Chapter 575. What is this protection ?!


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– Geek! – Mo Fan cursed about the skeletal demon-governor.

An attack by the average magic of a demon-commander fought off with one hand.

Mo Fan first thought to use his shadow magic to get closer to the skeleton demon, but he began to attack Zhou Min, who was behind Mo Fan, ruining the plan.

– Snake mail! – Mo Fan stepped up his defense, covering Zhou Min with him.

Mail as black snakes enveloped the body of Mo Fan, even covering his forehead! Now his body was completely protected!

Mo Fan’s serpentine mail shirt was extraordinary; it gave it a formidable and warlike look. Zhou Ming, who was standing behind, was stunned when she saw Mo Fang in this form – now he looked like a holy warrior.

However, less than a second, as the skeleton demon-commander was already in front of him.

– Hurry, save him! – shouted Mu Bai.

Why has no one released magic to prevent a monster attack? Although Mo Fan’s body was covered with strong mail, it could not withstand the blows of the enemy!

The earth was selling itself from the actions of a skeletal demon-commander … he looked with his right eye down, hoping to see a crushed man …

The human silhouette was pushed into the ground, but his chainmail still glittered!

Did not die?

The monster was at a loss … One little man against the creature level of the leader of the pack – he had to die!

He roared with rabies, and Mo Fan hurried to get up at that time.

The skeleton demon-governor decided to pin him down with his palm! He specially opened his hand to put his palm on Mo Fang!

* Clap *

There was a sound of hitting the bones, in a moment the monster’s fingers fell apart …

He deliberately broke his fingers … the second he opened his half-destroyed palm, his eyes sparkled with a blood-red light!

Contrary to expectations, there was no blood and entrails on the huge open palm, Mo Fan still in his coat was unharmed! And on the palm of the monster now gaped crack.

In seconds, this crack has increased in size, and now the knuckles of a huge palm have fallen down!

The commander, Mu Bai, Zhou Min, Jiang Li, the girl in the hat and another student were shocked to see how the monster’s palm was falling apart!

“Is this … what is this protection?” – surprised to have time to pronounce Zhou Min.

– Pi * datiya mail!

“The monster has no chance of defeating him!”

The skeletal hand was destroyed, and Mo Fan and his hauberk, in defiance of all the laws of nature, were intact!

Mo Fan, abruptly jumping on the remains of his palm, was very much alive. Realizing that everyone around was just staring at him, Mo Fan cursed hard.

The power of a skeletal demon monster could not destroy Mo Fan’s chain mail …

* Roar *

The monster, as if losing its own respect, is now torn and metal. He sought to penetrate inside the city in order to break all its inhabitants into small pieces.

– What are frozen? Mu Bai, use the magic of ice and freeze his legs, then attack him together so that he cannot move! Shouted Mo Fan.

Only after the words of Mo Fan Fat Mu Bai came to his senses.

After thorough freezing, the monster’s bones can be easily broken!

Mo Fang’s words brought everyone back to reality. The commander also used his ice magic to freeze the monster’s legs.

The lower limbs of the skeletal demon commander were very thin, so it was easiest to destroy them.

Ice magic is considered the most persistent, because over time its action only increases.

Mu Bai and the commander continuously channeled ice magic to the monster’s bones.

– Add another hot! Shouted Mo Fan, not taking his eyes off his lower limbs.

– Thunder!

Mo Fan quickly created a star system and sent the resulting lightning to the upper part of the enemy’s hull.

Purple lightning flashed around.

However, the lightning did not have the desired effect.

“C’mon, you can take it down too?”

– What are you slowing down? Idiot, this magic doesn’t apply here! – Jiang Li swore.

– Shut up! – threw out the response replica Mo Fan.

There was a distinct sound at the feet of the monster.

A crack was already heard in the joint between the thigh and the shin, but the action of magic had not yet ceased

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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