Chapter 550. Avid Guide.


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– How can you say that? My friend has disappeared abroad … – Mo Fan asked a short man.

“Apparently, this is your first time in Sian.” Do you know the rules of the local hunters? – scornfully asked the short.

– Honestly I do not know. – sincerely Mo Fan answered.

– If the hunter himself is alive, he will not go to save his companions. Here they say: do not turn around, wait for the sunrise and return for the remains of friends. Said the short man.

– If a member of the team gets into trouble, isn’t it customary to save him? – in an uncomprehending tone asked Liu Zhu.

Although Liu Zhu-sama herself was not a hunter, she knew that it was not customary for hunters to betray each other and throw!

“Sorry, but this isn’t the way we do it,” said the short, with a grin.

“What did you mean when you just spoke about the corpse search league?” – Liu Zhu continued the interrogation.

– It is theoretically possible that a person will survive the night, and in the morning his comrades will save him, but it turns out that it turns into a search for remains. Don’t pin your hopes on your friend, either, because it’s impossible to survive there … ”said the little man, stroking his princely mustaches.

– How so?

“I’m not saying this to scare you.” The situation had been like this before, but now it has become even worse … ”said a short man, looking at Liu Zhu’s chest. He found her small and very attractive!

– Since you are talking to us, then you know some way? Said Mo Fan.

– Haha. Brother, and you’re smart! – exclaimed small, straightening his mustache.

– Well, of course! – Mo Fan did not object to him.

– Now there are a lot of smart people, and if you don’t believe me, you can go ahead and ask around. If you are looking for a simple escort, then this is not for me, just do not say later that I did not warn you. Even if you offer people money, they are unlikely to agree, ”the short man said.

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu at first did not believe him, this man looked very much like a fraudster.

They walked around the hall. Every time they talked about the village of Yanbei, all the hunters unequivocally refused, no matter how much money they were offered.

As a result, Mo Fan learned only about the fact that a zombie abyss was formed in that place, about which he had no idea.

From despair, they returned to the short, who now sat and smoked a cigar.

– So how are you doing? – with a motive asked shorty.

“Like you said,” Mo Fan grinned.

– Well then, let’s agree on a price – he answered.

– My friend is very important to me, so I will not spare money on him. Speak Said Mo Fan.

The short man showed something on his fingers.

– One million is coming! – happily agreed Mo Fan.

– Yes, you hold me for rogue! I meant ten million! – jumped off abruptly short.

Mo Fan was stunned for a while, and then, looking at Liu Zhu, said: “Then we better go on our own.”

Liu Zhu did not understand what was happening either. A few seconds ago, Mo Fan said that money is not a problem, but now behaves in this way.

“If we go on our own, then we will not only not find our way, but also plunge into the burial of the dead!” Although expensive, he is the only one from the whole league of hunters who agreed to go …. I have money with me, I was going to give it to you anyway, since I have nothing to spend it on, ”said the girl, handing Mo Fanya a bank card.

– Liu Zhu! Money is not wasted so … where did you get such a large amount? – asked Mo Fan.

– Some of the blood fellow threw. They have enough money … – in a quiet voice said Liu Zhu.

“And that means, in any case, this was acquired dishonestly, so I will accept them.”

– …

Liu Zhu looked at Mo Fang and snorted.

She thought that he, as an honest man, would refuse the money, but he was so spoiled that he accepted them with joy.

Ten million Mo Fan would not have mastered.

He did not really have money, since all finances were spent on the maintenance of a small fiery hetera.

Of course, the presence of a small hetero brought their dividends. Without her, Mo Fan could not defeat Dong Fan Le with his fourth-degree fiery fist!

Taking a bank card, the short-eyed contemptuously looked at Mo Fang.

He thought that with such an appetizing girl, this guy should have been very rich, but it turned out that he was dependent on this beauty.

By the way, this beauty should be very rich, since she gave ten million, without batting an eye. Local hunters have to plow for years to earn such an amount * (10 million yuan = 1.7 million dollars).

– Come on 20% discount! – Mo Fan began to bargain.

– Do not go! – the short one was unshakable.

It was about his campaign with his brothers in the vicinity of Yanbai, so there could be no discount.

– Will there be security? – asked Mo Fan.

– No, you protect yourself. My brothers and I are not strong enough. I can guarantee that at night you will not find yourself surrounded by zombies, but I will not be able to protect them if they attack you. Said the short man.

“We will protect ourselves,” said Liu Zhu.

– I have one more condition: I am not a simpleton to you, therefore there will be more people in the group besides you.

– Goat, are you still setting conditions? – swore Mo Fan.

The most avid guide in the world!

– The venerable hunters will help you, and you bargain. You can also hire a guide with a car, it will cost twenty million! – cut off short.

– Go, go already. Look for other customers! – Mo Fan no longer wanted to talk to him.

Mo Fan confirmed the identity of a short man twice; he was really a high-level hunter, so the identities of the rest of his comrades did not create questions.

The agreement was signed. The probability of cheating in the hunters’ league was very low, since for every hunter his reputation is important – Mo Fan understood this scheme well.

Required payment of the mission, the only way hunters will fight for the highest percentage of the job!

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