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After Chu Xingyun left, Shui Qianyue was angry and trembled, said coldy: “This Chu Xingyun is so lawless, and does not put me in the eye, he will die anyway!”

In the eyes of Shui Qianyue, Chu Xingyun is the cockroach in the stinking ditch, and can only look up at her for a lifetime.

Even if she knows that Chu Xingyun’s cultivation base is soaring, Shui Qianyue doesn’t care. He thinks that Chu Xingyun is taking medicine pill nothing more, and there is no strength at all. It is rubbish.

But just now, Chu Xingyun actually humiliated the water house. Before leaving, he said that he had to agree on a year ago, and what was so arrogant, which made Shui Qianyue unbearable and had a feeling of being disgusted.

“Chuzhen is now sitting in the town with poison. After a while, I am afraid that Expert will be more. If we want to deal with Chuzhen, I am afraid I will only ask for it.” Shui Chongxian looked at more than a hundred heads in front of him, feeling the heart. They are all bleeding.

“Thousands of months, if our water family wants to report this hatred, they can only count on you. You must be in the selection of the military, defeating Chu Xingyun and even killing him!”

Shui Qianyue flashed a cold light in his eyes, said solemnly: “That is natural, with my current strength, to kill him, it is effortless.”

“I don’t think it’s better to underestimate the enemy. Now Chu Xingyun is like a person. If he dares to say something, he is mostly prepared, and I always think he seems to know 16 Years ago.”

The words of Shui Chongxian are like an alarm, and Shui Qianyue is shocked. Indeed, Chu Xingyun has changed tremendously compared to before. Not only is the cultivation base stronger, but even the powerhouse like scorpion can attract Yes, some are not in line with common sense.

“The location of the selection of the military is in Black Water City. You set off in advance days, tell the ancient elder about this, let him make a move to help.” After Shui Chongxian thought for a long time, the voice was low.

“Ancient elder?could it be that he is responsible for this selection of the military?” Shui Qianyue’s eyes flashed in joy.

“That is natural!”

Shui Chongxian showed a touch of grinning hideously, said: “This selection of the military, for you, can be said to occupy the right place, as long as the ancient elder’s approval, not to kill Chu Xingyun, even if you want to become the leader, It’s not difficult.”

Upon hearing the words of Shui Chongxian, Shui Qianyue immediately forgot the shame of the moment, and gave birth to a look of hope. There is an ancient elder as the internal of the owner, to kill Chu Xingyun, not to come.

Inside the West Wind City.

Chu Xingyun and the scorpion venom are rushing to the gate of the city, ready to return to Chu Town.

Along the way, the vicious face was a bit weird, and seemed to want to say something, but did not dare to speak.

“Do you think I missed a good opportunity to destroy the water house?” Chu Xingyun looked at the vicious expression and could not know what he was thinking.

“The master clearly observes the autumn.” The poisonous look was slightly shocked, and then he said the doubt of own: “The water family has been hurt by this matter, and the family power has also weakened a lot. With the current strength of Chuzhen, it is very easy. Can it be destroyed, why not seize the opportunity, but instead grow away?”

The water family is so versed in Chu Family, and it is replaced by scorpion venom. If you don’t say anything, you will lead a group of Experts into the West Wind City and kill the water house. Anyway, there is a treasure house, no one dares to say anything. .

“It’s easy to destroy the water house, but then the revenge?” Chu Xingyun stopped and talked, letting the drug smashed.

“On the surface, we do have the ability to destroy the water house, but you must not forget that the relationship between the Water House and Yunmengwufu is by no means simple. If the water house is destroyed, once the wrath of Yunmengwufu is attracted, How should we deal with Chu Town?”

Others may not know the relationship between the Water House and Yunmengwufu, but Chu Xingyun is clear.

In the previous World’s selection of Wufu, Shui Qianyue won the first prize, directly chose Yunmengwufu, and became the core disciple of Yunmengwufu, all the way to cultivation, and it was supported by countless elders.

Even the Shuijia, for this reason, became the top family of the dominating side, and the limelight was the best.

From this point, it can be seen that the relationship between the Shuijia and Yunmengwufu is not common. Chu Xingyun will never venture into the Shuijia because of the temperament, which will only lead to endless disasters.

“Since the background of the water home is terrifying, why should it be humiliating?” The poison is still doubtful and completely unable to understand what Chu Xingyun did.

“Yunmengwufu is one of the giants of the dynasty Imperial Dynasty. Existence like this, for the water home, it is impossible to cover everything. Even if there is friendship, it will only help when it is in danger. We are killing. The people of the water house were still humiliating, but the final result was that the water house was not destroyed, and it was not completely degraded. It was impossible to make a move with the status of Yunmengwufu.”

Chu Xingyun gaze as if a torch, has already had an insight into everything: “The reason why I came to the door to humiliate, the purpose is just to shock the water home, so that the water family will not dare to have other small moves in the future.”

After listening to the explanation, the scorpion stunned and looked at Chu Xingyun with a look of horror.

Home humiliation, such a small thing, behind the scenes involved so many intrigues, but these, Chu Xingyun has long seen through, just this portion mind, let the anti-drug have a kind of self-deprecating impulse.

“How was your recent “cultivation” cultivate?” Chu Xingyun suddenly asked, letting the drug smashed, and immediately replied: “It has been cultivate to the Third Level. At this rate, within three years, you can definitely enter Earth. Spirit realm.”

There is a bit of pride in the drug-speaking discourse. Three years into the Earth Spirit realm, this speed is already very fast, and he has a new understanding of poisoning through the cultivate “Tumbling Drugs” once he enters Earth Spirit. The environment is definitely a good one for 1-Rank.

“Three years, it’s too slow.” Chu Xingyun frowned, took out a piece of paper and threw it at the poison, saying: “If you want to step into the Earth Spirit realm, you must understand the cloud evil energy of Between Heaven and Earth. With my understanding of the cloud evil energy, you go back and watch it carefully. Before I participate in the selection of the military, I must step into the Earth Spirit.”

“Ah?” The poison was scared and the whole person jumped up. It was only a month away from the military. It took him less than a month to enter the Earth Spirit in such a short time. Isn’t that a joke?

The paper was unfolded, and the poison was glanced at it, but it was this eye that made him all stand up. Every word in it seemed to have a magical power, which made him feel like a hairy hair.

At a glance, even worthy of his hard work for several months, or even half a year!

“Now do you still think that what I said just now is a joke?” Chu Xingyun like a smile yet not a smile, he is a man of the Martial Emperor powerhouse, and he writes about the cultivation cultivation. .

As long as the anti-drug is well-informed, let alone a month, up to ten days, within ten days, he can successfully step into the Earth Spirit realm without any pressure!

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