Chapter 544. Opponent Dun Fan Le!


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Daily fights, cultivation, rushing for beautiful girls – such a wonderful life!

Mo Fan made it clear to Mu Nu Jiao her intentions, but she did not accept them, not because she decided to think it over, but because she was infuriated by this excessive audacity of Mo Fan.

He perfectly understood Mu Nu Jiao. She won’t give up.

Mu Nu Jiao recalled Mo Fangu about the words of Mu Ning Xue in Jinling when a conflict occurred at the church. Mu Ning Xue also received significant support and funding for her family, otherwise her cultivation could not have reached such terrifying capacities.

Here is Xing Xia well done! Mo Fan paid for her tuition and gave some money for life. She spent them too economically. Since her healing magic has already reached a good level, Xing Xia’s bank account is constantly replenished with her earnings. Last month she came and even brought with her treats for a little hetera …

As for the money …

Mo Fang no longer had mental strength.

Feeding the fiery hetero has already cost him a lot of money!

Mo Fan had the seed of a plant monster. By selling it, he was able to buy one spiritual seed of the shadow element and to donate more fragments to the heater.

Well, that’s enough! If he gets a wife, his expenses will increase even more!

– Hey, girl, is there a job?

– Gonna go?

– How many days?

– About three days.

– Ah, well then I have time. In five days I have qualifying. How many?

– A lot, however, and a lot of monsters too

– Wonderful. I also lack spiritual entities.

When it came to spiritual entities, Mo Fan recalled that he had already strengthened 29 stars of the fire nebula, still less than half remained, so he needed spiritual entities very much.

Shanghai was covered in fog.

The campus of Mingzhu University also came under the power of fog, nothing could be seen at arm’s length.

Mo Fan and so poorly guided in the territory of the university, and now, when the main buildings could not be seen, he was completely lost.

“Well, mother … I have to complete the task, and the phone also crashed.” I don’t even know who to look for … – Mo Fan cursed.

He hardly found a competitive arena, almost too late. His new teammates were already there.

– And this time there are a lot of people! Said Mo Fan, looking around. This arena was much bigger, and the seats for the spectators were very quickly filled. Judges, too, was more than usual.

“Our rivals are very strong,” said Bai Yu Lan Mo Fang.

After three fights, a new lot was thrown, according to which, Mo Fan was on the same team with Bai Yu Lan.

Bai Yu Lan was one of the opponents of the second duel with Gujiang. Very strong magician.

Mo Fan, in a team with him, has already won two duels, and today was the day of the third duel.

– Who? – asked Mo Fan.

Bai Yu Lan just said: “Dun Fang Le!”

At that time, the fog had already visibly dissipated, and Mo Fan threw a glance at the opposite side. There was a smiling guy. He himself was not tall, but his name rang better than any praise. In appearance, he looked like an ordinary rich idler.

Mo Fan has previously heard of Dong Fan Le. It was on that day when he transferred to the fire department, and Dean Wei Rong bluntly specifically named Dong Fang Le.

He was the strongest in the fire department, number one!

I was also lucky that this time Mo Fang had a much stronger team than before. However, the Dong Fang Le team could not be weaker either.

“Now I understand why so many people came today.” This fight will be very hard. – Mo Fan looked at the stands and realized that many venerable magicians came to personally see this fight.

The arena was also improved. This time, Mo Fan’s team will have to fight with four magicians, each of whom was in the top five of his department.

“Rest a bit, then we start,” Bai Yu Lan was cheering on the team members.

The remaining two members of the team were very squeezed, because they knew who they would fight with.

Mo Fan very casually pulled out the phone, since Ling Ling called.

“Mo Fan, I’m sending messages from your broken phone to this new one now, so don’t turn it off for a while,” Lin said.

“I will have a duel soon,” said Mo Fan.

– It does not take much time. On your old phone there were your hunting points, if you don’t transfer them, they will be lost. I looked, if you put in a little more effort, you can advance to the level of a venerable hunter (also a senior hunter, Lin Lyn already possesses this title). We still have to complete the tasks. – Announced Lin Lin.

“Well, well,” Mo Fan replied.

With the start of the fight, all cell phones must remain outside the arena.

However, for the sake of these hunting points, Mo Fan had to hold the phone in his hands. He waited for the judges to announce the start of the fight.

– Yes, by the way, there is still important information in your phone. Take a look – said Ling Ling.

– What information? – asked Mo Fan.

– I did not open everything, but it seems to be related to Zhang Xiao Hou. You’ll see it later, ”Ling Ling said.

– Okay.

Ling Ling reminded Mo Fang that there wasn’t much news from the little monkey. What kind of mission is he with?

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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