Chapter 572. A good pretender.


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After the meal, everyone followed Zhou Minh to the outer wall.

She was on duty at the northwestern corner of the outer wall, there were usually not many undead here, as in other parts, because students were sent to such places.

The group arrived on the outer wall. The north-western corner of the outer wall is the junction of the north and west walls, it was spacious there, as if on an avenue, and it would not be difficult for even two large cars to pass through.

The wall was straight, and standing on the corner could clearly see it.

Only the night came, as the entire wall was filled with groups of magicians, and in the distance already at times light from magic was seen, as if from a firework that broke the darkness, then immediately after the light somewhere outside the wall there was a cry of the undead.

“This is a tower at the corner of the wall, the rest of the students should be inside already,” said Zhou Min, leading everyone to the tower.

The tower was right on the corner, and served, most likely, as a refuge where you could relax. At the top of the tower there was an observation post, and on the roof was a heavenly eagle with a horse rider, looking deep into darkness.

In the tower, people walked up and down, association magicians, hunters, military men, just wanderers, students … There was a post office, a medicine shop, sellers of magical artifacts, and they sold only the trophies they received.

Squeezing through the crowd, Zhou Ming led them to a separate room.

Several people were already sitting there; by their form, it was possible to understand that they were students of an educational institution, since there was a university badge on their chest.

Each school has its own symbolism. And, moreover, by the color of the badge, it was possible to understand the magician of which faculty is in front of you, and by the stripes over which rank.

Also, along with the signs of the school, the members of the magic association have them, the hunters’ league, and the military have corresponding decals. No matter what the importance of the task, but the detachment is very important to clearly see which magician of what rank and with what element.

Zhou Ming’s badge was a university, a bright fiery color, and expressed that she was a mid-level fire magician, in the middle there were two patterns, as a sign that her fire nebula was at the second level.

When they ate, Zhou Ming never saw Mo Fang’s badge, so she had to dive.

Mo Fan was surprised that all the magicians had badges, and it looked like some special rule.

Indeed, when Zhou Ming represented her as hers, they reacted somehow not friendly.

“All without a mage’s badge, we ask you to leave this place, this is not the place for incomprehensible personalities,” said the plump guy sitting in the middle of the room.

“Warden Jiang Li, they are my school friends, all the magicians, came to help me on duty,” she hastily explained to the guy Zhou Min.

“Then put on the icons of the magicians, this is the rule of the magic association, otherwise we will all be reprimanded,” said the guy in the elegant scarf.

Mu Bai already knew about these rules, looked at Wan San Pan and Zhao Kun Sang: “Do you two have mage badges?”

They immediately got two badges, and attached to the chest.

They are entry-level mages, and their icons, which are different from those of seated ones, were immediately clear.

Jiang Li knitted his brows and said: “We are a squad on the outer wall, and our requirements are the average level of magic. You two are just a sweet dinner for the undead. ”

Wu Wan San Pan and Zhao Kun Sanh had reddened cheeks from the words, and they did not know whether they should stay or have to go.

“It’s okay, you just stand far away, and if something happens, then we’ll ruin everything,” Mu Bai said hastily to two of them.

“Good,” Zhao Kun-san nodded.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” Deaf, or something else? You think the outer wall is fun! ”

Without waiting for Jiang Li to finish his speech and go to extremes, Zhou Ming quickly decided to take Mo Fang out and apologized, laughing.

“Your classmate is not very friendly,” said Mo Fan, trying to smile, taking a badge from his pocket.

Since you need to wear, so it should. Mo Fan put his hand in his pocket, fumbled there, and chose one of the four icons at random. It turned out to be a shadow magic icon.

“Intermediate level second stage? It turns out to be strong, ”said the guy in the scarf.

“He is, moreover, a representative of the young talents of the University of Mingzhu,” added Zhou Min.

“If such a youth is in the Minzhu, it means they talk so much about it in vain,” Jiang Li snorted, not counting Mo Fanya’s second level of shadow magic.

“Great, stop talking, they gave us a task, there will be an oar,” said a thirty-year-old man with a hunter mage badge.

Looks like he will be their commander for today’s defense.

“Mo Fan, do not scare me like that, you have the second step for you not to profile shadow magic, it means two of your main elements …”, – Wang San Pan whispered in Mo Fan Fan’s ear.

“Even stronger,” Mo Fan did not hide.

Wan San Pan was amazed!

He quietly laughed, then said: “This is the headman of ofigeet, when he sees your real strength … Wear the icon is not the main element, you are in your repertoire, Mo Fan, as always you can pretend.”

“I did not pretend, but simply pulled out the first one …”

“Ok ok, I took the first one I got.”

“Well, I think we should always be more restrained.”

“As you say, as always, I thought of everything!”

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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