Chapter 538. The most difficult call in life!


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– Hi, I’ve been here quite recently, but I’ve already managed to see a crying girl, can you explain to me what happened?

Din Yu Mian carefully looked at the site, and at some point a voice rang out.

Din Yu Mian understood that the guy just wanted to start a conversation, which was usual for her. However, there was something unusual in this guy’s look; he seemed very lonely despite his young age.

“That means how, thank you,” answered the guy after a long explanation of Din Yi Mian.

He stood silently and it seemed to the girl that he had turned into a sculpture.

She also did not pay attention to him any more and continued to follow the arena.

At this moment, Mo Fan encountered the magic of shadow.

Shadow Spike Spell is the most powerful mid-level magic spell to block an opponent. The enemy just falls into the trap. However, Din Yu Myan understood that a powerful shadow mage doesn’t even have to set a trap, his magic will act like a shackle …

Just like at this moment!

In the arena of Mo Fan, he was already surrounded by electric lightning, the vibrations from which were heard to his rival.

Qianjun’s spiritual lightning seed, which reinforced the passion dance spell, descended from heaven and struck right on Xu Min Cong, so much so that the latter had to use his protective artifacts.

At that moment, while Mo Fan was painting a star system under the guise of other team members, shadow spikes appeared in the middle of a layer of frost that headed towards Mo Fan!

– Against the water shield is hard to resist, beware! Shouted Lee Jie Mo Fan.

Mo Fan knew that Ai Tu Tu already used light protection to help Liu Xin, who was attacked by ice chains. His star system crumbled when it was half ready. He had to bounce back when a thorn of shadow appeared there.

– Do not hold back? Said Mo Fan with a grin.

Shadow spikes differed from other types of magic: they could not be used immediately after the formation of the star system. Therefore, those three shadows that were used by Xu Min Cong, took a lot of energy from him.

– Well, yes, one destroyed star system does not count! – Xu Min Cong also laughed, but now his smile was not so relaxed, because he had already felt that Mo Fane’s destructive power was much superior to Gujian’s.

With each movement, Xu Min Cong’s eyes were cast in a strange light.


At that moment, when Mo Fan evaded the thorn’s first attack, a new attack immediately formed.

The spikes of the shadows were very effective precisely against destructive magic. However, this required overtaking the enemy, and Xu Min Cong hoped to destroy Mo Fang as quickly as possible.

Mo Fan foresaw a second shadow thorn attack. Interrupting the lightning system, he also used shadow magic!

Also being a magician of the shadow element, Mo Fan is no worse than Xu Min Tsun understood what the latter sought.

The fire broke out in Mo Fang’s hand, and he sent it straight into the air!

From the light of the fire, the magic of the shadow waned and became visible.

Mo Fan saw the second thorn of the shadow that was aiming right at his chest!

– There is one more. You’re so thrifty … Since you are interrupting my magic, I even have nothing to say to that, ”said Mo Fan, taking a few steps back, giving Li Jie the opportunity to make a double barrier from the magic of water and ice.

After that, asterisks began to focus around Mo Fan, the luminescence of which was silvery white.

They quickly got together, describing the constellations in the air …

– He is going to make a call! Said the plump mage girl.

– Well your mother! I forgot that he is a natural two-element cell! – swore Xu Min Cong.

Xu Min Tsun had the last third spike of the shadow, which he again intended to use to prevent the enemy from completing the star elemental system, although he released the magic of the initial level * (in the magic of the call, the initial and intermediate levels are represented by just one spell – the usual call).

*** Auuuuuuuuuu ***

The beast of the level of the pack leader appeared on the arena.

Here the opponents had to be afraid of the ability of the agile wolf to twist, to confuse. Although the beast did not have the power of the commander-in-chief, this ability was dangerous even for the first twenty magicians!

– My wolf has a crazy speed, so both of you have something to talk about! Said Mo Fan with a smile.

The agile wolf had been with Mo Fan for a very long time, so he understood very well the level of magicians that his master encountered. All of them could go off alone with the animals of the level of the pack leader, so he hurried to attack them!

– This will be the most difficult call in my life! – cursed one of the students.

Garbage that his initial magic is equal in power to half the magic of the average level, nonsense and the fact that his lightning magic has absolute destructive power … but the fact that he still called for the help of some kind of wolf … this is already something!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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