Chapter 570. Tea Boy.


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Mo Fan went to the street, which he called short, and on which the settlers from the city of Bo were supposed to live.

The street was quite short, and crossed two large streets. On the street sold various magic items.

Mo Fan belonged to a magical educational institution, most of which were intermediate-level magicians, who in turn occupied a very significant place in society. However, there were still countless small magicians and other people who hunted in small sales of magical things …

These places belonged to this street. The product here was insignificant, since its cost ranged from 500 to 10,000 yuan due to the fact that most of the goods were far from new. There were a lot of such points of sale for such products, and magicians periodically appeared in such places hoping to find something worthwhile, because even one magic artifact can greatly increase magical powers!

Mo Fan did not expect to see familiar faces here, since he was not acquainted with every resident of Beau. He came here just to look at how these people live …

He walked around a few shops and realized that most of the local residents were former residents of Bo, they had a strong southern accent. Judging by the smiles, these people lived well, in any case, from the tragedy on their faces is not even a trace.

– Pi * dec, well, is it a commodity? One junk, and spent on him more than a hundred thousand! – I heard a frail voice, which was unpleasant to hear.

Mo Fan saw a man with a dark face, small eyes and a sagging nose. Although his appearance and has undergone changes, but it is not very different from the one that was in the days of high school.

– Selling dog Zhao! – Mo Fan said hello.

Zhao Kun Sang was very angry, because shortly before that, his subordinate brought a bunch of garbage, and Kun Sang did not know how to sell it now in order to return the money spent. When he heard his name, he completely lost his temper.

Zhao Kun Sang dealt with Mu Bai, and although Mu Bai was his half-blood brother, he called Kun Sanya “the selling dog”.

– Do you want to die? Do you believe, no? I can kill you with one blow! I have the magic of the third stage of the initial level! – Zhao Kun Sang swore in the direction of Mo Fang.

However, curses came to naught when he recognized Mo Fang.

– Are you? – Zhao Kun Sanya could not believe his eyes.

Mo Fan !!!

Zhao Kun Sang did not see him after the tragedy in the city of Bo, but he heard that Mo Fan had already become very famous and is the star of Mingzhu University.

Zhao Kun Sang was never particularly interested in the affairs of Mo Fang, since he was interested only in the power and position of people.

However, Mu Bai constantly remembered him, and thought about how to get revenge on Mo Fang.

– It’s me, not seen for a long time. Said Mo Fan. Lightning had already formed on his palm in the event that Kun Sang said something indecent.

– Boss, can call the guys to throw this guy out of here and show him where he came from? – sounded the voice of one of the subordinates.

“Go ahead already, what’s the matter with you,” Zhao Kun Sang said impatiently.

It was just ridiculous: Zhao Kun Sang was not stupid and he himself was well aware that with the current level of cultivation of Mo Fang his wards were not his opponents.

– And life goes on as usual! Said Mo Fan, hiding his lightning bolts. He walked over to Zhao Kun Sanya and tapped him on the shoulder.

Zhao Kun Sanya smiled through force and reluctantly answered.

Zhao Kun Sang really was a corrupt dog, and very soon reported Mu Bai about the arrival of Mo Fang.

Mu Bai rushed in so quickly that Mo Fan, who was sitting in the shop, did not even have time to drink a few sips of tea.

– Tea boy, hello! – welcomed Mo Fan Mu Bai.

Mu Bai was dressed and trimmed – just as befits a scion of a rich family.

However, Mo Fan drew attention to his degree and serious arrogance, which could be traced across his face. Apparently, the tragedy in the city of Bo greatly influenced him.

Judging by the words of a short man who said that Mu Bai bought the whole street, Mo Fan concluded that Mu Bai is a very good manager, because the shops are not cheap here.

Apparently, Mu Bai was now completely immersed in his cultivation, and Zhao Kun Sang looked after the shops. A lot of residents from the city of Bo now worked here, depending on this person.

Initially, Mu Bai was not in any mood, however, when he heard “Tea Boy” from Mo Fang, his face suddenly became gloomy, and his heart was filled with retaliatory oaths.

Liu Zhu sat aside and watched. She always guessed that Mo Fang had a strange relationship with his classmates.

– Since I came, then in the evening Zhou Min will come, let’s get together. – Mu Bai tried to behave in accordance with his reputation.

“Zhou Ming is also in Xi’an?” – surprised Mo Fan.

Mo Fan has not been associated with Zhou Min for a long time. After the tragedy in the city of Bo, most of his contacts were lost, many departed, and Mo Fan did not even know how to contact these people.

– She studies at the local university, my classmate. Because of the rating, she plunged into cultivation, I have not seen her for a long time, ”said Mu Bai, sipping her tea,“ of course, she has no chance to get into the composition.

Mo Fan nodded his head. Getting to the top of the rating is not easy. Zhou Ming – a girl from an ordinary family, so for her it is almost impossible to get into the top ten.

“Yes, Fat Wang is also here, you can call him too,” Zhao Kun Sang added.

– Good.

They were all from the city of Bo, one might say, were born and survived together. Those offenses that were in school days, already forgotten, but Mu Bai still sat with some disgruntled look.

– I booked a place. Those two, having heard that you were in Xi’an, agreed to come. – said Mu Bai, hanging up.

“Chine … Mu Bai, are you still with the Mu family or by yourself?” – asked Mo Fan, thinking about the fact that the local shops are definitely expensive.

– I am on my own. And the family of Mu … ha-ha, they let us in the world, ”said Mu Bai with a clear resentment of the Mu family.

– What is it like? “Mo Fan’s eyebrows furrowed.

– It makes no sense to tell you now. The Mu family have always despised such small pawns like us. Even Mu Kyo Yun is not particularly interested, they are all interested only in Mu Ning Xue, because she is naturally gifted … ”said Mu Bai.

“Because by nature she is a very powerful magician,” Mo Fan added.

Mu Ning Xue’s natural talent is truly amazing. Those Mo Bo Fan ice arrows will never forget …

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