Chapter 57: Sheila’s wish


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“Well done.”

Solve the Phantom Scenario (Reinell) and show yourself.

“Ah…… something, do you say you just heard what bothered you on the way…… haha……”

Hmm. You don’t look humble.

Well, I’m curious about what happened to Ray.

“The results are the same”

I touch Sheila’s fingertips and use.

Originating is Sheila from the past, when she picked up Ray. There are many vague parts of just listening to that story, but there won’t be two of us with the same person.

Let only her body time go back to when she picked up Ray.

Even if you don’t know the nest or the cure, most of the illnesses will heal if you return time.

The magic formations cover her and her body goes backwards in time.

But – nothing changed.

“… fail, is it?



Her body should have certainly become something before she got sick, but her weakness in magic remains as faint as ever.

Is there anything you can think of?

Something different from her body and her roots, something else that’s not here, dictates her life and death.

Is that what this is all about?

Seems unlikely in the Demon Clan, but Sheila is a half spirit and half demon.

Born weak may also be a half-spirited half-demonstrated trait.

Alternatively, it can be assumed that it is also involved in Spirit Disease.

But even the same half spirit, half demon, said Mass is pimping.

As always, the Spirit is a strange thing.

“How do we keep this spiritual disease in a state of petty well-being? I guess we’ll just have to explore that.”

I walk out the door.

An unidentified demon tribe running this magic hospital must be holding the key.

I hope you have some clues.

“Dear Anos…!

Mass calls me as surprised.

“What’s up?

Turning around, Mass was looking toward the bed.

Sheila’s eyelids, which kept her asleep, are open.

When I went back to bed, she opened her eyes completely and stared at me.

“… you, Mr. Anos…?

“How do you know me?

Sheila should have lost consciousness and been asleep for a year.

You don’t know anything about me.

“… all this time, there was only consciousness. We were talking about you when Ray came to see you. He said he had a friend.”

I see. I’m not talking about it.

“So you also know that Ray’s body is stabbed with the Devil’s Sword of the Covenant?


“Cure you, and Ray’s shackles will be gone. I’ll do something about the Devil’s Sword of the Covenant. What do you know about Spirit Disease?

Opening her mouth also seems to be finally happening, Sheila says.

“… I heard someone talking about it when I was here. Probably a doctor. Spirit disease is not a disease. The Spirit comes from the heart…”

“I know. Heritage, legends, rumors, aspirations, fears, hopes, what they embody, is the Spirit.”

Sheila nods slightly and exhales into bitterness.

“… the Spirit comes from many hearts, strong wishes, such things. That’s why I’m an adult from the beginning. But half spirits, half demons are different. Half of them are demons, so when they’re born, they’re babies. Because of that, my presence as a spirit is also a baby. That’s what he said.”

Hmm. You’ve been able to read, by and large.

“In other words, born rumors, weak aspirations, and faint hopes replace the half-spirited half demon’s body.”

“Yes, if half spirits and half demons are to grow, their innate rumors and hopes need to grow.”

As the years go by, the rumors, hopes and heritage spread to people more and hopefully become larger.

That way, you can probably spend as little time as Mass.

“It’s something that disappears easily, such as a newborn rumor. Many will crush their hopes. That being gone is tantamount to losing half your body. So half spirits, half demons, many are weak.”

I’m also convinced it didn’t work.

The source of the Spirit’s magic lies in the hearts of others. Rewinding Sheila’s time here is not going to heal because the rumors and legacies on which she is based are weakening.

“What’s your half-body inheritance?

“… I don’t know. Unlike spirits, half spirits and half demons don’t know what rumors or heritage they were born with. So it seems normal to have a short lifespan.”

The half spirit half demon dies because rumors and inheritances that have become their half bodies are about to crush them.

Spirit disease can be treated if you spread the rumors and legacies to the world.

But if you don’t know the rumors and inheritance that have become your half-body, you can’t even hit your hands.

Does Sheila’s condition mean that Lognorth Magic Hospital knows the inheritance from which she originated? I guess I’m adjusting it so that the inheritance doesn’t disappear completely or get too big.

