Chapter 548. Vampires are dead beings.


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Mingzhu University on that day just boiled up.

Morning events with great speed scattered all over the corners, making Mo Phan superman.

More students worried about the fact that the list was already formed.

Mo Fan and three more of his team will no longer participate in fights, as their candidacies have already been approved.

Mo Fan was about to leave for Xi’an.

A lot of people have recently fled from the ancient capital, as the dead have already completely raged, scaring the inhabitants. The case really took a serious turn, and even assessor Zhu Meng personally arrived at the scene.

No one could give a clear explanation of what happened in Xi’an.

Mo Fan was going there not to deal with this mystical secret, he had to find only one person – Zhang Xiao Hou … he must return it …

He was already damned spiritual entities of magical creatures, now he was thinking only about a friend.

That’s right, it was a death notice.

However, Mo Fan was guided by one principle: alive means alive, a corpse means dead.

A man who survived the tragedy in the city of Bo can survive here.

Even if Zhang Xiao Hou died, but there are no remains, Mo Fan still needs to personally make sure that his friend is dead!

And if he is alive, then Mo Fan will pass over hundreds of corpses in order to fulfill his brotherly promise …

And now…

Sitting on a wide street that was shrouded in black fog, Mo Fan suddenly remembered the words of Ai Jiang Tu.

Warfare is based on intelligence, even when it comes to dealing with monsters or death.

At the very beginning, when Zhang Xiao Hou entered the military, Mo Fan thought he would not be received, however, upon seeing the wounded Zhang Xiao Hou, Mo Fan realized that nothing would stop him.

Over the years, Zhang Xiao Hou has visibly matured: he has become more calm, steadfast, in a word – an outstanding military man. But in the eyes of Mo Fang, Xiao Hou remained the same child, who happily smiles and chirps something.

The light of the street lamps fell on Mo Fan, casting his long, long shadow.

It was deep night, the neon lights continued to shine, and around there was such silence that the steps of passers-by were heard.

Under the light of the lamps, cars, maps, and silhouettes of each passerby were clearly visible …. On the street lamp was a female silhouette.

Suddenly, this shadow slowly turned, carefully examining the people in the neighborhood.

“Do not forget, I can also use the magic of the shadows,” Mo Fan told the mysterious girl with a smile.

The girl turned to fly away …

– Do not go! – Mo Fan stopped her.

She looked at Mo Fan.

“I need your help,” he said.

– My? – came the cautious voice of the girl.

Mo Fan nodded his head.

The girl in the dark grinned and sank down.

– And what do I need to do? – again her voice sounded.

“I have to go to the ancient capital, which is teeming with creatures of dead souls, as far as I know …” Mo Fan did not finish speaking.

– Vampires also belong to this species – the girl finished for him.

“Yeah, so I thought maybe you’ll go with me,” said Mo Fan sincerely.

“You are my eldest * (who turned her), so you can give me orders,” the girl said, and her eyes were already sparkling with light.

“Ho … well,” said Mo Fan, feeling very strange at the same time.

Liuja was already downstairs. She was beautiful in vampire style, and although there were many passersby around, she was notable for her attractiveness.

She inhaled the human smell.

Even Mo Fan noticed that in comparison with the very beginning, Liuzh was now much more seductive.

His pulse quickened when he imagined Liuzhu entering his room, seductively licking his lips before a bite.

– What’s the matter? – Her voice rang out.

– Oh, nothing. If there are other vampires in Shanghai who offend you, then immediately tell me … – Mo Fan quickly found something to say.

– It happens, but now they do not risk coming to the area.

– Like this? Are there many other strong bloody monsters in our area?

Liuzhu looked at Mo Fan with a clean look.

“Um … do you have a patron?” Said Mo Fan, in a strange voice.

Liuzhu smiled.

Newbie vampires are really very often harassed by other relatives. Especially such a young and attractive girl like Liuzhu.

She first tolerated this attitude.

And then she used force.

Only by using force, Liuzhu realized how powerful she is by vampire standards!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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