Chapter 555. A huge corpse-commander!


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* squeak *

The bones were crushed, causing the goosebumps to the bodies of everyone who heard the sound they were making.

Less than a second, the bodies of rotting corpses froze in place, although they did not die, but could no longer move.

“Ali, do not waste magical energy,” ordered the dark-haired girl, bearded-bearded mustache.

The bearded, bearded escort, named Ali, hastily bowed politely.

“More … We are already going so much together, but still do not know how to call you?”, Said the short man with a sneer, seeing that this girl is not very simple.

“E Meng E, E, as a leaf, Meng as dreams, E as tenderness. You can call me Meng E, ”the dark-haired girl explained her name seriously in syllables, as if she was afraid of something to be mistaken.

Mo Fan heard the name laughed: “Is it you who took this Chinese name to yourself?”

The dark-haired girl didn’t even turn to answer: “Is there something strange in this name?”

“E from tenderness … Meng E, the Chinese rarely give such names, you can still add yourself Cui Hua, for example, And Li Sha Na (Elizana) – Cui Hua (emerald flower) that will reveal to everyone all your wonderful knowledge about China” , – with no less serious look said Mo Fan.

A short and strong man, and Liu Zhu – all were Chinese, and from the words of Mo Fang, they almost choked!

So never with foreigners and not sweat!

But the dark-haired girl on the contrary, nodded, finding Mo Fang’s proposal worthy of attention. But her attendants were not Chinese, although, admittedly, they were fluent in Chinese, once they understood the deep meaning of this name.

“Do not listen to his folly, sis. Your name is great, ”Mo Fang Liu Zhu quickly betrayed.

The dark-haired girl laughed, realizing that Mo Fan had just decided to make fun of her like that.

“We can call you that too?” Asked a companion named Ali.

The dark-haired girl turned sharply toward him, and Ali immediately bowed his head, without uttering another word.

The road was quite easy, and they, apart from a pair of ghosts, were not met before dawn, which made it possible to save most of the gray garlic.

“Another hour and dawn,” said a short man, looking at his watch.

“Something seemed to be that the ghosts of the ancient city were much cooler, but in fact just a herd of stupid dead people,” said the bearded-mustache with a grin.

“Bro, don’t say that, the places where ghosts flock are rather strange, so they try not to talk so hard here!” Said a strong man.

Accompanying Ali did not mind, but only sadly grinned.

Ahead of the black loose clay soil. And the clouds in the sky were unusually low.

Suddenly, pale lightning flashed in the sky, and around it became dark.

It is not clear when the air became so stale, immediately after the rumble of thunder, rain began to fall, knocking on the ground, splashing clay in the direction!

“Your mother, rain!”, The short man cursed.

Rain poured loose clay and feet began to sink in it.

After another lightning strike, the group saw in the distance, a blood-red trail flowing across the ground. A stream of water washed it in their direction. Trembling with fear, the group did not even know if they needed to eat gray garlic.

“Quickly, rainwater will wash away the smell of gray garlic!”, – a strong man shouted at the same instant.

“That is, gray garlic is not used in the rain?” Said Mo Fan.


Mo Fang had a lot of curses in the language, but what can you do, you should rather seek shelter.

“Do we have water mages in the squad?” Asked Mo Fan.

Unfortunately, no one answered.

If there was a water magician, then he could surround everyone with a water curtain to cover from the accursed rain.

Two accompanying dark-haired girls, thought through every detail, but even they did not take an umbrella. They took off their outer clothing and covered Meng E, which clearly indicated that her status was rather interesting.

“Damn, there is more and more bloody water here, I’m afraid there is a big corpse here!”, Said the short man from his own experience.

“It is impossible, while we are taken in the rain, we will turn into clay figurines,” Mo Fan complained.

“I told you that the places of the ghosts are strange, so stop beating!”, Said a strong man.

The detachment slowly moved forward on viscous clay.

Around the plain, except for the Tsinling Range, there is nowhere to hide from the rain.

Monsters in Qinlin are very fond of men, warming up their pans in advance.

* awes *

* s-woo *

The terrifying scream from which the blood stale in the veins was heard nearby.

Liu Zhu was closest to the sound source, she turned her head to see what was there, and she was trembling!

In the veil of rain, there was a clear silhouette of a huge corpse, staring at Liu Zhu.

He had several hands, and in each was an ax, raindrops, falling on the ax blades, washed away the blood marks from him. It is not known how much this ax chopped off people’s heads!

The torso is huge and strong, like a bull, animal limbs, and on top of all this mascara could see a small female head with dirty long hair and a very sinister facial expression!

“Why … Why left me!”, – the woman opened her mouth, and barely understandable mumbled phrase.

“Fuck that shit!”, Mo Fang pulled Liu Zhu sharply to himself.

Looking at this terrible, wicked, corpse-commander, it was not even close to understand from which parts of the corpses this monster was assembled!

“The corpse of the voivode, the great corpse of the voivode! The end, all the end, we all die! ”, – a short man, frozen in place and with bulging eyes, looked at the monster.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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