Chapter 547. The true power of Mo Fan!


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– Flaming fist!

In the same way, the same magic, Mo Fan began to quickly attack Dong Fang Le!

Such behavior in the eyes of those present seemed silly. Dun Fan Le’s natural talent strengthened his magic many times, and he himself stood with a beaming smile. There was no person who dared to tell him something at this moment, much less there was no one who would release the magic.

He possessed the most powerful flaming fist in the whole university, from which not only one can suffer.

Mo Fan was immobilized by the magic of Dong Fan Le.


The magic of the enemy’s fire blocked Mo Fan, so that the audience could not even see her Mo Fan behind her.

All other team members were at a distance. They could easily get burned, what can we say about Mo Fang!

The more the flames flared up, the more people opened their eyes.

Mo Fan at that moment could not even activate his shield, there was no use even from his natural protective flame.


Everyone was confused. After some time, even brighter flames began to appear over the flames of Dun Fan Le.

Among the ash-red flared bright red!

It seemed that it was the flame of the fiery rose that Mo Fan so often uses, but the flame was even more bloody!

The body of Mo Fan behind all this was hard to see, but it became clear that his flame was attacked by the flame of Dun Fan Le!

The shadow of a fist seemed to split the flame …

This flame did not have the bubbling sounds of magma, it was not distracted, it simply absorbed everything around …

A stream of sparks fell from heaven to earth!

This is not even an ordinary flaming fist! This is a collapsed fist!

Mo Fan frantically growled. His red flame literally evaporated the fire of Dun Fang Le!

True, evaporated!

At that moment, the whole arena became blood-red like the flame of Mo Fane. He himself stood in the midst of all this, and his body now did not even look like a human!

Here it is, this uncontrollability!

Zhao Man Yan, who worried about his friend outside the arena, suddenly remembered the time when the fire witch moved into him.

Now, Mo Fan’s power was like the power of a fiery witch!

This is a fiery hetero, like a fiery hetero!

Hetara, sitting on the shoulder of the owner, greatly enhances his fiery power!

Dong Fang Le did not expect anyone to resist his unique magic!

Mo Fang’s fist was swift. Having destroyed all the flames around, he headed towards Dong Fang Le!

Dong Fan Le stood in his place, frozen like a statue …

There was horror in his eyes …


A banging fist hit the protective armor and shield of Dong Fang Le. Two expensive artifacts were used by him in a hurry. Pieces of mail flew apart in different directions and fell to the ground.

Dong Fang Le was standing there, and soon the recoil force threw him into the air, and drops of blood flew around the district.

His flight was halted by the boundaries along which Dong Fan Le slid down. His hair was very disheveled, and he now lay on the ground.

– One or two rounds …

Zhou Shu Min just froze.

He clearly remembered how Dong Fang Le said that he would need only one or two rounds to destroy Mo Fang, but the result was exactly the opposite!

Is it really Mo Fang’s power ???

Silence stood for a very long time.

People did not believe their eyes. Many climbed up to make sure it was Dong Fang Le from the first place …

Then their eyes moved frightened to Mo Fan, who was standing in the very center of the arena.

At this time, the flame on his body was gradually dissipating.

People did not know how much power Mo Fan used, but her power went beyond the students’ knowledge.

Designated for the national team …

This is how a person elected to the national team looks like!

“Mo … Mo Fan?”

Mu Nu Jiao, Zhao Man Yan and Ai Tu Tu did not recognize the person in the arena …

What else is he hiding ???

The magic dissipated …

Mo Fan sighed heavily several times. He no longer looked at Dong Fang Le.

“Mo Fan … where are you going?”

– The fight is not over yet …

Mo Fan was already descending from the arena, and no one could know where he was going.

Mo Fan did not hear the crowd. Only having recognized the voices of Mu Nu Jiao and Zhao Man Yang, he came to his senses.

– What’s happening? – excitedly asked Man Yan.

“I have to go to Xi’an,” Mo Fan answered gravely.

– So there are lots of dead ghosts.

– I know.

– And what will you do with the competition at the university?

– I’ll be back

– We will go with you

Mo Fan negatively nodded his head.

He understood the intentions of Mu Nu Jiao and Zhao Man Yang, but he did not want to interfere and endanger them …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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