Chapter 577. The depths of the zombie reappeared!


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“I am very glad to see you all here, but I have some sad news for you,” said Zhu Meng.

As he pronounced it, his legs in black shoes headed towards the carved hedge.

The pauses in his speech gave the words a sad tinge.

– In 30 kilometers to the north there was a zombie abyss! – suddenly said Zhu Meng.

When uttering these two words, Zhu Man sighed heavily, as if he really didn’t want to pronounce them.

– Zombie abyss ???

“How could she appear so close to the outer wall?” Maybe there is some confusion? – said one of the hunters.

– My God! Just some 30 kilometers! Do we expect the attack of the undead? Said the average mage.

Mo Fan looked around. The faces of all those present have changed dramatically. Mo Fan himself did not yet know what a “zombie abyss” was, since he came here from other places. He just threw a questioning glance at commander Zhong Zi Shan.

– What is a “zombie abyss”? And why does this put such horror on everyone? – asked Mo Fan.

Zhong Zi Shan was just recovering. It seems that he, too, was stunned by the news.

– Do you know what I thought was the most terrible at the very beginning? He asked Mo Fan.

– What?

“The creature that bit my hand …” it was the undead level commander in chief, ”said Zhong Zi Shan, biting his lip,“ but I changed my mind as soon as I saw the zombie hollow.

In the eyes of Zhong Zi Shan, one could see the sparkles of fear that arose there with each memory of what had happened.

– Zombie depths is a cauldron of the underworld, which is located in the upper layers of the earth. Standing at the edge of the abyss, you can clearly see what hell looks like! The roar of demons, thousands of rotting corpses that devour each other …. Unfortunately, we, hunters, quite recently stumbled upon a small abyss. My teammate in my eyes fell down, and I saw how many undead devour him … Then I realized that if they say that there is hell below, where eternal suffering prevails, then this is definitely something like a zombie abyss. By some miracle, I survived, I prayed not to fail there …

From the words of the commander, Mo Fan’s hair stood on end!

– Zombie-deep is a hole in the ground. Even if she is not as terrible as they say about her, she has one peculiarity … – Mu Bai continued her speech, Zhong Zi Shan.

– What is the feature? – asked Mo Fan.

– Not only does it constantly grow in size, it also has spatial unpredictability. – said Mu Bai.

– What is “spatial unpredictability”?

– You can not know where it will appear! At any second, it can occur anywhere! – added Zhong Zi Shan.

“Is this … what else is it?” Mo Fan asked, speechless.

The fact that the zombie abyss is a huge hole in the ground is understandable. Predictable and the fact that it increases, absorbing nearby areas. But the fact that it can arise absolutely anywhere … it is even hard to imagine!

– The worst thing is that the zombie depths can move by itself, like a shuttle, and affect space and time. We can not even know what principle it is functioning, because there are no people who came out alive from the abyss! Even curse magicians descended there … – a deep voice sounded that belonged to Zhu Meng.

“It can affect the space …” Mo Fan said in a voice.

For the first time in his life, Mo Fan heard something from what was associated with space-time theory. Since there were magicians of the element of space, this once again indicated that it is possible to prevail over space …

He could not have imagined that there was a zombie abyss, which even magic could not explain! Although, in the world from which he came, there were also many things to which there was no explanation …

– What then is the meaning of worrying about the abyss, which can occur absolutely everywhere? Even if it appears at a distance of eight kilometers from here, can it absorb this city? This is all a fairy tale! Said Mo Fan.

“Well, of course, it won’t be able to grow to 30 kilometers … Then it will not be the entrance to the underworld, but the underworld itself! Although the last zombie abyss … – said Zhong Zi Shan.

“That’s right, the last of the depths appeared at a distance of more than a hundred kilometers from the city,” said Zhu Meng again, continuing the conversation of a group of people, “in fact, six months ago another zombie-depths appeared 600 kilometers from the city, somewhere in rivers of lost sands. About the other abysses is unknown, because they arise in uninhabited territories.

Mo Fan froze, digesting the words of Zhu Meng.

– That was that day! – recalled Mo Fan.

Then, Mo Fan was just in the north-western part of the glowing plain of the river of lost sands.

The disastrous fire then renewed the red-hot plain, but at the same time stirred the river!

Then everyone thought that these were the consequences of a devastating fire, but Xin Xia, the magician of the element of the spirit, already felt some kind of fear not related to fire!

So it was a zombie deep!

The river of lost sands is such an unexplored place that no one can know for sure how many creatures are hidden under its white sand grains …. Now Mo Fan was seriously worried: each zombie-abyss was an echo of the huge depths, which already kept half of the province in turmoil !!!

“And the second time, she appeared …” Mo Fan continued questioning.

– Three months ago in the vicinity of a salty reservoir. Unfortunately, my students were there. Said the man in the black military cloak, addressing Mo Fang.

– And who are you? – asked Mo Fan.

– Senior military instructor Xian – Fei Jiao. How can you not know? Said Jiang Li slyly, glancing at Fei Jiao.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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