Chapter 535. So it is you, talentless!


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– Sorry, forgive me … I really didn’t do it on purpose – like a little kitten Ai Tu Tu apologized tearfully to Mo Fan.

She did not apologize to Gujing because she could completely score on him, but Mo Fan was her friend.

Mo Fan looked at her, and inside he felt sadness.

Mo Fan knew what Ai Tu Tu was capable of, but this act surprised even him. He could also tell her a few gentle …

She’s a girl! Even if she had done something, Gujian shouldn’t have to act like that with her!

Mo Fan would never do that! Even if all three fights would have been lost because of her, he would never allow himself to speak so firmly about a girl!

– Well, do not cry, do not cry – he reassured Ai Tu Tu.

“You … you don’t blame me?” – With red eyes from tears, she looked at Mo Fang.

“Yes, you were guilty … but you remember, if you hadn’t told me about the selection, I wouldn’t have prepared myself and wouldn’t participate …” Mo Fan said with a smile.

Ai Tu Tu, without lowering his eyes from him, thought about how radiant his smile was that it warmed so!

“However, I still have to apologize … Forgive me. I will definitely find a way to repair the damage – the girl sincerely said.

– Good good…. Just let me first help you down, and then we’ll talk about reparation, said Mo Fan, looking at the furious Gujian.

Mo Fan helped Ai Tu Tou down to calm her down.

Ding Yui Mian watched Ai Tu Tu coming down from the arena and gave her a bottle of water. Mo Fan, at this time, headed towards Gujin.

Din Yu Mian was very interested in what Mo Fan would do.

She was a magician of the spirit, so she was able to notice hidden sparks in his eyes.

– Are you Gujian? – asked Mo Fan, approaching the young man.

– Well, what is it again? Are you because of this girl? – Gujian was not afraid at all. He also saw him hug Ai Tu Tu.

This girl got into the top 20 only because someone’s roof, but the wrath of this guy was real.

– Never mind. You will now go and apologize to her by making three bows, and then I will forgive you today’s behavior. Otherwise, I curse all your little family! – Mo Fan emphasized the last sentence so that everyone on the court could hear it.

Hearing these words, Gujian’s face turned green …

He had not had time to recover from defeat, so he shouted with anger in his voice: “Your mother! What kind of dog are you? Better get out of here for good health! ”

– I couldn’t win the fight myself, so I attacked the girl? Dog at least can run up and bite. You rush like a pregnant bitch that releases gases! – objected Mo Fan.

From the horror of these remarks, Din Yi Mian and Ai Tu Tu opened their eyes wide.

All of them were magicians, all were students – the future of the state. Why, then, did these words disturb the rumor?

There was silence on the landing. The situation with the girl has not yet cleared up.

– You…. You … – Gujian no longer found words for skirmish.

Mo Fan was a real master of negotiations, where would he fight with him?

– To slander is not a talent! Here you go out into the arena, and then you answer for your words! – after some time answered Gujian.

– What the hell then you pounced with insults on the girl? Do you think this is gentlemanly ??? Said Mo Fan with a cold grin.

After these words, everyone around them laughed at him.

However, Gujian did not let up: “What was I wrong about? This girl somehow turned out to be in the top twenty, actually being a dummy! ”

– This is your cant. In the arena you were not rivals! – answered Mo Fan.

– Haha. Absolutely bummed? The rules for participation in the university selection prohibit personal disassembly, only this saves you! However, I myself do not want to mess with such garbage as you. Enough of this fool in our team, which is why we won’t wait for a victory, Gujian said.

Mo Fan himself saw what kind of shoddy man stood before him.

Mo Fan said, “Well, these are your words. Better not argue with me. ”

– Yes, my words. Yes, everyone has already seen, why argue that because of this girl? – did not retreat Gujian.

– At the third fight together with you I will fight. If we are victorious, you will have to apologize to her.

Gujian dumbfounded …

He looked around and saw that everyone was looking at him. Now he can not refuse his words.

– coming. But if we lose … One woman constantly walks a dog near our house, because of which the lawn near the house is filled with her shit. If you lose, then you and your girlfriend will come and eat this shit! – said Gujian.

“Gujian, this is too ridiculous a condition,” said Li Jie.

He gave him a malicious look.

Mo Fanu was damned by the conditions of this idiot. A few months ago, he would not dare to be so cocky, but now, when he has a fiery hetero, he don’t care!

– coming. Several judges will need to help us. – Mo Fan turned his head, looking for the judges.

Three judges were very young. They had a bored look …. However, this guy that came here so mad!

But rules are rules. One of the teacher judges said: “These are your personal matters, but they can be solved by a duel. Even you can not earn high points, the score will go normal. If you agree to this, then we will not interfere. ”

– I also have no objections. For the third bout, the majority no longer has the strength – said Li Jie.

Liu Xin also nodded his head. For some reason, this madman seemed familiar to him …

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