Chapter 571. Gathering classmates.


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Mo Fan, Mu Bai, Zhao Kun San, Wan San Pan, Zhou Minh, the five of them were sitting at a round table in a European restaurant.

“Mo Fan, will your friend not join us?” Asked Zhao Kun San.

“Oh, she needs to go,” Mo Fan answered, realizing that this was about Liu Zhu.

Liu Zhu was not familiar with all these people, so she decided that she should not listen to the conversations of old school friends, and went to find out how the survivors from the village were there.

“Is she your girlfriend?” Zhou Min asked, looking dumbfounded at Mo Fang.

“Well, I don’t think you can call her that. Once they started talking about it, then see how our Zhou Min grew up, became even more beautiful, why didn’t you join her? ”- could not resist asking Mo Fan.

Wan San Pan and Zhao Kun Sun smiled a little, they would gladly have cared for her, but only they did not attain average level magic, and Zhou Min was a talented student of the university of the ancient capital.

“How do you cultivate in the tower?” Mu Bai asked Zhou Min.

Zhou Ming wore white-white clothes, a spark flashed in her eyes, and her character was moderately arrogant and persevering. But because she didn’t see Mo Fang so much, she continually touched his hand and asked him about this.

“Mo Fan obviously bypassed us all in cultivation,” said Zhou Ming, raising her tone.

“Yes, where there … I have a lot of elements, and the cultivation is very average,” said Mo Fan modestly.

“Good. Then show your level. ”

Zhou Min also did not stand on ceremony, and even moved closer to Mo Fang, and looked right in his eyes.

Mo Fan was completely unprepared for this when he felt an invasion of his spiritual world. Such an invasion is virtually no danger. The only ones who could harm it were the magicians of the spirit element.

“What, just the second level of the nebula!” Said Zhou Min, puffing her sponge, after she immediately discovered the nebula.

“I didn’t say that I am strong,” Mo Fan smiled modestly.

“Wow, the second level of the nebula is already very strong!” Exclaimed in surprise Wan San Pan.

“Zhou Min, have you reached the third step?”, Mu Bai raised his eyebrows.

“Nah, but as soon as I study the Flaming Fist: nine palaces, I can already stand against the corpse-commander, and so raise my rank up many positions,” said Zhou Min.

Upon hearing the complaint of Zhou Min, Mo Fang immediately became curious: “That is, your position in the ranking depends on the ability to defeat the corpse-governor?”

“From the victory over the undead,” Mu Bai corrected, seeing Mo Fang’s doubts, he continued: “The educational institutions, instead of forcing students to fight each other, decided to better let them release energy to undead. Under the ground they are countless. Training scores depend on the number of undead killed. More points – higher in the ranking. So students spend every night on the outer wall. ”

Mo Fan nodded. Different places have different systems. And at the university of the ancient capital it turned out to be quite interesting, in addition and useful.

“In addition to the place in the ranking, we ourselves are on duty for some time not on the outer wall. Today, I should be. And here you are, Mo Fanchik, where the hell come from … ”, said Zhou Ming.

“Oh, flattered by honor,” Mo Fan grinned.

“You have enough points, if you do not have enough points, then you don’t get the resources,” said Mu Bai, looking at Zhou Min.

“If I don’t receive the materials in one month, it’s okay, we don’t soon get together anymore. I missed you very much, ”said Zhou Min.

All were silent, but in the depths of their hearts, everyone also supported what was said.

In high school, they all woke up the magic together, studied it together, and tried hard to develop, then together they fell into a wild forest. Much time has passed since that moment, and it seems that it was just recently. They became magicians. And they were on the verge of life and death.

And when they first crossed the threshold of the school of magic, they received instruction about the duties and tasks of the magicians from the director Zhu.

Ordinary people can still live life in peace, but magicians are unlikely.

In recent years, Mo Fan saw many deaths, the faces of those villagers still flashed through his head. How do you eat and sleep?

“Exactly, does Xu Zhao Ting not study with you?”, Wan San Pan changed the subject.

Mu Bai looked at Wan San Pan in surprise. Why raise a sore subject, man.

“It’s been a while, but I still don’t know how my brother, Mo Fan, died and died, you know exactly the same, right. Okay, I understand everything, ”sighed Wan San Pan.

Mo Fan darkened, but having taken a short breath, said: “I burned it.”

“You … did you burn it?”, Everyone stared at Mo Fang.

Mo Fan told about what happened to all those present. They all listened carefully.

“Eh, okay, okay, it was his choice, and, knowing his character, give him one more chance, he would do the same again,” Wan San Pan sighed.

“The black church is too disgusting, and if something else happened, I would do the same,” Zhou Min grinned her teeth.

“Yours, let us have more fun, Zhou Min, to serve you today, let us go with you to the wall, and pour all our anger on the undead, for the ancient capital, for our state!”, Suggested Wan Pan.

“So we are not going to sing?”, Asked Zhao Kun San.

“You only know that KTV, and why the meeting of classmates should be a feast of the stomach … We’re magicians after all!”, Wan San Pan was really excited.

“I’m not against.”

“My hands are itching too,” Mo Fan grinned.

Mo Fan was still filled with rage against the undead over what happened to the villages!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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