Chapter 574. You also know how to throw spears?


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* Thousand *

The big mountain curtain literally crumbled into pieces from the blow of the demon governor. This meant that the power of his body at times exceeds the stability of the stone!

– Heck! We scatter! Shouted the commander to everyone else.

Having said this, the commander immediately put his palms to the ground … she suddenly went in waves!

The earthen waves helped the team to disperse in different directions, however, the angry skeleton demon voivode also did not lag behind: at some point part of his bony hand came off his forearm and turned into a flying bone spear that flew towards the magicians!

– My hand! My hand! – suddenly cried a girl in a hat.

Bone spear pierced her hand, nailed to the ground. The blood now, without ceasing, oozed from the wound …

“Damned demon governor!” It is not so easy to cope with it! – The commander of the monster material himself as he could.

Mu Bai was closest to the wounded girl. He instantly ran to her and used his ice magic not only to fix the bone, but also to stop the bleeding.

He broke off a bone spear from both ends and left only a small part that directly pierced the arm.

The bones of such creatures are usually poisonous, so if you do not delay the effect of the poison, the girl can lose her hand!

– How do you? – asked Mu Bai girl in a hat.

The girl’s face was splattered with drops of blood, but the pain was already receding, and she was able to calm down: “Much better!”.

Mu Bai pulled the girl away. He turned to the skeleton demon commander, and in his legs the elemental system was already going to … after a few moments, ice chains appeared beside him.

Chains sought to forge a monster on limbs and body, in order to prevent it from using its brute force.

The power of the skeleton demon-governor surprised the magicians: even before the ice chains had to forge him, he tore them apart, crumbled them into pieces!

– Get away! Let him taste my wind wheel! Shouted Jiang Li.

The wind whistling began to pick up speed. The wind was intensified by some kind of dark force that looked like a big python.

Wind turbine has reached the monster. The skeleton demon did not avoid this blow, on the contrary, using his hands built from the bones, he began to resist magic!

The wind disk from such a collision literally crumbled into many wind streams, until it finally dissipated.

After that, several other magicians attacked the demon governor with a red glowing fist, a purple lightning demon strike, green lian shackles, and the commander’s ice chains …

Although it was a creature of the level of the leader of the pack, however, numerous attacks with mid-level magic did not bring the desired results – the monster was still alive. His body was inflicted many wounds, but his white skeleton was still stronger than steel …

– What kind of protection is this? Shouted Zhou Min.

Killing skeletal undead is much harder than killing dead human undead. Skeletal monsters have no flesh that could be pierced, all they had was their strongest skeleton … That is why the skeletal undead level of the leader of the pack is an order of magnitude more powerful than the corpse undead of the same level, which means that it is much more difficult to resist them.

And although the magicians were very experienced in killing rotting corpses and other undead, meeting with a skeletal demon-commander, they did not know where to start.

– It seems that our strength is not enough to destroy it. All retreat, until we figure out a way! – the commander was quite categorical.

“But what will we do if he gets close to the outer wall?” He will not be difficult to make a hole in it, and then it will be inside! – Zhou Min hastily said.

– Zhou Ming, be careful!

The girl was so worried that she didn’t even notice how the skeleton demon-governor was trying to attack her with her bones!

Zhou Minh did not even have time to activate the defense, two bone spears were already flying in her direction!

While the girl was in a bewildered state, a black shadow flashed nearby, being right in front of her face.

Zhou Ming only managed to notice Mo Fang’s face.

– Shield of Gloom!

In the palm of Mo Fan, blue light began to accumulate, which then formed a shield!

* Jin! *

* Jin! *

Two spears with a ringing hit the shield of darkness. They almost pierced him, saved only the fact that Mo Fang’s shield was a first-class magical artifact.

Mo Fan stood behind the shield and looked at how the tip of the bone spear almost pierced the shield and his forehead.

– Well your mother! You also know how to throw spears? – cursed Mo Fan.

From one thought of Mo Fan, the dark blue thorn that was in the middle of the shield of darkness shot in the forehead of the skeletal demon-governor!

The spike pierced very accurately into his left eye …

The monster’s eye went out … it was not clear if he was in pain, but he confidently walked towards Mo Fang …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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