Chapter 546. Fire Heaters Warning.


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– The military group of Zhang Xiao Hou, who was sent to rescue an expeditionary detachment to Xian, which is teeming with dead souls, was declared missing.

Missing the whole group!

These words pierced Mo Fan Fan’s heart with a cold blade, which made his blood almost stop.

The whole team entered the extinct territory without a chance for survival!

Mo Fan stood in the same place. He did not even hear the words of the judges about the start of the fight.

Zhang Xiao Hou died?

Is he really dead?

Who then can explain how … as a magician with the main element of the wind and the second element of the earth can die ???

Exclamations spread in the stands. Blood boiled in the veins of people.

All worried about the outcome of this fight.

However, at this decisive moment for the Mingzhu there was one person there, whose thoughts were far beyond the arena.

“Judge, wait …” said Bai Yu Lan to the judge, who announced the start of the bout.

– What happened? The judge asked with genuine interest.

– Ha, run away? I waited so long for this day … ”said Dong Fang Le with a grin.

People understood that something incomprehensible was happening. All participants have already stood up in their combat positions, only Mo Fang did not budge and continued to stand, staring blankly at his phone.

– The beginning of the battle has already been proclaimed. What are we waiting for? Let’s beat! Shouted Zhou Shu Min.

Zhou Shu Min was neutral to Mo Fang himself, but the fact that Mo Fan lives next door to a girl he likes clearly misled him.

Dong Fang Le was not at all stewing on questions about someone else’s jealousy. He was disturbed by the only question: for what such merit did this Mo Fang already have three voices ?!

The chief judge has already marked the beginning of the battle, which means that they can already attack. The most important thing is to finish off this boy, and then he, Dun Fang Le, will enter the national team!

In this situation, Dong Fang Le needs only one single blow of his flaming fist to destroy Mo Fang!

– Threw himself on a formidable look! However, it is too late to retreat! Try my fist! Shouted Dun Fang Le, who had been waiting for this moment for so long.

The flames began to flare up around Dong Fang Le.


Dong Fang Le was on the drum, whether the rivals were ready, she was in the arena, the judge announced the start of the fight, which means, go ahead!

He wanted to show everyone that none of those present could endure his burning fist!


An elemental system was already forming in his legs …

– Idiot, I just did not ask to wait ??? – shouted angrily at Dong Fang Le Bai Yu Lan.

– Do not disturb me! This applies only to him and me! – Dun Fang Le looked only at Mo Fang.

– Moron! What are you doing! – growled Bai Yu Lan.

Dong Fang Le really behaved like crazy. He has already begun to attack, and Mo Fan will not even have time to activate his protective chainmail …

Dong Fang Le was going to kill!

Zhou Shu Min jumped. He did not think that Dun Fang Le was so violently opposed to Mo Fang! Did those three voices touch him like that?

Chairman Zhu Men has a good relationship with Dong Fang Le’s family, so Zhou Shu Min did not understand why Mo Fang gave his vote.

Zhou Shu Min thought very simply. He thought that Dun Fang Le would try to provoke Mo Fang, but he could not have imagined that Dong Fang Le was already on board!


The spell of the nine palaces of the flaming fist of Dong Fang Le began his action.

Flaming pillars began to appear in the arena, boiling with raging fire!

This is the fourth fiery fist!

All the power of the spell was directed towards Mo Fan …

– Mo Fan!

– Mo Fan!

– Run faster!

Mu Nu Jiao, Ai Tu Tu and Zhao Man Yan, who were standing below, shouted Mo Phanu, dumbfounded.

What is it worth ???

*** Jin ***

The little fiery hetera, which all this time was on Mo Fane’s shoulder, began to emit its own specific ringing right in his ear.

Mo Fan finally came to his senses, but he still didn’t understand what was going on.

He knew that the judge had already announced the start of the battle, he also heard Bai Yu Lan asking the judges to wait, he also heard the wrath of Dong Fang Le …

Mo Fan did not move, he could not do anything …

Mo Fan heard a little heater squeak …

This sound penetrated right into his body and acted worse than some kind of Dun Fang Le magic!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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