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“Young Master, this water Chongde’s strength is not weak, the cultivation base has reached Spirit Gathering Third Level days, you will fight with him, will it be a little risky?” Chuhu said with some concern.

The poison on the side is nodding again and again. He knows that Chu Xingyun has a lot of cards, but the other party is Spirit Gathering realm. The cultivation base is too much Chu Xingyun. It is difficult to have a battle.

“You can rest assured that I have my own size.” Chu Xingyun looked again at Shui Chongde and said: “How do you dare to take it?”

Shui Chongde said with a malicious smile: “I thought you had a bit of skill. Now it seems that it is just a arrogant fool. Nothing more, I have taken the water Chongde and immediately detoxification!”

“Good!” Chu Xingyun threw out a Qingxin Dan, lightly said: “After detoxification, I will give you half an hour to retreat. When your state is adjusted to peak, we will make a move.”

When water Chongde heard it, he immediately felt that he was underestimated. Although his heart was not good, but more, it was a disdain for Chu Xingyun. Not only did he detoxify, but he also gave half an hour to retreat.

It’s such a stupid guy, he still saw it for the first time, it’s ridiculous.

Chu Hu and scorpion poisoned them, and they heard Chu Xingyun’s words. They felt more and more inappropriate. They looked at each other and quickly walked a few steps forward. Once Chu Xingyun was in danger, they could immediately make a move to save.

In an instant, the atmosphere of the entire black prison immediately became weird. Everyone’s face was changeable, only Chu Xingyun, one standing quietly, the old god was there, and it was very calm.

Half an hour later, Shui Chongde opened his eyes, and a thick blue rays of light emerged from the body.

“come on!”

Shui Chongde screamed and immediately rushed toward Chu Xingyun. He flipped his palms and clenched a long sword with a hot scent. In an instant, the entire black prison was illuminated by the fire.

Not far from the war, a heart mentioned in the scorpion, horrified: “This water Chongde, actually still has a Treasure Item level long sword, the master, can not be defeated!”

In his view, Shui Chongde itself is the Spirit Gathering Third Level cultivation base, which can easily kill Chu Xingyun. There is also the long sword of Treasure Item level. Chu Xingyun is unlikely to have a chance.

“But it’s a low level Treasure Item nothing more, there is nothing worth making to fuss about nothing.” Chu Xingyun doesn’t go backwards, the body immediately becomes vain, like a ghost plucking, and immediately comes to Shui Chongde: “On your own sword technique, I want to kill me, I am crazy!”

Chu Xingyun eyes with rapt attention, seems to see through the movement of the water Chongde, the right arm is extended, as if no bones and soft snakes, move towards the water of Chongde’s arm.

Shui Chongde holds the low level Treasure Item. Originally, he was full of confidence. He suddenly felt his arm tremble. He felt a strange power coming, and he was a little bit trushed in his hands.

“Croated silk hand!” Chu Xingyun low shouted, the arm suddenly force, the power is like a whirlpool, making the water Chongde defense, the whole body is unstable, the palms are loose, the treasured sword immediately flies away.

“Damn!” Shui Chongde was shocked and hurriedly reached for the resured sword.

However, Chu Xingyun had already started, and as soon as the lightning rushed forward, grabbed the treasured sword in his hand and turned to look at the dull water, Chongde, and said with a smile: “With Sword Capital Steady, could it be that still haven’t rested enough?”

“Beast, don’t be too proud!”

Shui Chongde’s face is somber. He was ridiculed by a hairy teenager in Body Tempering. His heart suddenly became furious and strode forward, punching Chu Xingyun.

Although the treasured sword was taken, Shui Chongde was the Spirit of the Third Gathering Third Level. After a fist hit, the heat spread and the temperature of the whole black prison increased. Many people around the city felt hot and invisible. Having sweat.

Chu Xingyun squinted with disdain, raised his hot, treasured sword in his hand and squatted!


The surrounding hot air dissipated and disappeared without a trace. A resplendent sword light burst out. In the moment of approaching the water, the explosion suddenly burst into flame and madly oppressed the past.


Shui Chongde’s fist was cut off by a sword, and the eyes were filled with shocking colors. He lost his voice: “How can you easily drive Raging Fire Sword, and, this flame sword qi, where did you learn from?”

“Sword qi like this, still use learning?” Chu Xingyun 嗤said with a smile, long sword swept, that rolling flame bloom again, on the power, actually better than the water Chongde.

The face of Shui Chongde is very ugly. His inner shock is bigger than that of the sword qi. Chu Xingyun’s cultivation base is so fast, and the strength is extremely terrifying. It is just the sword technique that I just showed. I am afraid It is going to be above him.

“It seems that all of us have looked down on Chu Xingyun, his cultivation base, definitely not taken by taking medicine pill.”

His heart trembled madly, and immediately put away the contempt, even in deep in one’s heart, he also gave birth to a killing intent, wanting to kill Chu Xingyun in the cradle.

“How? Don’t you start?” Seeing the water Chongde is not making a move, Chu Xingyun laughed and said: “If this is the case, then I will be welcome!”

When the voice fell, Chu Xingyun took out the hollow sword, and the sharp air raged, and the surrounding air was immediately torn.

“Self-sword momentum, this sword is a Magic Item!” Water Chongde suddenly shocked, and trembled again and again: “How is it possible, how can you have a Magic Item?”

“Even stupid people like you can have Treasure Item, why can’t I have a Magic Item?” Chu Xingyun continued to sneer, but the body did not stop, like a gust of wind rushing to Shuixian.

He has a sword in his hand, and his body is faintly rising a boundless momentum.

Left hand, Raging Fire Sword rushed out of the flame, violent.

Right hand, hollowed out the sword edge sharp as gold, the faint wind blade condenses and forms, it is the wind blade.

Two completely different swords, one left and one right, are all powerful and amazing, but they are not in conflict. Instead, they are in a perfect balance, blending into one, and making an earth-shaking and shocking the whole black prison.

“Even if you have two swords, the realm gap between you and me is impossible…” Shui Chongde looked at the front and died, but the words had not been finished yet. The next moment, I felt the arms passed. It was a cool moment.


His two arms were directly cut off by sword qi. The violent pain was like a tidal wave, which made him hurt and lick his mouth, and he came out with cold sweat, falling from the air and squatting on the ground.

“Winning…wins?” The poisonous eyes are round and round, and it seems that it is difficult to accept the picture in front of you.

Chu Xingyun, with Body Tempering Ninth Level’s cultivation base, actually surpassed Spirit Gathering Third Level’s Water Chongde, spanning four levels, and seems to have won extremely easy…

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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