Chapter 564. Autocreation


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The undead burst into the village was not to say that much, but it was enough to erase the settlement from the face of the earth, Elder Cesenus alone would not save so many people …

But from this cruel wind disk, four ghouls were lifted into the air and sentenced to repeated death!

“This is … this …”

Moving away from the shock, the villagers stared at Zhang Xiao Hou.

Su Xiao Luo was standing next to the controlling crazy hurricane, Zhang Xiao Hou and looked at him dumbfounded …

She assumed that he was some kind of desperate hunter, but she had no idea that Zhang Xiao Hou was a middle-level magician.

Elder Cesenu alone is difficult to resist a pair of representatives of the undead, but can quickly deal with one, but Zhang Xiao Hou killed four in an instant!

“Windy Drive: Heavenly Nets!”

Zhang Xiao Hou again created the elemental star system, and an even more huge crazy hurricane immediately formed.

Revolving, he formed a dense windy barrier, in an instant surrounding all the villagers.

Zhang Xiao Hou held the windy barrier in check, preventing him from closing, the villagers in the center of this mad whirlwind were under reliable protection. Hungry undead, having decided to break through this barrier of a windy disk, immediately flew apart!

Undead is extremely stupid, and only knows that to attack living beings. Heavenly nets enclosed ten, crowded together, villagers, and the stupid undead decided that they would still overcome the obstacle.

But in the end, a dozen of the undead crashed on the sky network of a windy disk, eliminating at the time.

Two unexpected magic of the element of air wiped out the ten that attacked the village, the undead. Caught like a gift from God to the villagers.

The elder of the village of Sesan killed the last rotten corpse, not believing that all this was done by a skinny young man whom he called a fool.

Cesenus alone would never stand against a dozen undead, and already thought that the villages had come to an end. But it was not there, and some little fool from two magic annihilated the whole threat!

Cezanne suspected that he was a magician, but he had never heard that there were young magicians with similar skills!

“Why are you crying, now is not exactly the time to cry, immediately hiding in the cellars!” – Elder Cesen turned to the villagers and loudly commanded.

Although the slaughter was not very long, but several residents were killed and many more were injured.

God knows if there are still undead nearby, and the village elder had to make a decision as quickly as possible.

The cellars were a place of shelter for the villagers in difficult times, tightly sealed, like a secret room, and besides, it is impossible to get into the undead because of being deep enough underground, and now everyone needs to collect warm clothes, water, food, and run to cellar.

Not having enough time to mourn the departed, the villagers grabbed their belongings and fled to the cellar.

The night had not yet come, but the whole village was already empty.

With the corpses of the villagers also did not have time to do anything, and they continued to lie on the wet ground …

It is strange that besides that a dozen of the undead, the other has not yet been seen, but there are many places nearby where undead usually appears, and they, having only smelled the smell of blood, immediately attack.

The raindrops were like little needles, in the distance, under his curtain there was a dull silhouette in a raincoat.

He was approaching, a bamboo hat was clearly visible. The face of the approaching man was covered by the hood of his cloak, but his sharp chin was visible.

A man slowed down, when he saw pools of blood washed away by the rain …

“Another magician …” – a cold wind brought the words of a man.

* y-uh * * u-uh *

Next to the man are several silhouettes of rotting corpses from a distance roar. They stood no more than ten meters from this man in a raincoat. But they did not attack him, but on the contrary, as if servants were standing behind him.

“Take away the corpses,” said the man in the raincoat.

Only he finished off, like rotting corpses, like mad angry dogs, scattered through the village to the remains lying on the ground!

“What is the point of hiding, hahaha!”

The man in the raincoat turned and disappeared into the rain curtain, leaving only an icy chuckle in the air.

It rained for the third day, and it’s good that Mo Fan was quite resourceful, and lost all the time with Liu Zhu.

“It is not raining. We can move forward, ”accompanying Ali said, returning to the cave.

“Why do you still want to go to Hua village?” A short man asked.

“Of course, we have to go,” said Mo Fan.

Meng A nodded.

“I said, I know that you have excellent strength, but I heard that there are zombies near the village of Hua, and if we are not lucky enough to get into it, then this is the end!” Said the short man.

“Either return the money, or move forward,” Mo Fan said bluntly.

“I won’t be able to return the money!” Said the short man.

“Then move forward.”

“I also need to go to the village of Hua again. I haven’t returned to Yanbai for several years, although I don’t understand what my uncle is preventing me from returning to the village, she says that she’s gone, but I have to check,” a serious man said a strong man.

A strong man’s name was Fan Yu Miao, Mo Fan laughed for several hours when he first heard his name (here it is a comparison that Yu Miao is a small sapling, and the man himself is a healthy man).

Fang Yu Miao was a resident of the Yanbai settlement, and because he did not like the village, because she was in the wilderness, he fled to a large city, and when his uncle suddenly collapsed and told him not to return to the village, he could not understand what was wrong and thought that his uncle had been expelled. And he was extremely surprised not to discover his native village at all.

And in order to find answers to where the village had disappeared, he decided to go to the neighboring village of Hua.

Thus, only a short man was opposed, so he was simply forced to go with everyone.

In front of the village of Hua, there was a plain where a herd of undead met, but with gray garlic the group easily passed by.

But already entering the village, the fact that they found it completely empty put them in a dead end!

Where are the inhabitants of the village of Hua gone ??

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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