Chapter 568. Juvenile Undead.


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It all happened too suddenly, so no one had time to prepare for it.

Moreover, no one would have thought that the creatures that usually attack only at night suddenly turn up in broad daylight!

By the time Mo Fan was able to control the situation, about half of the villagers had already died.

Everything was happening too fast. If initially the inhabitants did not scatter in different directions, but gathered together, then the dead would be much less, and most of the creatures crawling out of the ground could have been destroyed by one of Mo Fan.

The instructions that were given to the inhabitants before the march, and among which was “not to panic and not to scatter in case of danger”, were forgotten at the most important moment … the inhabitants, on the contrary, ran scattered …

Zhang Xiao Hou’s earth magic had a wonderful protective effect. The stone circular barrier created by him saved quite a few residents who were now safe. Undead in order to get to them, it was necessary to overcome the stone barrier height of 7-8 meters!

The headman of the village of Sesan and the short man stood at the top of a stone barrier, awaiting the attack of the undead. And if the ability of rotting corpses to rock climbing was more than usual, then the dead werewolves had sharp claws and could quickly climb up. Cezanne and short were to protect the inhabitants from them.

Zhang Xiao Hou was in the very center of the fence. On the one hand, he was there to strengthen the barrier from the inside, and on the other, he had to destroy the undead who could still get inside!

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu were outside the stone barrier and caught up with those residents who fled much farther.

Liu Zhu grabbed a resident named Puppy, which suited him well * (cite the “long dog life” idiom), since he managed not to undergo an attack from the undead until help Liu Ju.

– Save … save me! Shouted the young one. His leg was torn by the undead so that the bone was already translucent.

Liu Zhu, grabbing the Puppy, jumped lightly and gracefully and immediately sank right in front of the little boy.

She opened her hands and released the Puppy … at this moment her hands got long and sharp like a sickle claws, with which she went on the attack on three approaching undead.

Three critters were hacked to pieces with these bloody blades, which, stiff, fell right near Liu Zhu.

“Brother, climb on my back,” Liu Zhu said, propping up the boy.

At the moment when the Puppy saw this little fellow, his expression immediately changed!

With trembling hands, he pointed at Liu Zhu and said: “He … he is not one of ours !!”

However, it was too late … While Liu Zhu was helping him, propping up, a smirk appeared on the boy’s pale face, and he pulled out his bony hand …

The bones on his hand were like knives, which he plunged right into the girl’s heart!

Everything happened very quickly, and Liu Zhu could not even prepare for such a blow!

She did not believe what was happening.

How could she know that this little boy is undead ?!

He was nothing like those rotting corpses and dead werewolves …

“Why are you putting your nose on other people’s affairs?” Now you die … – I heard the words from the lips of juvenile undead. The boy pulled his bones out of the girl’s chest, expecting to see blood.

However, not a single drop of blood followed from the wound …

The young was in disarray, he did not understand what was going on … Where is the blood ???

“So small, and you are already deceiving people … how can you be so insidious?” – Liu Zhu said, while her face expressed absolutely no pain.

– How??? How can you???? Shouted the young one.

“I’ll help you go to the next life now, don’t scare people like that anymore, okay?” Liu Zhu said and prepared her hands.

She squeezed the mouth of a child with all her might …

The juvenile monster was still scared … the next second, Liu Zhu rolled his neck …

On Liu Zhu’s face, a smile was still shining.

“Don’t pretend to be in front of me, I haven’t heard about the undead who would finally die from strangulation …” Liu Zhu grinned her teeth, looking at the pretending dead boy.

She ran her hand over the boy’s head, as if stroking a little brother.

– Do not!!! Cried the frightened little boy finally.

Liu Zhu was not kindhearted, the next second she uncovered her claws and thrust them into the boy’s head!

In the body of each undead there is a so-called “corpse crystal”, which is a kind of “heart” of their organisms. As long as there is this crystal in the body of the undead, it cannot be destroyed.

Liu Zhu immediately realized that this boy had a cadaveric crystal in his head, therefore, without hesitation, he pierced his skull box, thus beating it with the crystal.

After the boy’s corpse crystal had been pierced, he gave a heart-rending cry!

From the holes in his body began to emit black air, as if the soul was leaving the body … after a while it turned into a regular “ready” corpse.

Seeing that the juvenile was killed, Liu Zhu rose and became thoughtful.

She did not understand one thing: if either skeletons or rotting corpses met before, how could this monster appear, so much like a living person ???

– Follow me, do not fall behind. – said Liu Zhu Puppy, that was behind.

However, Puppy did not even move from his place, he stood there as if numb!

A few moments ago, he thought that this girl needed to be saved, and she … she …

She has no heart !!!

At that moment everything in the Puppy’s soul collapsed … he felt as if it was a terrible waking dream!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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