Chapter 56: Ray’s past


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We decided to wait in the hospital room.

Eventually, I hear the door open.

It was Ray who came in.

As he walks straight to his mother, he stares at his face.

“… mother…”

No reply. Sheila keeps sleeping.

“The Devil’s Sword Games… I won. Tomorrow is the final.”

To the untold Sheila, he reports pale.

“… will you wait till tomorrow? Be sure to help…”

There’s no usual grin on Ray’s face.

He stares sadly at his mother’s face.

“Tomorrow, what’s there?

Ray turns around the direction of his voice.

The fog that drifted quickly turned into the appearance of Mass.

Ray says at the same time that the point was made.

“I thought it was raining weirdly all of a sudden. I didn’t think you’d be here.”

“Because I couldn’t help but think that Mr. Ray had become a royalist of his own volition”

Ray smiles hard to read of his thoughts.

“I’m a liar.”

“… a liar doesn’t say a liar…”

To Mass’ words, but without breaking his expression, Ray said.

“Are you alone?

“Yes, I am.”

No matter, it’s a lie. I hide myself in Mass.

If you don’t make a bad move, you won’t notice.

“Well, I’m sorry, but won’t you tell Anos?

“… okay, say that. Don’t talk to Master Anos. Someone’s threatening you, right?

“You think so?

“Dear Anos, I’m sure you can help”

“At the time he found out, neither I nor my mother could help.”

After all, you definitely seem threatened.

“What do you mean?

“As you can see, my mother is sick. Say spiritual disease, because it only takes half a spirit and half a demon, no ordinary doctor can cure it”

Mass turns her gaze to Sheila.

“… what kind of illness is it?

“The magic is weakened, the roots are diluted, and they disappear like this over time.”

“What’s the cure?

Ray shook his head.

“If you were telling me that, I wouldn’t have joined the royalists.”

“… can you really cure it in this hospital?

“Since I developed Spirit Disease, my mother’s magic has become weaker every day. But since I was admitted to this magic hospital, it has been in a state of well-being. They can fix it. Even if it was a lie, I had no other means than to believe it.”

If there is a way to maintain a state of well-being, is the cause of the illness identifiable?

If you figure that out, you’re gonna be able to fix it.

“I have a few things to do in exchange for my mother being cured. Fighting Anos at the Demon Sword Games is one of them. The devil’s sword of the covenant has been embedded in my body, so if I don’t do this, I’ll die. If I die, they’ll have no reason to keep my mother alive.”

The Devil’s Sword of the Covenant? More imposing magic than that.

If we break the covenant, what we are waiting for is a sure death that will wipe out even the roots.

“Telling Anos about this is going to make a difference in the contract”

“… shouldn’t you have told me too…?

“Because I believe you wouldn’t tell anyone.”


“It’s a lie.”

In a flash, Ray approached Mass.

It was a mass that blended into the fog and tried to disappear, but Ray slashed and tore its magic ceremony with the Devil’s Sword Initio.

The effect of < Rain Spirit Fog Consumer (Fusca) > disappears, the fog disappears, and the rain outside stops.

Ray handed out his gaze around him.

“… you really seem to be alone…”

I guess the magic of < Rain Spirit Mist Consumer (Fuska) > made sure someone else wasn’t hiding.

Someone, I guess, rather than me.

Sure, the magic that was on me disappeared, but since it’s transparent in Phantom Imitation (Lynelle) and hiding magic in Hidden Magic (Nazilla), you won’t find it if you lurk your breath.

I asked Mass to use the magic of < Rain Spirit Mist Consumer (Fuska) > to make me think that there is nothing more hidden if only that were to go away.


Grabbing both Mass arms and assembling them, Ray took a gizzard-shaped dagger out of his nostrils.

Shake it down without hesitation towards Mass.

Mass accidentally closed her eyes, but no dagger was stabbed in her body.

It was her shadow that Ray stabbed.

“I’m sorry. I’ll have you here until tomorrow’s final.”

Mass tries to blend into the fog, but as if he was stopped from sewing his own shadow, he can’t manipulate the magic of < Rain Spirit Mist Consumer (Fuska) >.

“… what is this dagger…?

“Say shadow-sewn dagger. If we can stop stitching shadows into this, we can only move to shadowy ranges. I can’t even use magic to get rid of entities.”

Again, that’s how it’ll come.

I suppose it’s part of the deal to stop those who know what’s going on.

It wasn’t just a contract to kill him, was it?

Well, let’s face it, if you tie up too much in a contract, you won’t have to kill him, but you’ll have to.

In some cases, things get worse instead.

“This room is equipped with anti-magic that interferes with magical communications. I can’t even call for help.”

