Chapter 542. This Shameless Guy.


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*Knock Knock*

The man holding Gujian abruptly threw him back, which left traces of his body on the ground, and drops of blood flew around the district.

Gujian was a magician and tried to attack Ai Jiang Tu. If the latter had not activated its protective mail, it would have simply flattened him.

This trick Ai Jiang Tu could not forgive. And he was damned if Gujian had protective armor or not.

Pieces of earth and concrete scattered in the air, and there was utter silence around. No one dared to try this situation or simply find out the state of Gujian.

Ai Jiang Tu, who was a military man, naturally, was much more powerful than all the students. However, even taking into account this fact, people around did not guess about its real strength!

– Ma … the magic of space!

Only after a while, Mo Fan was able to say the words.

If Mo Fan hadn’t seen the fire witch use the magic of space, he would also stand at that moment like the other students in complete ignorance …

The space element of the magic of change!

The element of call also applies to magic of change, but only the high-level magicians can awaken the element of space, but even so it is extremely rare.

Elemental magic begins to be studied at school, and then its study continues at the university.

However, you can also study white, dark, and change magic at university.

White and dark magic, as well as magic changes occur among the magicians of primary and secondary levels not so often. However, it is precisely the element of the space of change that is rarely encountered!

The magic of space Ai Jiang Tu was very powerful, so even three judges were trembling with fear.

Mo Fan was very interested before that, what specific skills this person possessed … now he saw everything himself.

Gujian literally slammed into the concrete, and it was unclear whether he was alive or not.

The stupefted Mo Fan only came to his senses from what he saw, and Ai Jiang Tu, a demon in the flesh who turned out to be the elder brother of this obnoxious girl, at this time was already stroking his head with Ai Tu Tu.

“He … he died?” – in a quiet voice asked Ai Tu Tu.

– If you do not cure, then we can assume that he died – just answered Ai Jiang Tu.

– …

Mo Fan threw a glance at the judges.

The judges also came to their senses for a long time, and then pulled Gujian out of the formed hole even longer to deliver him to the medical center.

If students die in their presence, the judges are responsible for this.

“There are a lot of people here, we’d better leave,” said Ai Jiang Tu in a warm voice.

However, the surrounding people, having heard this, hurried to get out of this place, so that very soon the district became empty.

Remaining to stand in their places, Li Jie and Liu Xin secretly rejoiced at what happened. From their side there was no reproach towards Ai Jiang Tu.

Since everyone left together, Ai Jiang Tu, as if nothing had happened, invited everyone to skip a glass.

Ai Jiang Tu was a big lover of alcohol, so he quickly drained several large glasses. After that, there was no trace of his severity, and now he was no different from other young people.

Only after drinking does he take off his “military armor”.

“Oh, so it’s you – Mo Fan.” – said Ai Jiang Tu.

From all over China, only two candidates for the national team have been known so far. One of them was Ai Jiang Tu from the military. He was curious to know who the second one was, so he was very surprised when he found out that this was his sister’s neighbor.

– Yeah. If I knew that her elder brother was there, I wouldn’t stick out – said Mo Fan with a smile.

Showdown Ai Jiang Tu were very brutal!

“You are a friend, and I am an older brother …” Ai Jiang Tu nodded his head negatively with a sincere face.

“Well, well,” Mo Fan replied.

– Well, ok, I am very glad to meet you. I’m worried about the team, because in this case the main thing is courage and character, you have it, that’s why you are coming up! Said Ai Jiang Tu.

– Teams? – with a doubt in her voice said Din Yu Mian.

Ai Jiang Tu froze for a while, and then, rubbing his hands, covered his mouth.

Apparently, he drank a lot, so blurted out the news.

Mo Fan, too, was not a fool, so he perfectly understood the meaning of what the military man blurted out in a drunken stupor.

This young man was the captain of the national team, so the issue of candidates has already been resolved.

Regarding this team captain, Mo Fan could not wait for the start of world university competitions to fight side by side with such an outstanding magician against his rivals!

Ai Tu Tu took her brother for a walk in Shanghai. Ai Jiang Tu himself came to visit his little sister, so he did not want to disturb everyone else.

Returning to the hostel, Mo Fan lay on the couch and repeated: “I do not even believe …”.

– What is not believed? – asked Mu Nu Jiao.

– Brother Ay Tu Tu, do you know him? – in reply asked Mo Fan.

– Are you talking about Ai Jiang Tu? – With awe in her voice said Mu Nu Jiao.

– Yes … how cool he is.

– Indeed. He was a legend already when I was still quite small. Crazy, he voluntarily went into the military and killed many magical creatures, making the level of its cultivation significantly higher than ours. – said the girl.

– Did you drink with him too? Mo Fan asked in disbelief.

Moo Nu Jiao, with a smile, said: “Well, what about … I am afraid that I will not get to the national team, and I will have to sit here …”.

Mu Nu Jiao took a sip of beer, and Mo Fan after grabbed her drink and drank it all in one gulp.

Mu Nu Jiao goggled at him …

This shameless guy … took away her beer!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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