Chapter 569. Destroyed six villages.


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Mo Fan joined his hands, crossing his mother-of-pearl lightning with a bright red flame.

In an instant, Mo Fan now created a lightning bolt and a burst of fourth-stage flames, all at once with the crowd of the undead!

“Your mother, I told you what to do and what not to do!”, Fused Mo Fan angrily, jumping out in front of a villager with a bitten leg.

Mo Fan sat down and threw the expiring villager onto his back, the lad already screamed in pain, and tears flowed down his face.

“Be patient, in the city magicians of healing can restore your feet!” Said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was annoyed, the attack of the undead was not very strong, and he even alone could get rid of everyone, in truth, just the villagers fear their shadow, and instead of fleeing to Mo Fan, they instantly came under attack.

Although everyone is accustomed to death, but to watch how villagers die stupidly is impossible without pain in the soul.

And Mo Fan decided to take out all the anger on this undead who got out in broad daylight. And for greater effect, I decided to add an average to the already enhanced entry-level magic.

Peals of thunder struck from heaven, tearing into small pieces the undead, which was already battered by previous attacks.

After the rumble of thunder, Liu Zhu put two villagers in front of Mo Fang.

She looked around and told Mo to Fan: “I saved only two, everything is fine with the child.”

Mo Fan glanced at the three wounded bodies in front of him, behind his back was another one with gnawed legs.

Looking around the corpses around, he sighed and said: “Let’s go, we did what we could.”

Mo Fan and Liu Zhu gave the rescued residents under the care of Su Xiao Luo, who took some medicine with her and tried as best she could to help them.

Everyone sat together and were silent, the atmosphere around was serious, and silence was broken only by the quiet cry of frightened children, after all, all the dead were their uncles and aunts.

Liu Zhu sat next to Mo Fang, gently pushed him and whispered: “Recently I saw a young undead.”

Mo Fan looked up at her, signaling her to continue.

She immediately and told about what happened to her. Mo Fan listened very intently, unwittingly watching the elder of the village Ceesan.

It is not clear why, it all seemed to him that the incident was somehow connected with the elder. He is definitely hiding something. The invasion of the undead in broad daylight … No one has ever heard of this …

“Do you want to clarify everything?” Liu Zhu asked.

“There is nothing to explain, we will deliver the residents to the ancient city, and that’s it!”, – Mo Fan didn’t like to get into other people’s affairs.

“Yeah, delivering them to the ancient city most likely poses no danger,” Liu Zhu nodded.

Much time passed, and the undead did not appear, looking into the sky, Mo Fan thought that he should not continue to lose time here.

Undead in white can be a big problem for people. A huge army hidden in the ground, if it reaches the walls of the ancient city to the crown, then its god means what will be at night!

Everyone continued to prepare for the journey, and Mo Fan was extremely sorry that it was impossible to tie everyone together to avoid silly panic.

Everyone trusted Mo Fang’s strength, and calmed down a bit.

They were all walking along the road; it was beginning to get dark, fortunately, the outlines of the city wall were already visible on the horizon.

Since it was still light, on the outer wall there were several military mages sentinel. Seeing living people, everyone exhaled, and one by one entered the city.

At the gate was one officer.

“Are you from Hua Village?” Asked the guard with a suspicious look.

“Yes Yes. I am an elder, ”he immediately pulled out a paper with a stamp of Elder Cesening, which confirmed his words.

“Recently, everyone in the city has been talking about terrible events that happened to you,” said another young guard.

“They talk about us, why is this?” Asked Hong Jun in surprise.

The sentry squinted his face and gave the newspaper with the latest news to Elder Cesena.

The elder took it, and the heading immediately caught his eye!

“Six villages were destroyed, almost no survivors!”

The elder could not believe his eyes, he thought that only they were suddenly attacked by the undead, and did not even suspect that other villages had the same fate. News from them came rarely, and he would never have known what had happened if he hadn’t been in the ancient capital.

“Then we will go, you dispose of it here,” said Mo Fan, once again not wanting to think about the muddy affairs associated with this elder.

“Thank you, I never thought that there were such strong young magicians,” said the shocked aunt.

“If it were not for you, we would share our fate with other villages. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! ”, – expressed his gratitude to Césan, still not departing from the terrible news.

Mo Fan was about to leave, as a problem appeared.

Zhang Xiao Hou, like a small child, did not want to leave Cesen.

In the end, Mo Fan realized that he could not do anything about the failure of his memory, he said: “I will inform the military, but for now keep it to yourself.”

Since they are already in the ancient capital, nothing will happen to Zhang Xiao Hou. And while he is with Cezanne, he can take care of him.

The inhabitants of the village of Hua left together with Hong Jun, I think the magical association will find new dwellings for all of them, so you definitely shouldn’t worry about Mo Fang.

Mo Fan notified mentor Zhang Xiao Hou Fei Jiao, but it turned out that he was still abroad and would return no earlier than a day later.

“Where are we going?”

“Let’s go see my countryman,” said Mo Fan.

“You have countrymen everywhere,” Liu Zhu said.

“I suppose now there are our people from Beau in every nook and cranny.”

“Oh, yes, I heard that in many cities there were special areas where the victims were settled …”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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