“Without me, all the Unionists in doubt will surely come to help”

“I guess. But we’re not gonna make it to tomorrow’s final. That’s enough.”

Mass thought and asked.

“What are you going to do?

“I’m sorry. I can’t tell you.”

Speaking of which, the devil sword of the covenant strips his fangs, huh?

“Who did that to Mr. Ray?

“It’s Ellio the Demon Emperor. Not as far as I know.”

Elio is a puppet. Perhaps it was the unidentified demons running this magic hospital who planned this.

From the circumstances, I’m pretty sure he’s involved with Avos Dilhevia.

As Ray walked to the corner of the room, he brought a chair and placed it behind Mass.

When Mass looks surprised, he smiles thinly. Sit down, I guess.

Mass sits quietly in a chair.

“You’re involved.”

Hearing Ray’s words, Mass laughed back.

“No, I’m not.”

Ray looks back at Mass as he asks what it means.

“Mr. Ray got involved. to the struggle between the Unitarian and the Royalist. So sorry.”

It was a dialogue I never thought I’d have, Ray rounds his eyes.

“I didn’t expect you to apologize for doing this.”

“That’s because Mr. Ray likes you.”

“That’s not true. I’m a liar.”

Joking, he smiles refreshingly as usual.

“And if the Unitarians and the Royalists hadn’t fought, my mother would be dead by now.”

Maybe that’s true.

Sheila’s condition keeps her in a state of well-being, probably thanks to the demons who bull ear this magic hospital.

Without unity and royalty, that is, without Avos Dilhevia, there would not have been any treatment for Sheila’s Spirit Disease in order to take advantage of Ray.

“… may I ask?

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what you want to know.

“No, it’s about your mother”

“My mother’s?

It looked unexpected.

“I don’t think I can help but ask.”

“So you mean you can say it, right?

Mass chuckles.

Ray grinned bitterly as if he had lost the push.

“At a time like this, I can’t believe you’re asking that.”

“… not the real mother, right?

“Right. I was originally born in the Yesta family.”

“Are you from that magical famous house?

“Yes. At the Yesta family, they let their children inherit their secret magic from generation to generation. A child born into the Yesta family can use that magic from the beginning. But somehow I couldn’t inherit the magic.”

Inheriting magic is a form of root magic. Share some of your own roots with my child. However, there is a case in which the magic inheritance does not work.

The most likely thing is that the child’s root is influenced by stronger root magic.

For example, the magic of reincarnation.

“I ruined the magic my ancestors told me from generation to generation, and I was told I couldn’t do it, and I was thrown away.”

“When did you say you were dumped?

“I guess I was five or so years old. Honestly, I didn’t even know what to do. My hometown city had the Yesta family in power, and no one was trying to help me. I guess the Yestas expected me to die just like that. After a few days of wandering the city with little to eat, I was hungry and I was unable to move. That’s when someone reached out to me.”

“Is that Mr. Ray’s mother…?

Ray nods.

“He took me home, prepared a warm meal and a bed. And then he let me live in the house. But because of that, my mother bought the Yesta family’s wrath. He threatened me with quitting my job if he wanted to keep me alive. Still, my mother never kicked me out, and eventually the two of us moved to a city beyond the reach of the Yesta family.”

“You’re kind, aren’t you, Mr. Ray’s mother?”

Yes. When Mass spoke, Ray smiled happily.

“When I grew up, I asked him why he helped me.”

“What did you say?

“My mother was dumped by her father, too, he said. I hear my mother’s father was royalist. My mother’s mother is a spirit. You’d know exactly why they dumped you, wouldn’t you?

Mass nodded with a sad face.

In the position of the royalists, if they were known to have begotten a mixed child, they would just be sorry.

So he ran to keep himself and dumped his own child.

“That’s why he said he couldn’t leave me alone.”

Really, and Mass gently hammers.

“My mother raised me like a real child. But my mother was born weak. I don’t know the cause, more and less magic, and the roots get thinner. I finally developed Spirit Disease, and I haven’t been conscious for another year.”

More and less magic, huh?

In that case, there are often anomalies in the roots or crazy passages of magic in the body, but in Sheila’s case it was normal.

“After visiting all sorts of magic hospitals, I finally got here.”

If you think you’ve managed to get treatment that will keep you in a state of well-being, you mean you’ve been brought in for a deal?

Timely, we met when Misha and I went out, was that it?

“… unforgivable…”

Mass squeaks. Her anger seemed plausible.

“… this way, I can’t believe I’m pushing my mother to be a hostage, to threaten me, to be out of line with my will… I’ll never forgive you…!

Ray smiles like trouble.

Then, I said.

“Thank you, you’re mad at me”

Ray turns his heel back and heads towards the door.

“I’m sorry.”

Yes, he said it over his back and left the hospital room.

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