Chapter 573. Skeleton demon-voivod.


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Black clouds sucked the sky, it seemed that they were about to stumble on the top of the tower.

A man in military uniform was standing there, and, chewing an unlit cigarette, he idly looked ahead.

Several skeletons moved away, and some rotting corpses even tried to climb up the wall. Cadaveric werewolves moved somewhat faster than all the others, but in the eyes of the guard they were something like small bugs, which are not worth his close attention.

Suddenly, at the top, the eagle made a warning sound.

The cigarette fell from the guard’s mouth, and he carefully looked at the direction indicated by the eagle.

* Eagle cry *

* Eagle cry *

Two alarming sounds indicated that the piece of land below literally opened up, and from there the bony creature was now climbing.

Dust on the surface of the earth under the influence of vibrations spread farther.

Although the skeleton came out and made sounds soothing to the soul, its eyes, like a pair of lanterns, gave out a red glow and frightened much more.

Skeleton, seeing a white eagle in the sky, now could not calm down. He climbed up on the next stones to at least reach out to him!

The eagle reacted very quickly: he skillfully avoided such elevations.

The eagle decided not to stay longer in the area and returned to the guard tower.

The guard, who established the appearance of the skeleton, immediately sent a message: “Attention! To the northeast appeared undead level leader of the pack! Attention! To the northeast appeared undead level leader of the pack! Damage to the wall, please immediately eliminate the undead! ”

This report immediately reached the city center and was transferred to students.

A thirty-year-old hunter rose and looked around at all those gathered who were ready for battle: “This is the undead level of the leader of the pack. The rest have already come forward with the mission, now we must speak. ”

– Well, what was the point of fighting with the undead level of the servant, it was necessary to send us earlier against the undead level of the leader of the pack! – smiled Jiang Li. He filed the look of all that he was looking forward to the start of the battle.

– From killing the undead level leader of the pack we can get a lot of points! The girl in the felt hat said with interest.

“The undead leader of the pack is very dangerous, please be careful,” said the hunter-commander persistently.

– We are still nothing, we need to worry about newbies – they can put in their pants! – said Jiang Li.

There were seven people in total: the commander, Jiang Li, the gifted magician of the element of water, the girl in the hat, Zhou Ming, Mo Fan, Mu Bai. Wang San Pan and Zhao Kun San together should have been on this side of the wall, since they could not fight the undead level of the pack leader.

After the team of seven people was ready, the magician with an eagle landed in front of them and said: “It must be destroyed as soon as possible so that it does not have time to get close to the wall!”

– Relax! Seven magicians cost nothing together to destroy one undead level leader of the pack! Said the hunter-commander.

Initially, the team had five magicians, but then they were joined by Mo Fan and Mu Bai – after this the mission became even easier.

– Good. I will ask the magicians, they will open the way for you on top of the wall, everything else is yours. – Said the magician with an eagle.

Having said this, a white glow appeared on the palm of the magician with an eagle, which illuminated the environs of the wall.

At the signal, a staffed military team gathered here. All of them were dressed in uniform. After a while they were all distributed over the surface of the wall.

– Forward! – Said the magician with an eagle, rising high and giving a signal to the military.

Suddenly, the military began to form constellations, and in their hands appeared red glow, which took shape in fiery emissions.

There were thirty people in all, and they were all fire mages. In the palms of each was a flame.

Thirty flaming emissions fell from the wall to the ground, illuminating the territory with fire. The undead who were near, immediately turned into charred remains.

– Go on!

Another thirty emissions of flame lit up with fire even more territory, which now looked like a blazing carpet. And these undead were burned too …

– Well! We attack!

The commander, seeing that the clearing of the territory was successful, gave a signal to speak by being on the ground.

Bravely, the magicians ran out of the wall.

The flames still burned in their legs, but the magicians of fire left a path for them, along which they could easily reach the undead level of the leader of the pack.

The team went forward quickly and confidently, but the magicians of fire could only clean the area around, they had to destroy the rest of the undead themselves.

Seven people were mid-level wizards, which meant they were masterful of entry-level magic. They themselves understood that in order to resist the undead gathered around, there would be enough magic and an initial level, and they could also save magical powers. A blow to the magic of the average level can destroy a small crowd of undead!

– This is a skeletal demon-commander. She has no specific skills, but his body is like hardened steel, and very powerful … – said the commander, quickly recognizing this type of undead.

Skeleton demon-voivode refers to the fierce type of skeleton, which can only withstand a team of selected medium-level magicians.

The demon voivode was already very close to the wall, and was about 300 meters away from it. Seven magicians rushed to meet him.

In the dark, only by the light of fire, it seemed to the magicians that he was still at a decent distance, but the demon-voivode demon sounded like a truck!

– Do not disperse, activate the mountain veil! Shouted the hunter-commander.

The skeleton demon-commander approached with great speed. And although he had not yet encountered the magicians, he had already sowed horror in their heads!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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