Chapter 563. Wind Chime!


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– Aaaaaaaa!

While still not having time to respond, the undead immediately caught one of the guys and withdrew at a distance of several meters!

– Spa … save! Shouted a young man.

Two guys, frightened, fled to the village.

They ran without looking back, even the puddles were not an obstacle.

However, the undead are much faster than ordinary people. Suddenly, out of nowhere, flew into the undead. They started tearing another guy from both sides, tearing off his hands!

– Save! Help! Aaaaaaa!

Running up to the fence, there is no longer any strength!

Twilight was gathering, and the rain intensified. Residents standing at the fence did not yet know what had happened. Just seeing the boy whose body was in the blood, they realized that it was undead.

– Dad! Save me!

After a while, Hun Jun came running after his bloodied blood.

– Make your way! Faster! Cried Césan. A blue constellation lined up before him, which formed a water defense around Hong Jun.

Only when he felt the water protection, Hong Jun was able to sigh and shouted: “Many … many undead!”.

The villagers were stunned. The appearance of one undead they could somehow accept, but why did all these monsters suddenly decide to attack their village? Does the sacred water of the well no longer protect them, and now they are like lambs that are cornered by wolves?

– Xiao Luo? What’s up with Xiao Luo? Zhang Xiao Hou asked excitedly.

“I … I don’t know, should … be behind … – Hong Jun still could not recover.

Zhang Xiao Hou, fiercely glaring at Zhang Xiao Hou, ran outside.

– Lucky, do not go there!

– Idiot, wanted to lose life?

– Warden, Warden! Here the undead is coming!

Cezanne first wanted to catch up with Zhang Xiao Hou, but at that moment several pairs of green eyes were approaching the village.

There was a hungry growl, and the people did not know what to do: either give them a fight or run to save their lives?

– Lucky, where are you?

A shadow appeared in the middle of the rain. The girl did not know where Zhang Xiao Hou was going.

Zhang Xiao Hou stopped. Seeing that Su Xiao Luo returned unhurt, he was stunned.

– Nothing happened to you! Wonderful! Said Zhang Xiao Hou, approaching the girl.

– I used fragrances to scare them away. Rather, we return to the village, it seems that we have lost the protection of the well! Undead everywhere! Said Su Xiao Luo, dragging Zhang Xiao Hou into the village.

Just entering the village, they saw several monsters that claws tore the bodies of residents.

Su Xiao Luo froze in place. Really now not only the well does not save them, but the fence from the ashen tree does not frighten away this evil?

The whole settlement was filled with horror, and rainwater mixed with blood …

The familiar silhouette approached and leaned toward the weeping Su Xiao Luo …

– Well, how …?

– How, in the end, how could this happen?

Su Xiao Luo was shaking. She roared, not understanding how this could happen.

Every villager was her family … and now they have become food for this undead!

From time immemorial, it was this well that protected them. It was rumored that the spirit lives there, therefore the inhabitants treated him as if it were a living thing.

What now ???

Did he disown them? Does he no longer protect them?

It was raining hard, not sparing the people who were attacked by these ghouls already!

Zhang Xiao Hou was next to Su Xiao Luo, who was sitting in a pool. She looked up and saw a strange glow …

“Wind … wind …”

Su Xiao Luo looked at Zhang Xiao Hou, not realizing that he was mumbling.

– Lucky, run away from here! You’re not from here. If the village is really damned, then they will come for us … – said Su Xiao Luo.

– Wind …

Zhang Xiao Hou stood in the same place, and the girl didn’t even pay attention to how the system of constellations was already built in his legs.

However, this process was given to him very hard, as if there was some kind of stupor in his head …

– Wind wheel drive!

Finally, remembering, he released the magic!

Indistinct air currents began to appear around Xiao Hou. He used two hands, and now it was a high-speed wind drive!

This is the wind!

Drops of rain whirled in this whirlwind, which made the wind still acquire the power of water!


The wind drive rolled through the village, sucking the undead that killed the inhabitants.

Plants and trees were also torn out by this hurricane … in this swirling stream they hit undead …

The uncontrolled wind did not affect a single resident, but was violently opposed to uninvited guests!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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