Chapter 562. The undead attack the village.


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The second flame, too, headed towards the undead, which had already killed two villagers.

Heavy rain weakened the magic of fire. The flames faded shortly after ejection. Hong Jun spat dismissively.

If it had not been for the rain, then this undead would already be incinerated by two emissions of flame!

The undead stood in their former place and staggered. Now she opened her mouth toward Hong Jun.

The body of the undead was burned, but this had no effect on the speed of its movement, and it was already close to Hong Jun …

In the palm of the guy was already ready another ejection of the flame, but he did not have time to use it, the undead was already in front of him! Hun Jun’s face turned pale!

– Make your way!

There was the voice of old Cesen.

His body was already surrounded by bubbling waves, which flowed to the undead.

The undead jumped up, but the waves captured it, making it impossible for anyone to move, and with a crash hit the fence.

The fence was destroyed, and the undead lay back far, far away …

The villagers breathed a sigh of relief. Although the village headman was only a mid-level magician, they themselves would not have been able to deal with this mutant undead.

– You are too self-confident! I almost lost my life! Shouted Cesen at a little fellow named Hong Jun.

Hong Jun only came to his senses, retaining the same dull expression on his face.

He did not listen to Elder’s instructions, but immediately went to Su Xiao Luo. When he saw that this stupid next to her, he was overcome with anger.

“For so many years, we have not encountered reborn undead … why did they appear so suddenly? – wondered Su Xiao Luo, who from a distance looked at the corpse, which was attacked by the undead.

“Who knows … but Xiao Luo, you can relax!” As long as I, Hong Jun, are with you, no one will dare to touch them! – said the guy.

At this time, Zhang Xiao Hou, unknown from where, pulled a big black umbrella, wanting to help Su Xiao Luo. Hong Jun reacted too aggressively, taking away his umbrella and saying a short “thank you”.

Su Xiao Luo had been thinking about the undead all this time, so she missed the jealousy scene. She looked at Xiao Hou with a smile.

– I want to go and inspect the undead. – Said Su Xiao Lo.

– I will go with you. – said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– You better stay inside the village, because you are an idiot! Undead is so dangerous that as soon as they appear, you will be the first to run to save yourself! – said Hong Jun, forming a fire.

– Do not be a child! – Said Su Xiao Lo.

– Xiao Luo, do not go there, huh? It’s too dangerous there! – said Xie Dashen.

Tanned grandfather, too, supported: “At the exit from the village is too dangerous!”.

– This is a curse, I say that this is a curse! Shouted one of the screaming guys.

– Puppy! Can you not cheat yourself? – cursed Hong Jun.

Cesening, without expressing any emotion, stood in the same place. Most of the villagers had already been outside and saw the body. Stunned by what had happened, they were now standing beside the elders.

Villagers used water from a well to escape undead. Every month they have to drink a certain amount of well water. The well grew deeper, so the village needed a magician … Due to the proximity of the Qinling Range, there may have been monsters who are now in search of food! However, they do not attack, because there are several magicians in the village, one of whom is the village headman.

Now, when mutated undead was discovered, magicians are needed more than ever.

– Xiao Lo, go and inspect the body. Hong Jun, you will go with her in case there are still undead outside. Keep in mind, since you never drank water from a well, even ordinary undead can attack you! – said Cesen.

Warden Sesan sent there some more brave guys.

Undead was thrown from the village rather far – about 200 meters. However, the locals for a long time could not go beyond the village. Who knows, maybe undead, resistant to sunlight, appeared?

Those who did not dare to go outside, stood behind the fences and watched from there.

It was already dusk, and heavy rain absorbed the light, so anything could be considered only up to a distance of 300-400 meters. As soon as it gets dark, nothing will be visible at all.

Su Xiao Luo, Hong Jun and three other guys have already reached the undead destroyed. Su Xiao Luo was a doctor, so she was not afraid of corpses. She leaned over, starting to look around.

– Faster …

“An ordinary corpse, nothing special …”

Two young men shivered with fear, they did not want to stay outside for a minute.

Hong Jun grinned:

– I am with you, what are you afraid of?

– It is truth too. Hong Jun – fireman of the initial level of the third stage.

– So among us there is someone else cool? The other guy asked.

– From where?

Su Xiao Luo frowned and rose.

The rest asked her why it was this undead who attacked the village.

– This is the usual undead. – concluded Su Xiao Luo.

– How can this be? From generation to generation, we drink the well water that protects us. Besides, last month we still had a ritual at the well … – said one of the guys.

Su Xiao Luo did not know the answer to this question either.

Hong Jun just wanted to utter words of consolation, as there was a sound in the district, from which the hair stood on end …

The sound was coming …

– My God!

One of the young guys shouted, and Hong Jun, turning his head, saw red eyes that looked at them!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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