Chapter 576. General Fee


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* Thousand *

The lower limbs of a skeletal demon-governor instantly crumbled, as if they could no longer bear a heavy burden.

His huge skeletal body, having no more support, crashed to the ground with such a noise as if it were a pile of stones.

“And your spiritual lightning seed has strong spatial vibrations!” – competently commander admired the magic of Mo Fan.

At the moment when the monster’s legs fell apart, the magic of ice continued to gain momentum, freezing all the other bones of it.

The icy skeleton was now very fragile, and if you hit it once more, it will completely crumble!

– Mo Fan, you’re cool! – Zhou Ming admired proclaimed, her eyes were full of girlish admiration.

– This student … are you a student ??? Very few wizards of your age can use magic so wisely! – the commander did not cease to praise Mo Fan.

The victory over the only skeletal undead was a victory in the whole battle.

On the outer wall there were still a lot of magicians who could observe everything that happens. Most of them were beginner magicians, and they also thought that they would soon have to retreat. Who knew that the battle would end so quickly!

– Just unbelieveble! They destroyed such a powerful demon with a single attack! – admired the hunters that were near the wall.

– This is all thanks to our newcomer! – Humbly said the commander, glancing at Mo Fanya.

Zhao Kun Sanya and the fat man Wang exulted, admiring Mo Fang.

Zhao Kun San then, abruptly changing his mind, said: “An ordinary person, nothing special. If I had been there with my entry-level magic, the result would have been the same! ”

– That’s it! That’s it! – Fat man picked up Van, – I think so too. If the monster was a higher level, then yes, and so – nothing special!

Jiang Li was also dissatisfied with the result. Although he did not play a key role in this battle, he could not stop looking at Mo Fan.

Zhao Kun Sanya and the fat Wang were petty little people – they certainly couldn’t stand it. But Jiang Li was annoyed in earnest.

– Do not you think that their words are already beyond the limits? – asked Mu Bai.

– They will never change. Said Mo Fan. He thought those two just wanted to show off.

– They killed the skeleton demon-commander! My scores should increase significantly! – did not let up Zhou Min. Now she can get university resources, and even more!

Mo Fan also smiled. At one point he noticed a red glow all over the wall.



As soon as a red glow appeared, the sharp sound of a siren cut through the space so that all people inside and outside the wall could hear it.

– What is it? – not understanding, asked Mo Fan.

“Something serious happened, so the alarm went off …” the commander answered.

– What exactly? – continued to ask questions of Mo Fan.

The signal rang very long, proclaiming a manifestation of powerful magical power.

– I do not know … this is a collection signal! All magicians must assemble in the north tower! – Commander clarified the situation. Several rays of milky color appeared in the sky.

Mo Fan also saw rays of light in the sky, but he did not know what they were signaling.

“Apparently, something happened, and now the help of the magicians is required.” – said Mu Bai, looking at the north tower.

– Let’s hurry, I just have not played enough for today! – with an ostentatious view said Jiang Li.

– Four signals in a row mean that this is something urgent. The wounded girl remains, and everyone else, hurry! There was also a light signal … I hope that the help of middle-level magicians will be enough! Said the commander.

– Mo Fan, do you want to go and see? Zhou Ming asked.

One long signal meant that all the magicians in the district needed help, however, since four consecutive signals were made, it referred only to magic schools, a magic association, a league of hunters and members of influential magic families. If someone shied away, then this was followed by punishment.

“A long signal is usually not used, which means that something really serious has happened,” Mu Bai said.

– Come on!

– Yeah, we all go to the north tower!

The main north tower was located at the north gate of the outer wall, and was much larger than the usual corner guard towers. She was a huge fortress towering over the wall!

The general signal was heard from here, and by the time Mo Fan and the others arrived, everything was already jammed by people. Judging by the magical orders on the clothes came, most of them were entry-level magicians.

The average level of magicians was much smaller, and many of them were here because of obligations, such as Mu Bai and Zhou Min – they came here because of their educational practice.

– We ask all middle-level mages to go up to the tower, while all the rest stay below and wait for further instructions! – There was a voice from the loudspeaker.

The average mages began to go inside. They passed into a large hall, the front of which was open, which made the external territory behind the wall clearly visible.

– So little? – I heard a voice.

The bearded man descended the stairs that led upstairs. With him were still the imperial bodyguard and military commander.

– Meet the senior assessor!

– Senior Assessor! – middle level magicians showed their respect.

Mo Fan has already managed to see and recognize a man. His eyes opened wide in surprise!

Zhu Meng looked at everyone present and, seeing Mo Fang, was also surprised.

– What bad luck brought you here? – asked Zhu Meng, dumbfounded.

“I am not very happy to see you either,” said Mo Fan.

– Brave! – the military commander started up when he saw such disrespectful attitude on the part of the youth.

In Hangzhou, Zhu Meng spent the whole day insulting this youth, and therefore did not expect much respect for his own person. He did not begin to exchange more replicas with Mo Fang – it was obvious that something really serious had happened.

However, the commander, Zhou Min, Mu Bai, and Jiang Li looked surprised at Mo Fang, not understanding how he could be familiar with Zhu Meng.

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