Chapter 540. Three Slaps! Flaming fist / Nine palaces!


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As soon as nine pillars of fire are formed, the opposing team will simply burn alive!

Even during the lightning attack, they had already used their protective artifacts and shields, now there was also the magic of fire, so that all their protection literally crumbled before our eyes …

From the appearance of glowing pillars, the magical borders of the arena began to shake.

Gujian stood below and could not believe his eyes. He, like Mo Fan, possessed the basic elements of lightning and fire, but his magic could not be compared in power to Mo Fan’s magic!

Spiritual Seed!

Gujian suddenly remembered that their spiritual seeds are different!

Mo Fan possessed the spiritual seed of the fiery rose, which increased the temperature power of his fire 2.5 times. The spell of nine palaces was in itself very destructive, but its power still increased by 50%.

As for the Qianjun semen of lightning magic, by its cruelty it was roughly compared with the magic of Gujian, but the vibrations of space during the spell of a passionate lightning dance could not even withstand protective armor.

As a result, their spiritual seeds did not differ much among themselves, but the effect was simply amazing.

After the attacks of the magic of lightning and fire, it seemed that the outcome of the fight was already decided.

It became increasingly difficult to look at Gujian’s face.

– We won ?! We finally won ??? – Liu Xin and Li Jie looked at Mo Fang awkwardly.

– Haha, we won! Mo Fan, you are just handsome! – Ai Tu Tu was jumping for joy, kissing Mo Fang’s cheek.

Ai Tu Tu so furiously jumped for joy that her big breasts, jumping after her, hit Mo Fang’s face, which made his nose bleed.

Ai Tu Tu embarrassedly said: “This is all for joy, do not think anything superfluous!”

Mo Fan only smiled, but said nothing.

Very soon, three judges decided the fight. Xu Min Cong and his team remained plunged by Mo Fang’s two types of intermediate-level magic.

Nevertheless, the forces of Ai Tu Tu, Li Jie and Liu Xin also significantly influenced the outcome of the fight, which Mo Fan understood perfectly well.

– Xu Min Cong, what’s going on? You all lost ?! – shouted Gujian on the guy.

– Hey, if you were there, you would lose too! – he shouted in response.

What happened to Xu Min Tsun? He is a magician of wind and shade, for it is not difficult to pin down the enemy!

The enemy with the magic of lightning and fire, as well as the draft beast just destroyed them!

And this Mo Fan is not so simple … no wonder he is in the top ten!

– One duel does not solve anything! You still have a dance! – did not calm down Xu Min Cong, who did not want to admit his obvious defeat.

Now Xu Ming Cong was covered from head to toe with a layer of dust, and his dull expression did not leave a trace from that very handsome Xu Ming Tsong, who walked arrogantly with his hands in his pockets.

Having lost his reputation, Xu Min Cong decided to leave.

He only took a step, as Gujian attacked him.

Ai Tu Tu, not understanding anything, hurried to return to the place where she had been sitting before.

Ai Tu Tu admired the magic of Mo Fan, but this time she also saw the ability to work together in a team.

Mo Fan in all surpassed Gujian!

Ai Tu Tu, laughing, looked at Gujian.

Now he will apologize for having so offended her!

– Why are you slow? Let’s go! Said Mo Fan.

Gujian gritted his teeth.

Xu Min Cong is much stronger than Bai Yu Lana, how could he lose ???

There were people around, so with a grim face, Gujian stood up.

He climbed up with a poisonous look.

He was hard to come before this girl.

* Thousand *

Ai Tu Tu, not particularly shy, slapped him.

Gujian was about to swear, as the next one followed this slap in the face.

* Thousand *

– This slap should teach you how to communicate with girls!

After this slap, everyone around sighed.

How could such a girl spank such a beautiful face so hard?

“And this last one …”

Ai Tu Tu only raised her hand high as someone grabbed her by the brush.

Gujian’s eyes were tightly closed. He thought that with the final blow everything must end …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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