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Anti-narcotics is now Spirit Gathering Ninth Level Realm, the eye of the world, naturally better than anyone present.

He was shocked to discover that Chu Xingyun’s previous sword, like the wind, was like a thunder, and at the same time contained two completely different swords qi, which was too strange and completely exceeded his cognitive range.

Chu Xingyun’s footsteps swirled slowly from midair, and his face still had no expression.

Before the make a move, Chu Xingyun was very clear that he could certainly surpass the water Chongde. He made a war, but he only checked the strength nothing more.

“You lost, according to the gambling contract, tell the story of 16 years ago.” Chu Xingyun put away the hollow sword, as for the Raging Fire Sword, it was a random glimpse, nailed to the wall.

Water Chongde fell to the ground like a dead dog, suffering, anger, and hatred, madly intertwined in the face, and finally issued a hysterical laughter, said: “I did not know about things 16 years ago, You got the wrong guy!”

“The shameless villain, who lost the gambling promise, actually wants to deny it.” Chu Hu looked angry and screamed, kicking water to Chongde, slamming on the wall and spitting a big mouth of fresh blood.

“How about repudiation, if there is something, kill me!” Shui Chongde’s face is blood, but he laughs more and more mad. Since he was kept at the moment of the black jail, he never thought that he would leave alive.

“Want to die? Isn’t that cheaper for you?” Chu Xingyun coldly snorted, a palm shot under the belly of Shui Chongde, spiritual power flowing along his arm, beginning madly raging.


Almost in an instant, Shui Chongde issued a miserable mourning, the body twitching on the ground, it seems extremely painful, even the five senses have become distorted, like the abyss devil.

“What did you do in the end, my Linghai, why is it so painful!” Shui Chongde stared at Chu Xingyun with red eyes, and even the voice was trembling, filled with endless pain.

The people who were detained in the waters of the black prison together and saw the painful appearance of Shui Chongde, they all shuddered. They all knew that the character of Shui Chongde was tough and not afraid of death.

Now, he is painfully hovered between life and death, unimaginable, how amazing this pain is in the end, replaced by them, preferring to die, not willing to bear.

“After stepping into Spirit Gathering, the Martial Artist will be derived from the Spirit Sea. I just used a small means to make the Spirit Sea in your body run backwards. This kind of reverse operation, once begun, It will not stop, and it will become more and more painful as time goes by.”

“But you can rest assured that this kind of pain, although intense, will not kill, but will inspire your desire to survive, so that you will be immersed in this pain forever.”

Chu Xingyun Just finished, the face of Shui Chongde’s face was full of deep fear. Such a strong pain is just beginning, and will continue to bear a lifetime?

“Aaaaaahhhh !”

The painful mourning sounded again, and for a while, the coldness of all people was upside down. Finally, the water Chongde couldn’t stand it and squatted on the ground: “I said! What do you want to know, I will tell you all? “”

Chu Xingyun’s brows were picked up, and a spirit was made through the air, so that the pain suffered by Shui Chongde weakened most of the time. “Tell all you know. If there is a little falsehood, I will let you regret coming to this world.” ”

If it was before today, Shui Chongde must have sneered at this sentence, but now, he has seen Chu Xingyun’s means, but he believes in this sentence, and he is trembling.

“You are right. The assassination of 16 years ago was indeed a collusion between our water family and Yunmengwufu. At that time, the people of Yunmengwufu took the initiative to come to the door and said that as long as this was done, Giving us many benefits to the water home, my big brother was fascinated and promised.”

Shui Chongde was on the ground and hurriedly said: “It’s just that the whole thing behind the scenes is not only Yunmengwufu, but also the people of the Flowing Family of Imperial Family. Moreover, our water family is only responsible for the slaughter, really The people who walked away from your parents are Yunmengwufu and the Flowing Family, which has nothing to do with us.”

“Chu Yuning Imperial Family?” Chu Xingyun was a little shocked. In the last life, he didn’t know this information. The Imperial Family, as the existence of the Imperial Dynasty, is so powerful, how can it be so expensive? Take two people.

“Then you know their purpose?” asked Chu Xingyun.

Shui Chongde shook his head and said: “This is the responsibility of my big brother. I am just an executive. I have no right to know their purpose. If you want an answer, you can only go to my big brother.”

Chu Xingyun looked at Shui Chongde and knew that he did not lie. From this point of view, this incident was not as simple as imagined.

A cloud dream Wufu will be nothing more, plus a streamer Imperial Family, which must have another hidden feeling.

“I have finished talking about it. Now, can you let me go?” Although the pain in the body has weakened most of the time, Shui Chongde still suffers tremendous pain, and the voice has a strong pleading.

Chu Xingyun moved his eyes slightly and his arm instantly slammed.


A blood mark appeared immediately on the neck of Shui Chongde. The hot fresh blood spewed out, and the whole body immediately lost its vitality and fell to the ground with powerlessness.

“You slaughtered my Chu Family so many people, and still want to leave here safely, is it possible?” Chu Xingyun’s cold voice, the cold and cold killing intent, makes the people of the water family feel heartfelt. To the chills, all knees down, continually mourning for mercy.

“Young Master, how do you deal with this group of people?” Chu Hu asked Chu Xingyun.

“All killed!” Chu Xingyun’s indifferent voice made the people stunned. They had more than a hundred people. In one sentence, they all killed. Chu Xingyun could it be that crazy?

“This group of people have no evil, they are notorious people. Staying in this world will only harm more people. If so, what is left to do? All are killed, one is not left!”

Chu Xingyun move towards the black prison, leaving only his cold voice, constantly echoing in the minds of these people, making their entire face pale.

Later, when Chu Xingyun left the black prison, behind him, there was a roar of anger, sorrow, and even despair, and it sounded like an arrest at the legendary Avīci hell.

But he still maintains his original expression and leaves with ease.

Chu Xingyun, he is not a killer, but he is not a soft-hearted person.

The other side sneaked into the night, wanting to smash the Chu town, and asked Chu Xingyun to face such a group of people, there is no reason to kill!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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