Chapter 579. Lord of Hunters.


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– Lord of hunters!

“Lord of hunters, when did you arrive in Xian?”

– Who is it? Why do you call him the lord of the hunters? – asked one of the members of the magical association.

– Master hunters Dusyao you do not know, master! – Said one of the hunters with admiration.

Mo Fan knew this man. When a scaly parasite monster played pranks at Minzhu University, this man appeared as a bolt from the blue. Mo Fan still remembered him.

His subordinate was a man in a leather jacket who was related to “Clear Sky”, and Lin Lin called him Yao Nane.

Mo Fan looked and saw a girl in light green clothes. Yao Nan was also here, but he was not close to the lord of the hunters. He approached Mo Fang and asked with a smile:

– So how? Tired of killing magical animals, and decided to switch to undead?

Mo Fan, mouth agape, replied:

– I came to Xian and saw so many familiar faces!

“There are a lot of undead here … we love to stick our nose in other people’s affairs – how could we not come? – said Yao Nan.

Mo Fan turned his attentive gaze to the lord of the hunters Dusiao. He saw how people dispersed before him in awe … Now he could personally see him in action!

In the end, people who resisted the risk breathed a sigh of relief.

– Ha ha ha! Yes, you arrived right on time! Said Zhu Meng, glancing at Duxiao.

“If I knew that the master of the hunters, Dusyao, would come here, then he would have polished everything here.” – said Fei Jiao.

“Advisor Zhu, I, Dusiao, cannot guarantee you complete security, but I can promise that people will come back alive….” A zombie abyss manifested itself, and the gloomy tyrant (perhaps the so-called supreme undead) directs this undead. If you do not destroy it immediately, then even more undead levels of the commander in chief and leader of the pack will destroy everything around! – in a stern voice said Dusyao.

“Well, since you’re in the game …” Zhu’s adviser now made concessions. In fact, he would not have been able in less than one hour to come up with another method to destroy the main undead – they could only follow this plan!

– Ok, now the magicians of the highest level have appeared – then we follow the plan! – announced the senior military instructor Fei Jiao.

– The Twilight Tyrant is subordinate to the skeletal, corpse governor and werewolf governor. Skeletal and corpse commanders are like cockroaches — they can be attacked immediately, but as regards werewolf commanders … their large accumulation can become a problem for us. I stand here and think, are there magicians of the spirit element among us? – said Lu Xu.

“The biggest obstacle is the gloomy tyrant …” said Zhu Meng, rubbing his mustache.

He turned and looked at the wizards.

– Gentlemen, I beg your pardon. The situation has become much more complicated … I am compelled to inform you that we all must come forward and together attack the gloomy tyrant. Of course, the very magicians of the highest level will take on the battle with him, you will have to take on his subordinates! Said assessor Zhu Meng.

This order was heard by everyone, and now everyone was in disarray. It’s one thing to stay here and just protect the wall, but it’s quite another to go outside the city and fight there! One wrong move is certain death!

– Gentlemen, all actions are strictly planned. We ask for your support in implementing the plan. Relax, you do not have to fight the undead levels of the commander in chief or the leader of the pack. All you have to do is destroy those you can kill with one blow … – added the military commander, seeing the general confusion.

– Chairman Zhu Meng personally goes into battle, how can we retreat? – quickly said one of the military.

– This is a question of protecting the city! Here my parents and my spouse live … Please enlist me – I can not shift such an important thing on the shoulders of others! – one hunter confidently said with a scar on his face.

It was a great honor for young students to fight side by side with top-level magicians, so there were several who agreed at once.

– I, too, for!

Commander Zhong Zi Shan only wanted to know the opinion of his children, when he saw that Jiang Li and Zhou Min were already willing to join the big team.

Mu Bai hesitated a little, but eventually also joined the mission.

It was clear from the face of another student that he did not want to take a clear risk.

The commander approached him and patted him on the shoulder, making it clear that if he did not join the mission, he could leave the tower.

– Zhong Zi Shan, and you? Zhou Ming asked.

“I, as your teacher, will also go and look after you,” he replied with a smile.

– You are so caring! We would like the teachers from our faculty to be the same! Said Jiang Li.

– If he also agrees, then the trick is in the hat! Said Zhong Zi Shan, looking at Mo Fang.

Mo Fan only shrugged.

– Here I am just a tourist, so I wish you good luck!

– Mo Fan? – said Zhou Min in surprise.

Mo Fan did not explain himself: he really thought that it was better to entrust such a matter to those responsible for it.

– Ha! And it seemed so cool! Coward! Do not go out of you intelligent mage! – arrogantly commented Jiang Li.

– Hey, if you say even a word addressed to me, I will smear you on the wall without leaving the tower! Said Mo Fan sternly.

– Well, okay, you, everyone makes a decision, you should not push it. Said Zhong Zi Shan.

At that moment, Yao Nan, who was standing nearby, gave a grin.

– What are you laughing at? – was angry Jiang Li.

Laughing, Yao Nan replied:

– Hey, fat one, then you have to call the cowards of everyone here! Then the wave of their spitting just wash you!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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