Chapter 537. Inconsistent Flame Outburst.


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The entire battlefield was covered with a crust of ice, with the result that the bright Emissions of the flame became much more noticeable.

Xu Min Cong easily dodged these “unexpected” Emissions of Flame …

But the emissions of the flame turned out to be much more insidious, stopping near the Ice Prison, they were returning back.

Others would need a lot of magical artifacts, but this is her – Xu Ming Cong …

And you can safely walk under any barrage of fire!

“I will give you water protection,” said the slightly overweight girl.

“Don’t, nothing,” said Xu Ming Cong, dodging.

Ice crumbs of an ice dungeon flew in the air, gathering in a dense chain, which with one blow is capable of breaking up human bones.

Xu Min Cong used the Wind Path to push off and dodge, but Li Jie paid attention to the air flow, and at the same time with both hands redirected the Ice Prison.

Who could have foreseen that Xu Min Cong would immediately change the direction of the air flow, and, having prepared a false lash in advance, would slip back through the air …

His hands were in the pockets of his trousers, and by his manner of behavior he is rightly called the Air King. Young students, watching what is happening, simply squealed!

“It’s not all …”, said Xu Min Cong with a smile on his face, enjoying the attention.

Having dodged back from the Ice dungeon, he turned sharply to the right, because another Flame burst hung over his head.

“I say, such magic is useless against me …”

Xu Min Cong promptly reversed his direction of motion, dodging back, immediately went away from the next volley of Flame Ejection.

** bam **

There was a rumble, these fiery clots, which seemed to be simple outbursts of flame, began to explode, creating a huge purple cloud!

In this crimson cloud, flames fiercely played with sparks, swaying like a boa.

The force of the explosions was amazing, and even the two chains of the Ice Prison trembled under their onslaught.

Xu Min Cong perfectly calculated how far he should move away from the explosion. He stood up with relief when he felt the points of air from the blast wave, but then a flame fell on him. The wave of fire has spread over twenty meters! And after the wave of air! Such an inconsistent flame.

Moreover, even with the enhanced Flame Outburst, the spiritual seed, the radius of action does not exceed ten meters.

Xu Min Cong retreated by about twelve, which is not only a safe distance, but also excellent for an epic view of his beautiful hair developing in a warm breeze …

Only this time, the wave did not stop at ten meters, but sent him on an epic flight straight face into the dirt!

His beautiful hair turned into a nest on his head, and even slightly charred.

Since he did not manage to pull his hands out of his pockets during the fall, he fell to the ground with his face, breaking his lip, and bleeding from his nose.

“Pease … dec!”

The trauma of Xu Min Tsun was not serious, but here the reputation of the handsome boy was hit harder. He rose dirty and extremely angry.

“I thought that this guy looks extremely familiar. It seems that this is the Despot of the faculty of fire – Mo Fan. All his entry-level magic reached stage four, ”said the slightly overweight girl.

“You fucking couldn’t have said it before!” Xu Min Cong shouted.

Just fucked up, never seen someone’s entry-level magic was so powerful, not weaker than average magic. Although there is nothing strange in this, what kind of an idiot would begin to invest such bablyas in the magic of the initial level!

“His flame is the Rose of Fire, the power of the element of fire has reached two. Five times. The ejection of the flame of the fourth level is intensified by two times, because the ejection of the flame is about five times stronger than usual, ”said the plump girl.

“Consider, I miscalculated, but I diverted so much fire to myself, do not tell me that you haven’t done anything all this time!” Said Xu Ming Cong.

“Why can you not see my Ice Dungeon … Ha-ha-ha,” the magician girl with her brightly painted red lipstick laughed loudly.

“Mo Fan is left to you, they say that he is a magical killing fire machine, I will deal with the others first,” said the muscular student.

Xu Min Cong pushed aside what happened and joined his teammates.

The body ached, but this is hardly something serious, so you have to get together, otherwise you will not see it highly appreciated …

“Heh, the killing machine … I can easily cope with it!”, – Xu Ming Cong, as always, was self-confident, a black aura formed between his fingers, and even spirits would not smell that an attack was being prepared.

“Shadow Thorns: Prick!”

Xu Min Cong spread his fingers wide, like a fan, a black aura gathered in sharp thorns at the tips of his fingers …

Three jokes. Xu Min Cong violently threw huge shadow spikes. They disappeared in the air, awaiting further orders.

The third step of the shadow magic Spikes of the shadow: The prick was even more amazing than the first and second. Spikes could hide and appear from the shadows, in the right place, and at the right time for the magician.

One spike for the body, the second for the mind and the third for the soul …

They say, once in the first – you can not move. In the second – you can not create magic. In the third …

And the third is the worst. They say that if suddenly, a third spike will overtake you, you will know all the spiritual anguish at once, and you will experience them until the end of your days. Without timely treatment, the power of the shadow corrodes the soul, perhaps even somehow affects the lifespan, so much so that the losses are irreplaceable!

Mo Fan has not yet reached the third degree of Thorns of the Shadow, but he, like no one else, understood their danger.

The spikes of the shadows have already hidden, and now you have to be even more vigilant, because it is not clear when they will go into battle now.

Naturally, they can not hide in a random place, but only in the shade, because if you make a bet on a bright light, you can get not a bad profit!

“Do not use the Holy Shield on me … This fool Xu Min Cong will not be able to reach me with thorns of shadow. Protect those two! ”Said Mo Fan Ai Tu Tu.

Ai Tu Tu nodded, and turned her attention to Liu Xin and Li Jie.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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