Chapter 545. Death Report.


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As soon as the data appeared on the screen, the judge immediately signaled the participants to enter the arena.

Bai Yu Lan walked ahead of everyone, two of his teammates trudged up to the arena.

Mo Fan slowly walked at the end, the download percentage was already approaching 90%, and in a minute he would be able to see the message completely.

Mo Fan uses his phone quite often, for example, to write Xin Xia his lustful thoughts.

On the other side, Dong Fang Le and three of his teammates have already entered the arena field. Dun Fang Le’s facial expression changed when he saw Mo Fang.

Dong Fan Le and Zhou Shu Ming have been wary of Mo Fang for a long time. He surprised them many times. Initially, they thought that his lot was 20-30 in the ranking of the faculty, but now he threatens their top.

And it’s just awesome that some of the newbies can have such power!

“So I came across, I remember what you said about him a couple of rounds back,” Zhou Shu Min added fuel to the fire.

“Do not worry, my flaming fist will knock anyone who stands in our way,” said Dong Fang Le with a grin.

“If so, then your natural gift will be more powerful than him,” said Zhou Shu Min.

“Dong Fang Le, the fourth most powerful natural talent, with a special spark, his magic element of fire is one step higher than usual,” Zhou Shu Min said quietly to his teammates.

Being also from the top, Zhou Shu Min knows Dong Fang Le perfectly.

The danger was not so much his experience, as a striking natural gift.

Releasing the magic of fire, she immediately grew into magic one step higher …

So, creating the magic element of the fire of the third stage, it turns out a powerful fiery fist of the fourth stage!

This natural gift admired Mo Fan.

His stars have already been reinforced by 29 seeds of the soul, another 20 and only then the fiery fist will be improved to the fourth step, but Dong Fang Le did not need spiritual entities and did not need additional reinforcement, just need to cultivate magic to the third step, and everything else will be done by natural gift!

The third step of the fiery fist is able to wipe off the face of the earth, so what is the fourth capable of? Annihilate magical armor?

“His air magic is rather average, but if he uses a fiery fist, we have a lid,” said Bai Yu Lan.

“I am watching him.”

“Mo Fan, your magic of lightning and fire in the sum is not weaker than Dong Fang Le’s strength, but one star card from opponents is enough to destroy us … Aw, what is it on your shoulder?”

Describing the plan, Bai Yu Lan noticed a puffy sponge on the shoulder of Mo Fang, which at first glance resembles a fiery ball in the skin!

“Oh, this is my contract beast … Little fiery hetae who allowed you to stick out!”

**Ding Ding**

The little fiery hetera looked like she held a grudge, and puffed out her cheeks.

She clearly showed Mo Fang that she wants to help daddy with a powerful opponent!

“Since this is your contract beast, that’s fine, but only … It seems to me, or your draft beast has not yet grown,” said Bai Yu Lan.

“Aha, still baby …”, said Mo Fan.

“Di … Dite … urged to flirt,” – did not find the words of Bai Yu Lan.

There were no conscripts among them, but even from simple lessons, they knew that in childhood the draft animals were still in the embryo stage.

“I think you should still invoke the Swift Wolf …”

“Nothing, the Swift Wolf is entry-level magic, I’ll do it easily. We will only create an element map, and it will immediately appear, and it will be more useful, ”said Mo Fan.

And only after saying the phrase, it dawned on him that she was superfluous.

To summon the Fiery Heater, you do not need to create a star card, because it can itself appear from the invocation world!

At competitions there are rules, every magician of the call can call on himself no more than one beast, if you call more, this is a great reason to sue you judges.

“Yeah, well, let’s quickly call the wolf, otherwise …”

“Otherwise, Dun Fang Le will smear us on the wall.”

“If the commander said – everyone does, do not repeat the same thing ten times.”

“Fucked up, I want the best!”

Mo Fan looked around, the fog had already cleared, and many familiar faces were sitting in the stands of an overcrowded stadium.

Here was the classmate, the ghost of Din Yu Man, with the man-like Huang Xing Li sitting next to her, and Liu Qian, who was still clinging to Din Yu Man, sat a little further in the row.

Zhao Man Yan was also there, he was sitting a few rows ahead, he had not appeared in public for a long time, and Mo Fan seemed to have already forgotten his face, and there was a girl next to him …

There was another rich man’s son, Mo Fan, forgot his name; he kept hanging out with Dong Fang Le and Zhou Shu Min.

Old acquaintance Shen Min Xiao, fat man Luo Song, and here, in the courtyard of the university are still inseparable.

** dzin **

“Competitors, get ready …”

The sound of the phone and the phrase of the judge merged into one sound.

Mo Fan looked at the judge, he was still coughing, and decided to quickly see what had come to him …

Initially, Mo Fan wanted to quickly look at what was there, and give the phone to save Ai Tu Tu, but he left when he saw the sign that Lin Lin was saying that it was from Zhang Hou.

“Monkey, it’s not a promotion, come on, tell me the good news …”, said Mo Fan to himself.

Opening the message, Mo Fan still heard the judge’s angry cries, remove the phone …

But after reading the first words, it was as if lightning had pierced … The eyes simply did not believe what he had read!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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