan … he is her friend, her neighbor …

Because of her behavior, he has already lost two whole fights …

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