Chapter 561. Undead mutant.


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– Xiao Luo, the medicine is not ready yet? – came the voice of a middle-aged man.

– Already almost sit down next to the stove. – sounded the answer from the inside.

– Well. The old men say that you can already prepare medicines yourself. This is a great hope for all of us. After your uncle left, our village cannot even resist the onslaught of diseases. Well, what are you … – said the man with a smile.

– Well, of course, we still have to be grateful that in such a rain, he went in search of drug stimulants. – answered Su Xiao Lo.

– Yes Yes. We are very lucky.

There were sounds of crackling fire in a wooden hut. A small spark, jumping out, left a trail in the tree.

An elderly man was in a raincoat, which he hung on a bamboo hanger. His face opened, and now you could see his real age.

– Lucky, you are really very lucky! – said the old man, patting the young guy on the shoulder.

– It hurts me. – the guy said in a pacifying voice, remaining in the same place.

– Oh, sorry, I forgot that you have a wound in this place. – said the old man Cesen, smiling.

The young man continued to stand in the same place, showing no reaction.

Old Césan asked Su Xiao Lo: “Has he lost his memory or has he become an idiot?”

“I don’t know, but he is very simple-minded,” said Su Xiao Luo.

– Well, if he just got rid of the memory of some kind of blow, then there is hope for recovery. If he was hit so that he turned into an idiot, then he will be very hard to recover, ”continued Cesen.

– The medicine is ready! – Said Su Xiao Lo, taking out the black teapot.

Cesenus turned, and Su Xiao Lo, carrying hot medicine, almost burned him. Cesen was able to dodge, almost knocking over the medicine.

– You are such an adult, and so unrestrained! How can I take care of the whole village? – Said Su Xiao Lo.

– Haha. The village elder warned you, you are also rather big, and you live with a guy …

– Take the medicine and go already.

– Good good.

As soon as Césan left, tired Su Xiao Luo patted herself on the shoulder.

She looked at Zhang Xiao Hou, who showed absolutely no emotion. She involuntarily snorted.

– Not good! Not good!

– Hide, hide faster!

At this time, outside the voice of a worried aunt.

Su Xiao Luo hurried to pull up the curtain on the window and saw the aunt in a hurry running, losing her shoes in the clay puddles.

– What happened? Shouted Su Xiao Lo.

– Undead! Undead at the entrance to the village !!! Elder already destroyed! – in a voice changed from fear, Xie Dashen shouted.

“I’ll go check it out,” said Su Xiao Lo, putting on a raincoat.

Zhang Xiao Hou saw the girl go outside and jumped too, in fear of something happening.

The cries of its inhabitants were heard throughout the village, some of the cowards ran down to the very depths of the village for fear.

Su Xiao Luo and Zhang Xiao Hou ran out to the entrance to the village and found that the road was full of blood that was already mixed with rainwater.

Several young men stood, grabbing the hoes, did not risk approaching the entrance, which had the Elder’s corpse lying around.

– What happened? The old man did not drink water from the well? – asked Su Xiao Luo with a pale face.

– Of course, drank. However, this undead … something happened to them, they can attack us … These are some reborn undead mutants! One of the residents said, his hands were shaking.

– This is a curse! Our village Hua cursed! A week ago, one died in the paws of the undead, three days ago in the middle of the night one more died, and today, after dark, the entrance to the village was attacked! If they get inside the village, they will destroy us all! This is a curse! Said another middle-aged man.

Undead, eating the insides of a corpse, apparently, did not get enough, so she attacked another village.

The young man did not even have time to throw up his sickle, as his neck had already been bitten through, and a stream of thick blood gushed out!

The village first encountered this method of murder. There was no undead attack yet, but people died one after another.

– Run!

Fear of fear, several young village children rushed inside the village.

– We should not run it inside! – shouted Su Xiao Lo, shouting at the youth.

Su Xiao Luo, gritting her teeth, headed toward the fence.

The undead have not yet fully entered the village. The fence of the village was made of ashen wood, which did not like the undead.

Su Xiao Luo walked toward the gate to close them, but stumbled upon a green look.

This undead, in the form of an underdeveloped corpse, had already bitten off a young peasant, and now it was headed in the direction of the girl.

– What are you doing? Quite tired of living? – Auntie’s voice rang out.

Su Xiao Luo turned her head and saw that the undead were heading toward her with great speed!

– Burst of flame: blast wave!

The veil of rain broke through a ball of fire that sank directly on the undead!

Undead immediately soared from the force of firestrike.

– How can you resist the undead ?! Faster get out of here! Said the guy with the blond hair.

Although this boy was young, at that moment he was like a saving Buddha!

– Well! Hong Jun, you are here! Savior!

– Hong Jun, this undead is very dangerous, can we wait for your father ??? – several young guys hid behind Hun Jun.

– Heh! I can deal with one thing myself! Said that young man named Hong Jun.

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