Chapter 541. The dark demon, Ai Jiang Tu.


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Ai Tu Tu numbed for a moment, and immediately after sharply turned to see who had stopped her, and immediately changed her face, when she saw a courageous, tanned face in front of her.

Gujian also raised his head to look, and found behind Ai Tu Tu’s back a strong, handsome dark man. His face was angry, he was so happy, but one can clearly see how powerful his gaze is.

He looked about his peer, but an aura of extraordinary power emanated from him.

“I beg your pardon, my little sister cannot control herself …”, – the tanned strong man kept his hand Ai Tu Tu without any intelligible emotions.

“You … You … Ai Jiang Tu!”, – Gujian found out who was in front of him, then looked at the palm that smack his cheek, then said: “She … Is she your sister?”

“Brother, I …”, – just that she was a fiery lioness, emitting her anger, and now, shy, like a small sandwiched kitten.

Ai Jiang Tu nodded, and loosened his hold.

He came closer to Gujian, and said, looking into his eyes: “My father every year with the army goes to fight monsters, and allows his sister a lot, and if she has any wrongdoings …”

Listening to this, Gujian was very uncomfortable, and he could hardly express emotions.

It looks like this Ai Jiang Tu is afraid of Gu for the prestige of his family and his family, and if so, what could he not come before, he had to endure two slaps in the face!

“Oh, here I am guilty myself, but due to the fact that she acted in her own way, now I cannot put forward my candidacy, the older generation of my family will not leave it so!”, – Gujian immediately restored his composure, something , but it’s necessary to treat your reputation with care.

“Father has one ticket, I’ll inform you later. Let’s try to compensate you for this, ”said Ai Jiang Tu sincerely.

After these words, the buzz was around.

All those who had tickets to vote were major government officials, many senior judges did not have votes, the association’s chairmen didn’t have everyone, then who is behind Ai Jiang Tu, since his father has votes!

“Is it true?”, Gujian bulged his eyes.

If this is not true, then let someone write him another preventive slap on the cheek.

“I have four voices, being a representative of a military school. My father has another one that he doesn’t need …, ”said Ai Jiang Tu.

After these words, the people around were just taken aback.

Four voices!

He already has four voices!

So this type is already the chosen one!

Mo Fan, standing next to him, was also surprised, and changed his view of this dark young military mage.

He himself, being so special, was only half the selected participant. He had already heard that someone else had been appointed there, but he never would have thought that this was Ai Tu Tu’s brother, and, moreover, from a military school!

At the World University Competition, students are chosen from all universities in the country, and of course military schools.

“I will take note of your words … Since you yourself decided to compensate for everything, we will decide on that,” although Gujian’s heart jumped incessantly, but he tried to say it without expressing any emotions.

You can’t buy a ticket with a voice for any money, for him, Gujian, the price of votes is as clear as anyone.

“I’m not saying we’re done,” said Ai Jiang Tu.

“What, you, what, I will give her another slap in the face, and all because of an argument with this Mo Fane, but you also know the foundations of families. Her fucking actions led to the fact that I lost my right to nominate my candidacy, and my family, Gu, would not leave it so, and if it were not for your father’s voice … ”, Gujian immediately cried out, in fear that Ai Jiang Tu would change his mind.

Ai Jiang Tu looked at Ai Tu Tu, who was waving her head, letting me know that she did not want to blow out of this major conflict.

But Ai Jiang Tu only raised the corners of his mouth, and fiercely glanced at Gujian!

Gujian involuntarily backed away from this look.

“She committed a misdemeanor, but I have already offered you compensation. But only you insulted her in your own words … ”

From Ai Jiang Tu, terrible energy immediately broke through.

He filled the entire space, grabbed Gujian by the throat and lifted up like a little chicken!

Gujian’s face turned red, and he waved helplessly in the air.

The change in mood occurred too quickly, and everyone who watches what is happening also automatically took a step back.

Ai Jiang Tu immediately became like a dark demon who raised a man two feet above the ground.

“Stop, all of you, do not dare to make a riot here,” three judges noticed what was happening, and immediately broke off from their seats.

Under the feet of one of them the star system was already ready, it is obvious that it would be used if Ai Jiang Tu continued.

“Do not put your nose into other people’s affairs!” Said Ai Jiang Tu ominously, raising his hand to the side of the three judges and made a push.

** wum **

Energy spun in the air and the three judges were thrown back ten meters, but they landed quite gently on the ground, therefore no injuries were received.

Mo Fan and Din Yu Myan stood and looked dumbfounded.

This person is without a doubt a participant, which means that he is about their age, besides a cadet of a military school.

These judges have already reached a high level, and even if not, they were already near him, and they suddenly, with one push of the palm, sent Ai Jiang Tu on a distant flight!

“You … You are going to do something, I tell you, our family Gu is better not to put a finger in his mouth, we will bite off to the elbow !!” .

“Are you discussing family with me?” In our family, all the military magicians, every day we are in the north of the great wall, except for one daughter, whom the father would not say even offensive words. And if you do not need to defend the honor of the country, then I would send your entire family to dig mass graves! ”

Gujian’s legs softened, but Ai Jiang Tu was not undecided. A barely perceptible star system or constellation appeared under his feet, but right there he was sent straight to earth!

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