Chapter 565. Relocation.


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Entering the village, they saw destroyed homes, total chaos and burgundy traces of blood.

It was clear that the village was attacked, but where were the inhabitants?

– I am dying of thirst, I hope this well is not polluted. Said the short man and ran to the center of the village where the well was located.

The short man only lowered his head to the well, wondering how he could get water, how suddenly someone’s face slipped there.

The short man sank even lower and heard a gurgle.

All turned to a short statement that there are people in the well.

The clothes of the guy who had crawled out were wet. Seeing that all these people could talk, he sighed with relief.

– Hong Jun? – A healthy man recognized the guy.

“You … and you’re Yu Miao, a native of a neighboring village!” – Hong Jun also recognized him.

– What happened here? Why is nobody here? And where is the Yanbai village? Asked Fan Yu Miao.

“I don’t know what happened to your village.” I have to go downstairs and call everyone, otherwise they will die there because of lack of air.

The hole in the well was small, so Mo Fan just goggled when he saw that more than a hundred villagers climb from there. How could a well hold so many people?

Residents one by one accumulated around the well, without risking to move to other parts of the village.

The last guy and the girl were getting out of the well at the same time, and Mo Fan could not believe his eyes, which he just fixed on the guy.

Mo Fan, of course, was waiting for an early meeting, but he could not understand the reaction of the guy that he was standing near the girl like a stranger.

Mo Fan, coming to himself, went straight to Xiao Hou and hugged him tightly.

“You … what are you doing?” – asked Su Xiao Luo, looking at this stranger that he stretched his hands to Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Don’t you recognize me? – asked Mo Fan Xiao Hou.

Zhang Xiao Hou looked at Mo Fang, and in his eyes there was a veil of misunderstanding.

– Do you know him? – blurted out Su Xiao Lo.

Mo Fan looked at Xiao Hou and the girl beside him … did he really lose his memory?

Zhang Xiao Hou was definitely standing in front of him, though he had become thinner, which made him even more like a monkey, but Mo Fan recognizes him even by a hair!

Seeing that Xiao Hou did not recognize him, Mo Fan released him, hugging him again.

– Did not die – and that is good! Alive, thy mother! Said Mo Fan, patting him. Now he was able to breathe easy.

The rays of dawn scattered between the dark clouds, causing the village was still in darkness.

The rain stopped, but the clouds did not dissipate, but the sun, in the end, looked out over the territory of the salt reservoir.

– Lucky … oh, Zhang Xiao Hou! I thought that you would remain a blockhead, but it turns out there are people who came to pick you up! – Said Su Xiao Lo.

– I will not go. – snapped Xiao Hou, as if fearing something.

– How so? Your friend says you’re a military man. He will take you back and they can cure you there. Don’t you want to get rid of your amnesia? – asked Su Xiao Luo.

“I …” Zhang Xiao Hou did not know how to express his feelings. He just stood and looked at the girl.

Mo Fan stood by and saw that after losing his memory, Zhang Xiao Hou became very attached to this girl.

Zhang Xiao Hou had to endure a lot, his body was in scars. What was worth only a huge scar that started on the back of his head and reached the face … – all said that Xiao Hou was really very lucky that he came across this girl-doctor.

– Whether you are going or not, everything has already been decided for us. With the onset of the day we go to Xi’an … – said Hong Jun, interfering in the conversation of Xiao Hou and Su Xiao Luo.

– We leave the village? – asked Su Xiao Luo.

– Yes, it has become too dangerous here. We will not survive the next attack of the undead. – said Hong Jun.

He pointed to the village headman, who had already told everyone to collect things.

“I also think that you had better leave this place as early as possible,” said Mo Fan, nodding approvingly.

“Great, Xiao Hou, then we’ll go together!” – Said Su Xiao Lo with a smile.

Zhang Xiao Hou nodded his head. Now it became clear that he had become the accompanying Su Xiao Luo: where she is and where he is.

Mo Fan, looking at all this, clutched at his head: he passed so much to find him, and Xiao Hou is busy removing the girl!

Opinions of the villagers are divided. The most stubborn did not want to go anywhere, even the prospect of eternal hiding in the well did not cause them to want to leave their homeland.

They believed that outside the village would die even faster.

Warden Césan offered to move to another place, so all that was left for him was to gather those who wanted to and leave the village.

However, not many people gathered to leave the local places – most of the residents decided to stay.

“All the villages are destroyed, and you still want to stay?” – Su Xiao Lo shouted at the stubborn.

– True, if you go – all together. If we stay, these creatures will eat us all! We have already lost our protection. – said one boy.

– We have already made a decision. Said the middle-aged man, staying at the well.

– To get to Xi’an for three days, it means that we will have to spend two nights on the way – this is certain death for us! – said aunt.

– Zhang Xiao Hou will be with us, he will help us get to the city. Once we reach the outer wall, we can assume that we are safe! – continued to promote Su Xiao Lo.

– You are still children! How can we resist the undead? Solved. We are not going anywhere.

– The day is already in full swing. We have to go. The more we delay – the more dangerous! Said the old man.

Su Xiao Lu bit her lip, she did not know what to do.

Staying here meant certain death. The undead were now on the drum, whether the inhabitants drank well water, or what a fence here – they would just attack!

– They made their choice, there is no sense to rant on. Gather those who want to leave – go in 10 minutes! And take more gray garlic! – said Cesen.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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