Chapter 553. Millennial supreme.


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* Murmur *

Kadyk was a short man moving.

He had been here for so many years, but every time with such sounds his heart began to pound wildly.

– Eat your garlic faster! – warned all short.

A girl with a black veil and two escorts bitten and swallowed gray garlic without any hesitation.

Liu Zhu tried to swallow the garlic, but the result was similar to the result of Mo Fang.


A growl began to break out of the ground, and when Mo Fan turned around, he saw that a head had already come out …

The head, sensing Mo Fan, immediately began to touch her paws, trying to reach him.

“You will intimidate your grandfather with these things,” said Mo Fan, shamelessly, pushing the zombies back into the ground.

The head was already sticking out of the neck, and Mo Fan grabbed a stone and hit it, the sulfuric liquid began to pour out.


The screams began to ring around Mo Fang again.

Suddenly, about ten meters from Mo Fang, the burial site opened!

The burial was old, the bricks had already collapsed. From the inside of the grave were visible the remains of about twenty corpses lying in the scatter. As soon as the dead heard the sounds, they immediately jumped up and started jumping out!

The heads of the corpses were black, which indicated that they had died as a result of poisoning. Judging by the tools buried with them, it was possible to conclude that the grave belonged to ancient times, when high-ranking officials were buried along with their filed. Mo Fan nevertheless thought that more than twenty corpses for a single grave are a bit too much … How was he to know that under the grave there was another burial from which bloody zombies were starting to jump.

Mo Fan raised his fist and flames spread around!

All the burial shaken from this magic!

– Mo Fan, look around! – Liu Zhu said excitedly.

Mo Fan turned around and saw that there were at least another 7-8 such grave mounds in a radius of a hundred meters from him!

A crowd of zombies crowded like soldiers. All their eyes were fixed on Mo Fan, the only person whose breath they felt.

– If you chew well, then the taste is not so disgusting! Mo Fang said in awe, picking up garlic from the ground and chewing it again.

The short man laughed involuntarily, looking at the whole situation. Then he said: “We’d better get out of here quickly. This is the territory of the burials of ministers of the Qing Dynasty, so there are quite a lot of people in the burials, just like in the imperial ones …. If you have to fight, you should be afraid of the dead man who will lead them – this is the minister, who even after death turned into a privileged ghost with magical abilities … ”.

“This is not exactly what I wanted to say,” Mo Fan inserted.

Gray garlic gave instant results. After chewing, the dead immediately retreated.

After that, a woman with a black veil could not open her mouth for a long time, but then her voice still rang out softly.

– Is it always in these places? – asked a girl with a black veil.

Shorty, who was embarrassed by the unexpected question of the girl, hurried to reply: “There was no such thing before, it all started after the events on the river of lost sands. In addition, there is a replenishment due to the burial of a new era. Even this is possible when there is a change of the supreme ruler of the dead of the country. ”

– The supreme ruler? – in the voice of the girl with a veil felt doubt.

– Nobody saw him, but everyone knows about its existence … This can happen after the death of the monarch, for example, as after the death of the monarch of the Tang dynasty – a short man hurried to show his cultural awareness.

– How much time has passed since your Tang Dynasty? – continued to ask the girl.

– Ours? – dumbfounded stunted.

Mo Fan was also surprised. Finally, at least something became known about her … she is not from China! However, she speaks Chinese just like her native …

– More than a thousand years – said roughly short.

“The thousand-year-old monarch …” the girl muttered under her breath, no longer asking questions.

She did not ask, but the short man continued to say: “If we talk about the age of the deceased, then the older they are buried, the greater and more terrifying power they possess. God knows what a monster can give rise to the burial of thousands of years old! ”

Everything coincided … Mo Fan remembered from history books that during the time of the Tang dynasty the capital of the empire was located just in Xi’an!

– Wow, so many years have passed since the death of the emperor of this dynasty! Even in the next world there is a battle for power! – said Mo Fan.

– The burial of the emperor is located very well in terms of Feng Shui. Absorbing the energy of the macrocosm, the local creatures took on their current appearance. Everyone is talking about the transfer of power to the new supreme dead, as if they know the previous one. If the dead themselves do not know him, how can living people know? Said the short man.

“No one really saw this supreme leader of the zombies?” – in a weak voice asked Liu Zhu.

The short man shook his head negatively: “Even the strongest mages could not see him. There was even a foreign research team sent by a sacred court, which consisted entirely of the best and tried to find the answer to this question. As a result, no one from the team returned … they say that they, too, have become zombies! ”

Remembering that the girl with the veil is not a Chinese woman, he said: “I did not mean you.”

– It’s okay, I’m interested to hear about this command of the sacred court. The girl said with a smile.

Holy court?

Mo Fan heard something about this organization, it is located in Europe and is similar to the Chinese magical court.

The magical court executes orders, punishes bad magicians, and the sacred court has one primitive goal – to preserve peace on planet Earth.

“If I participate in world university competitions, I will be able to get acquainted with the magicians from this organization …” Mo Fan thought to himself.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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