Chapter 543. I will keep you.


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– Alcohol issue is not resolved – said Mo Fan.

– I’m just for relaxation. So the dream will be stronger – Mu Well Jiao answered, still not understanding with whom she lives.

“Aah … I thought you were discouraged and I was about to give a fiery and inspiring speech …” said Mo Fan with a smile.

Moo Nu Jiao squeezed her scarlet lips, without telling Mo Fang that before his arrival she had time to drain a few more cans.

“Well, you can still inspire me, and I will listen,” said the girl, comfortably settling herself.

Her body involuntarily began to show its seductive curves, which is why Mo Fan began to drool.

– Why did you stop talking? – asked Mu Well Jiao, staring at Mo Fang.

Seeing Mo Fang’s hungry look, Mu Nu Jiao sharply sobered and immediately sat down.

– Bully! – she swore.

“Ha-ha …” Mo Fan was chuckling.

Mu Nu Jiao was about to leave, but Mo Fan stopped her.

Mo Fan has already understood what is happening. Mu Nu Jiao could only get so drunk because of her concern about this selection. In the opposite case, she would not have drunk so much and would not seek solace, because she is diligently engaged in normal times.

– Well, why are you paying attention to this competition? – asked Mo Fan.

For the past few months, he has seen that Mu Nu Jiao has invested all his time and energy in constant cultivation.

“Aha …” she was looking at Mo Fan, “you’re not from a distinguished family, how do you know?”

“This evening I really have a lot of time — Mo Fan was more comfortable lying flat on the couch.”

– Children of influential families are divided into two types. People of the first type are constantly idle and doing all kinds of nonsense. Such people are usually despised. However, when it comes to family money, they turn into puppets. Parents tell them what to do, whom to marry, where to live, etc. – they can not contradict them. And so clearly, if you eat and drink at the parental expense, then do what they tell you. This applies to absolutely everything! – Mu Nu Jiao emphasized the last words.

Mo Fan opened his mouth to say something, but did not know what it was.

– The second type of babies are those who are constantly evolving and improving. Parents do not skimp on the full support of children: they are financed, they put their connections, etc. They support absolutely any undertaking, except for one thing – when it comes to kinship with someone’s family. Powerful families always keep in touch with each other. However, there is no sense from these connections if they are not supported by something else. In the films and stories this connection is fixed by the marriage union – Mu Well Jiao, apparently, drank a lot, because she would not have spoken like that in usual time.

Mo Fan listened very carefully, as he had not yet had to look at it from the other side.

– You want to say that forced marriage is your fate? – made a logical conclusion to Mo Fan.

– In most cases, just like that. There are still scions like Ai Tu Tu – with envy in her voice said Mu Nu Jiao.

Mo Fang was always interested in what a girl like Mu Nu Jiao finds in communication with such frivolous Ai Tu Tu. The reason was precisely this.

Although Ay Tu Tu herself envied Mu Nu Jiao’s natural grace, elegance and mannerism, which drove men crazy.

“And, of course, Mu Ning Xue is also in the same situation as I was,” the girl said, glancing over to Mo Fang.

Mo Fan did not think that Mu Nu Jiao would suddenly remember Mu Ning Xue, so he asked with a smile: “Why did you think so sharply about her?”

“Don’t you think about her?”

– Thinking about what?

– It is in the list from the Imperial University. Today it became known about this – Mu Nu Jiao said.

Mo Fan was speechless.

Mu Ning Xue ?!

Competition at the Imperial University should be even tougher than at the University of Mingzhu, besides Mu Ning Xue is also just a beginner … it should have cost her tremendous effort …

Now it is clear why Mu Nu Jiao was in this spirit and needed to be comforted.

Mu Ning Xue, with whom they walked the same way, was already on the list!

The same arrogant, the same beautiful, the same daughter of a noble family with about the same education Mu Nu Jiao has not received such an honor!

Mo Fan initially wanted to console Mu Well Jiao with the fact that she was just a novice, but now it will not help.

“I can ask for help from my family, but … I’m afraid,” said Mu Well Jiao.

– Are you afraid that even after that you will disappoint? – asked Mo Fan.

Mu Nu Jiao, biting her lip, nodded her head.

She knew that she would succeed, since Mu Ning Xue had succeeded. However, she was worried about the fact that after this help from the family she would be forced to turn into a puppet, fulfilling all the parental decrees. Girls may be obedient about everything, but the question of marriage is very sensitive.

“If you yourself are afraid of this, then retreat …” said Mo Fan.

– Why? – asked Mu Nu Jiao, ready to listen.

– You do not need to strain so … I will contain you! Said Mo Fan with a grin.

Mu Nu Jiao abruptly came to her senses and got up to leave. Spoiled boy! He knows how important this question is for her!

Already on the stairs she was able to exhale. Behind Moi Fan’s voice came:

“I’m serious, Jiao Jiao * (as Mo Fan calls Mu Well Jiao. Translated also means“ beautiful, pretty girl ”)

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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