Chapter 559. Dawn.


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Blood flowed from the clumsy corpse-governor, and only now did he moderate his temper.

The downpour continued, only Mo Fan created the elemental system of the Lightning, and then the clay began to seethe underfoot, rotting corpses appeared from there, and with amazing speed pounced on Mo Fan!

Mo Fan turned around and saw that these rotting corpses had already broken through the defenses of accompanying Ali and Altsian, and were approaching in their direction.

Having stopped creating mid-level magic against the corpse-governor, lightning arcs sparkled around Mo Fan, and an electric field of lightning print appeared under his feet. Only these rotting corpses stepped on him, as they immediately paralyzed them …

The electric field is useless against the corpse-governor of the level of the leader of the pack, but about the undead servant level is overwhelming.

Mo Fan’s electric field held back many undead at the same time, they were shocked by electricity, snake-like waves of electrical discharges enveloped them, causing the nearest rotting corpses to burn pretty badly!

“Undead too much, we will not be able to keep them!” Shouted Accompanying Ali.

His voice sounded from the middle of the crowd of the undead, and it was already impossible to distinguish him among them.

“I won’t stay here again, either,” Liu Zhu rushed out of the rain curtain at the same moment.

The number of undead was immense. They had already occupied the whole area for kilometers around, and all the new ones were arriving and arriving, and even this clumsy corpse-commander did not stop roaring, causing madness about newly arrived rotting corpses!

In one moment, the whole squad was tightly surrounded by the undead, which left them less and less chances to survive this night …

“What did I say! I spoke to run! And now, bravo, nobody will leave! ”, – the short man lamented.

The clumsy corpse-commander didn’t act on chance, he was wounded, and after a roar he just waited while Mo Fan and his team spent energy on rotting corpses!

* yyy *

The howling voices came one after the other, and each ghoul was ready to climb over his fellow man in order to quickly get to the much desired prey.

Mo Fan used the electric field, from which the way out could still be found, stood next to him, knitting her black lovely eyebrows, Meng E, realizing how bad they got into the situation.

She glanced at the sky, through the dense rain clouds already visible narrow gaps!

“God, dawn is coming soon!”, – black-haired Men E. E prompted Mo to Fan.

Mo Fan, despite the fact that he was obviously busy with another, looked into the distance at the clumsy corpse-commander, his contented physiognomy did not bode well!

And then he issued another roar, it seems he could not accept the situation.

After this roar, all the undead who had become distraught suddenly began to disappear.

They crumbled on the ground, and even the aura of the breath of death quickly faded away.

Without the breath of death, the undead, like a fish without water, flutters on dry land with its last strength.

They made screams of fear, and tried to dig under the ground, from the destructive rays of light …

Surrounded by Ali and Alciana, the undead ran away. The sun had already gone down long ago, but a dense shroud of rain clouds covered the undead from its rays.

The main weakness of the undead is light. He dispels the necessary breath of death, and in this case, if they fall under the rays of light, they will not be able to just dig in the ground again!

“Thank God …”, – the whole face of a short man was in the mud, which would be completely difficult to wash clean.

On the face of accompanying Ali and Alzian, too, there was no past steadfastness, they could barely come back to Meng E.

Meng A said nothing, just looked at them.

“We still need a place to shelter from the rain. It’s getting cold, and the rainer is just icy, and you can get sick from this, ”Liu Zhu told everyone.

“Hua Village is not far from here,” said a strong man.

“We are going in the direction of Qinling, there must be a cave, and this is a good shelter …”, said the short man.

“It’s not so easy to sort out the monsters of Qinlin.”

“Do not worry, I know one place where there are no monsters,” said a short man.

All after the short man went to the ridge Qinlin. Tsinlin towered over them, huge and majestic, in such a huge mountain it is difficult to find a cave. There are steep slopes and cliffs everywhere, and not every living thing can climb such steep places.

But a short man led all of them into the cave, which was located on the ridge of the mountain, and in order to reach it one had to climb along the loaches and stone ledges …

“This is a cave of a bloody beast, a year ago, here with the team we staged a massacre here, and hardly any of the monsters have already managed to take this place,” a short man squeezed through a bush in front of the cave entrance.

Accompanying Alzian snapped his finger, and a small fireball appeared above him.

The ball of fire lit up the cave, the smell inside was disgusting, but on the whole it was dry and much nicer than outside on a cold shower.

“You two are a guard,” black-haired Meng E indifferently told Ali and Alziana.

The two nodded, and immediately got up at the entrance, not allowing anyone to go except Liu Zhu.

Mo Fan Fan’s eyes and a short man burned with a vulgar flame, very much they wanted to quietly go there, deep into the cave …

But inside there was absolute darkness, Meng явно obviously tried, making the darkness even thicker so that Mo Fan, even penetrating the shadow, still saw nothing.

There was silence in the cave, two men stood guard, three stood leaning against the cold stone, and only from the depths of the cave could the rustling of clothes be heard, and all the guys immediately imagined the clothes, sticking to the wet skin, slipping from the gentle bodies of the girls. And they can only stand here and swallow their mouths.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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