Chapter 539. Do not let him release the magic!


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– I completely forgot that you still have a call!

– Well! Fine!

Liu Xin and Li Jie smiled.

The appearance of a draft animal has noticeably revived the situation in the arena.

Magicians were just waiting for a reason to release magic as much as possible, therefore, as soon as the wolf appeared, star systems began to sparkle on all sides.

– Storm wave!

In the face of Li Jie, streams of water began to accumulate, forming a tide.

Streams of water fell right on rivals!

– Stone Mountain!

A student with stone muscles ran ahead of the team and released a stone barrier that was supposed to protect the team from the water.

The water, reaching the stone barrier, began to gain height, reaching ten meters!

“Hmm, do you still manage to use some tricks in front of my magic?” – Said the magician with stone muscles.

– Carefully, from the other side is a wolf! – shouted a student with red lips.

The magician with stone muscles only had time to turn his head and see a wolf flying at him, that he bared his fangs …

A student with stone muscles was simply stupefied; he hurried to use his protective mail.

Protective mail was his trump card.

The wolf, on seeing that the magician used the protection, turned around.

Several ice chains rushed toward the agile wolf, but he managed to retreat.

– That same bastard! – grinning, said the girl with red lips.

-E * oat, didn’t I tell you to keep an eye on Mo Fane ?! – shouted suddenly Xu Min Cong.

While everyone was busy fighting with the wolf, Mo Fan had already managed to create the star system of the lightning element during this time.

*** The crack of lightning ***

The lightning bolts around Mo Fan were already performing their deadly dance, and he was in the very center, as the main fiend of this evil!

– Qianjun – hit the demon!

– Rest! Shouted Xu Min Cong, releasing his last shadow thorn.

– There is still me! Shine of light! – There was a cry of Ai Tu Tu.

A bright blinding light appeared around Mo Fan.

The rays of light were so powerful that the thorn of the shadow, never reaching Mo Fang, melted!

Gujian was simply stunned by what he saw …

What is it all about? During the last battle, she used the magic of light inseparably, and now, when in the Mo Fan arena, she created only a protective wall around him!

– Stupid!

– That’s the trouble!

– Artifacts, quickly activate magical artifacts!

At that moment, when the thorn of the shadow melted about the magic of light, the faces of Xu Min Tsun and the others turned sharply pale …

This magic is not a toy for you!

“Have a nice lesson in lightning magic …” Mo Fan continued to stand in the same place and control electrical discharges.

His lightning bolts were so powerful that they even opened the ground in the arena! They hit the team members Xu Min Cong.

– Once again!

Mo Fan has sent more discharges now towards Xu Ming Cong himself. He thought to wriggle out of his magic, but he could not even imagine that two lightnings would hook him on his legs, keeping him in place!

Xu Min Cong stepped up his protective chainmail, but the electric attack still caused torment.

The lightning magic with Qianjun’s seed for the first time broke the space … the second time … the effect was already obvious. Now, the strike of the passionate dance of the third stage lightning struck the final blow …

Electric discharges shook the air … everything was shaking around. Xu Min Cong and the rest could no longer stand on their own feet!

The plump girl was still lucky, she stood the furthest and the lightning effect didn’t affect her so much.

All the rest got all their artifacts …

Protective mail is too expensive an artifact, so they decided to use magic shields to protect against lightning.

All, in addition to plump girls, activated shields.

– Fire Rose / Flaming Fist: Nine Palaces!

Then the frightening sounds were heard again …

So many magicians tried to prevent Mo Fang from releasing magic, but, despite their magic and artifacts, they all now clutched their heads in panic!

The boiling of fiery magic, which resounded immediately after the magic of lightning, will make everyone remember this moment !!!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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