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At the end of the day, in the West Wind City, the Shuijia Mansion.

Shui Chongxian sits in a difficult position and walks back and forth in the hall. From time to time, he raises one’s head and looks out the door. He said: “After a few days, how can I still have no news? Is it dangerous? ”

Not to mention that Water Chongde is the younger brother of Shui Chongxian, and the think people who are dispatched, all of them are secretly cultivated in the past few years, and they have spent a lot of thoughts. Everyone is a force that cannot be underestimated.

“More than a hundred people make a move, the momentum is huge, we will definitely immediately know, in my opinion, it is likely that Chu Xingyun’s sudden exit, disrupted the entire plan, and the wind will pass, will naturally come back.” Shui Qianyue Very calm, more than a hundred people, nearly half of the Spirit Gathering Expert, how can be dangerous.

“Thousands of months are right. With the current strength of Chu Town, it is impossible for God to annihilate the 100-person team without knowing it.” A water-level high-rise attached to the road, and suddenly let the water Chongxian a lot of peace of mind.

“Patriarch, Patriarch, Chu Xingyun is coming!” At this time a cyan clothes little servant rushed in, perhaps too flustered, and directly planted a head.

The people of the water house in the hall are all a glimpse, Chu Xingyun? What is he doing?

“Apart from Chu Xingyun, is there anyone else to follow?” Shui Chongxian lowered his voice.

“There is still one person, it seems to be a black robe old man. Besides, there are no other people.” Little servant immediately replied that Shui Chongxian was slightly relaxed, only two people, it seems that it is not a sin.

“Let’s go out and see what Chu Xingyun is doing.” Shui Chongxian halo looked at the circle and stood up to the chest.

“I am just the head of a family in the district. How can I make it in the water house?”

The footsteps just lifted up, and there was a sarcasm outside the door.

Chu Xingyun and the scorpion venom came from outside the door, striding forward, every step, no hurry or slow, but also with a bit of calm, went to the front of Shui Chongxian and others.

Shui Chongxian eyes slightly narrowed, coldly staring at Chu Xingyun: “one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause, Chu Xingyun, you come to me Chu Family?”

Said, Shui Chongxian also looked at the poison, can not help but feel a little strange, this old man, good face, seems to have seen there, but some can not think of it.

Since getting the “swallowing phlegm”, the scorpion venom has completely digested the blood poison, the poison gas in the body can also be sent and received at will, the plaque on the face disappears, and it is no wonder that Shui Chongxian can’t recognize it.

“Water uncle doesn’t have to worry, I am coming here, it is not a trouble, but a gift to you.” Chu Xingyun smiled, his palms smashed, and a few thick wooden boxes appeared in front of him.

The wooden box opened, and the expression on Shui Chongxian’s face suddenly stiffened. All the people in the water house, including Shui Qianyue, were stunned and full of horror.

Inside the wooden box, there are a number of spheres. The spheres are all heads. There are more than one hundred feet in the center. The one in the center is the head of the water, and the eyes are round and stunned.

“How, my gift, can you be satisfied?” Chu Xingyun smiled again and again, looking at the pale face of Shui Chongxian, the voice implies gloomy and cold.

“Chu Xingyun, you courting death!” Shui Chongxian gave a cry of anger, his Martial Spirit bloomed, but a lion, opened the blood mouth, and moved to Chu Xingyun, to kill him. on the spot.

However, in his instant, the vicious body also moved.

A gray-black rays of light broke out and turned into a giant palm. The slap was directed at the lion, and the two terrifying forces collided, rolling up a strong wind and smashing the ground.

Shui Chongxian stepped back and fell back to his original position. As soon as he raised his hand, he found that his palm was gray and black, and there was a stench of odor that dissipated his spiritual power.

“Scorpion venom, you are scorpion venom.” Shui Chongxian finally recognized the identity of scorpion venom. As soon as he spoke, the people of the water family were shocked. This black robe old man was actually a vicious drug. How could he mix with Chu Xingyun? together.

It is also this moment that the people of the Water House understand that it is no wonder that they will die so badly. It seems that this must be a drug a move, and only he is good at poison, can do it. This is the point.

“If the uncle of water doesn’t like the gift I have prepared, it is a mistake to make a move, but it is too unreasonable. If this matter is passed out, I am afraid that your water family will completely become a laughing stock.” Chu Xingyun Deep, the eyes are coldly looking at the ten boxes of head.

Shui Chongxian looks tight, he doesn’t know what Chu Xingyun is in stealth.

This time, the water family dispatched more than a hundred people to kill the town of Chu, the result of which more than 100 people were all dead, one did not stay, but also cut off the head and returned to the water home.

This slap on the face is too heavy, almost surpassing the scope of Shui Chongxian. Once it is promoted, the Shuijia is not only a laughing stock, but also a public enemy of the powerful forces, subject to endless crowding.

“Chu Xingyun, where is my water family provoke you, you have to do this for us!” Shui Qianyue came out and yelled at Chu Xingyun and sent his head to the door. When did the water family suffer such humiliation?

These hundred people, all of them are experts trained by the water family, now all dead, the strength of the water home is at least half weakened!

Not long ago, the water family suffered economic losses, and now they have died such a group of Expert, simply is worse, Shui Qianyue can not wait to kill Chu Xingyun on the spot.

“You seem to be mistaken?” Chu Xingyun is facing Shui Qianyue coldly smiled: “From beginning to end, all of you are playing tricks, want to get rid of our Chu Family, is it possible that, you send people to kill us Chu Town, we Chu Town will give up resistance, let you kill at will?”

“And no matter who is targeted this time, if you count the hidden plot 16 years ago, these people are also death cannot wipe out the crimes, because this is your bloody debt to Chu Family!” Chu Xingyun said Here, the top of the anger-stricken water home is full of mouths, and his anger dissipates, and they all see the horror in the other’s eyes.

“Viciously, we have already sent it, return to Chuzhen.” Chu Xingyun took the expressions of these people to the bottom of his eyes, suppressed the anger in his heart, turned around and strode outwards.

The scorpion venom keeps up and walks, while sweeping Shui Chongxian and others to prevent these people from secretly attacking.


Suddenly, Chu Xingyun’s footsteps stopped, and looked back at Shui Qianyue. “After a while, the selection of the military will be officially begin, and the year of the year between you and me should have a knot.”

After the completion, Chu Xingyun’s footsteps recovered, and he still left without urgency, just as he had promised.

Only this time, the eyes of the people looking at his back did not have strong disdain, ridicule, and some, but rather fear and fear.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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