“Did the doctor who was talking about Spirit Disease say anything?

“… he said something like he hadn’t heard about the inheritance or rumors…”

Exactly. Have you only taught a handful of people that?

No, let’s just say it’s reasonable to assume that only that unidentified demon tribe knows.

If so, probing a magic hospital probably won’t bring anything out.

You’re a fool not to prepare for my raid.

“Why can we talk now?

“… I don’t know. Just a little bit of strength came back today. But I don’t think it will last long…”

Are you saying that the inheritance that temporarily underlies Sheila has increased slightly?

Normally, it would be the result of the treatment of the magic hospital.

I think it’s a faulty thing to let them talk, but just didn’t adjust that well?

Or something unexpected happened?

“Before that, I wanted to tell you.”

“To me? Not to Ray?

“To you”

Sheila stares straight at me.

“Ray is. He’s been a sword-loving kid for a long time, and he always waved his sword outside if he had time. I thought he’d enjoy it more, so I put him in the biggest sword dojo in the city, and he quit in three days.”

“… why not?

Mass I was listening to back there says.

“I guess I didn’t get to deal with him”

“Yes, he said it would be awkward if he beat his teacher.”

It’s like him.

“I’ve been in all kinds of swordsmanship competitions ever since, but I’ve hardly ever lost. Even if I lost, in the next game, I’d already beat that opponent and then I’d never lose again. At some point, he became known as the Blade Saint of the Smelter, and was recommended to Demon King’s College and counted as one of the generations of chaos.”

A sigh of relief, Sheila continued her conversation again.

“I think it’s a fine and honorable thing. But even if I complimented her, she always laughed boringly. One time, she shrugged. If my sword was worse, I wonder if I would have made friends. That kid was clumsy and only interested in swordsmanship, so there were only kids around who were learning swords. But we all couldn’t keep up with Ray’s sword talent, and it seemed like a lot of jealousy and jealousy”

Hmm. Well, that happens a lot.

“If that kid wants status or fame, I’m glad he did. But what that kid wanted was something so small. How can I make more use of this sword on my own? I was just chasing after it. I’m sure if I didn’t have the gift of a sword, I would have had a good time incidentally with a good friend.”

Few people would like a sword purely and are working out a sword.

Admiring his status and fame as a swordsman, he is invited by the dim emotions of beating others, or he wants to kill someone and people hold the sword.

Because swords are indisputable murder weapons.

Just for the sword, wave the sword.

Few would have understood Ray’s thoughts.

“Since I fell, Ray has become increasingly lonely. I came to see you and tell you about what happened today, but I always seemed bored. But one time, really recently, she changed her voice.”

happily says Sheila.

“He said with pleasure that there was an amazing guy. No matter how many swords I waved, he said I met a guy who wasn’t scared. Lost, he said, was a complete failure. That’s crazy, isn’t it? I can’t believe I’m so happy to say that I lost. But I’ve never heard that girl sound so happy.”

I can’t do it. Because you have all that talent in this day and age.

Me and I, we’ve only been reborn for about two months, and I can’t help but be insatiable.

“It’s about you, Mr. Anos. Since that day, that child has spoken the name Anos over and over again. Yeah, I thought I finally had a best friend for her. He said he was really glad you went to Delzo Gate.”

Once, the words are cut and the grin disappears from Sheila’s face.

in a serious tone, she said.

“That kid wanted to hit you with everything he could at the Devil’s Sword Games. I don’t know what the royalists told me, but I’m sure he’s trying to make me do things that don’t go according to his will.”

To her words, I nodded as if to give my consent.

“Please, Mr. Anos. Let her go. Let her hit him with everything she can.”

“You know what I mean? Even if you pull out Ray’s covenant demon sword, you’re dead.”

“Originally, half spirits and half demons can’t live long. I’ve managed to cheat and cheat until that kid grew up in public. But it’s okay now. I had a friend like you who was worried about me without looking at the danger.”

Says Sheila with a calm look.

“There’s no reason to be alive until you pull the kid’s leg.”

You’re strong with your mother.

Fumi was crazy about her mother.

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