Chapter 58: Tail


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“You say you’re ready, right?

Sheila nodded to my question.

“Then there’s one magic I’d like to try”

I will draw a magic formation on the spot.

“… the magic you want to try?

“The magic of the Spirit is the source of rumors and inheritance. To be precise, rumors and inheritance will probably shape the roots of the Spirit. So giving him direct magic won’t change his condition.”

I’m going to try my magic, but Sheila’s magic has no sign of healing.

Well, you can’t even put your time back, so I guess so.

The root is this, even if you use the magic of < reincarnation (silica) > and you are reborn, it doesn’t work.

“But the spirits may be able to accommodate each other.”

“Do you share my magic with Mr. Ray’s mother?

Mass asked.

“Oh. But I can’t do it with normal magic. Even half spirits and half demons have just blended their magic. It’s no different than what I’ve just done.”

“So what do I do…?

“Rumors and legacies are shaping your roots. It means rumors and legacies have some power in you and are turning into roots. Then if you connect the roots with the roots and let Sheila flow the power before it turns into the roots, you may be able to restore her to some extent.”

Same half spirit, half demon. The possibility would not be zero.

“… Was there such magic for half spirits and half demons…?

The Demons have no power before they turn into roots. I guess it’s strange that the magic I just said exists.

“I didn’t. Not until just now.”

Mass gave a strange look.

“I just made it”

“… did you make magic…? Now!?

Mass says with a stunningly stained look.


Affirming it all the same, Mass said in the tone that it was incredible.

“… developing new magic usually takes years, if you suck, decades… Lady Anos, you really amaze me…”

“I don’t think there’s any work to do. The problem is that this will be the first time we have tried this magic. If the power from different rumors and legacies flows, it could, on the contrary, have a negative impact on Sheila”

Worst case scenario, you’ll die.

But if you say you’re ready, it’s worth a try.

“Mass, you’ll be in danger too. When using Spirit magic, perhaps the Spirit drains its roots at the same time as magic”

I’ve seen Mass use Rain Spirit Mist Consumer (Fuska) several times, but I’m pretty sure this is it.

It would also be reasonable from the fact that there are no half spirit half demons pimping using spiritual magic.

“The roots that the Spirit has worn out are restored by rumors and inheritance. In other words, Mass, use spiritual magic, dare to drain your roots, so that resilience through rumors and inheritance occurs. So we’re gonna flush it out to Sheila.”

Naturally then, the Mass will not be able to recover its depleted roots.

In some cases, I get spiritual illness, just like Sheila. If you do poorly, you will die.

“… I can’t let that happen…”

Sheila says.

But Mass had a determined look on his face.

“I’ll do it”


“I want you to let me… Mr. Ray is not really the kind of person involved in a royalist or unified feud. Besides, I’d like to give a bubble to the royalists who set this up.”

grin and Mass laughs.

“It’s okay. If you’re Anos, you’ll never make it to the worst.”

“I can’t say enough that my first failure is not at this moment today. Don’t let it get you down.”

Send in the magic, and I’ll start the magic formation.

“For one thing, this magic can be called < Root Transformation (Lilia) >. You ready for this?

“Yes, do it”

I use the magic of Root Transformation.

The roots of Mass and Sheila’s were joined by magic lines.

“Use Spirit Magic”


Mass wastes the magic of Rain Spirit Mist Consumer (Fuska).

Outside, it’s going down.

Gradually, the root of the mass begins to drain.

Gather the demonic eye and you will have the power to heal it.

The power runs from Mass to Sheila through the magic rays.

“… ku… ah…”

Sheila leaks a bitter exhale.

“Hmm. The wavelength doesn’t seem to match with the power of another kind of rumor and inheritance.”

Different forces are mixing with the roots, and Sheila’s medical condition is getting worse.

“… well, what do I do…?

“Don’t rush. Stay focused on spiritual magic. I can’t help you with anything.”

As I look at Sheila’s symptoms, I change the magic formula of Root Transformation (Lilia) just a little bit at a time.

It transforms the power generated by rumors and inheritance, and aligns the wavelength with Sheila’s roots.

We have no more knowledge of the Spirit than we have to hit the total.

He gazed at the devil’s eye and looked to the abyss so that he would not miss even the slightest change.

A minute goes by.

Sheila’s body is thinner and more transparent than it was at first.

She can’t even speak anymore.

Three more minutes.

Sheila is going to disappear now.

“… God…”

I put my hands together as Mass prayed.

“If you pray, pray to me. They’ve never done the miracles we wanted.”

At that time, the transparency of Sheila’s body, which was on the way to getting worse and worse, stopped.

“Hmm. Around here. We finally found him.”

We will look at the wavelength per hit and fine-tune the magic of Root Transformation (Lilia) even more.


Mass leaks his voice.

Although slight, Sheila’s body grew darker.

“… that’s right… I didn’t even know the cure when I came…”

Mass spilled words in such a way as to keep it in front of him and still not believe it.

“It’s about not letting go. If you stay alert, it’ll all be over in a flash.”

I will carefully reconstitute the magic ceremony of Root Transformation (Lilia).

Gradually, in insignificant amounts, but surely Sheila’s body recovers.

Mass, on the other hand, had a painful look on his face.

Her roots continue to wear off in a series of spiritual magic.

“Are you all right?

“… Yes. Don’t worry about me… you can still do it…”

Mass smiles.

I can clearly tell you’re imposing it, but I can’t guarantee Sheila’s body if I interrupt right now.

“It’s been a few minutes. Take it to the point where the condition calms down.”

It was a little roundabout, but it’s only a matter of time before we get here.

I don’t know what would happen if I screwed up some magic manipulation, but it’s not for me.

That was the moment I thought so.

I realized one thing, and I turned my consciousness to another place.

“… well, what’s up?

“Mother is being tailed”


Is the place from Delzo Gate, on the way home?

It’s still popular there, but there won’t be too many people ahead.

“I hope you’re just tailed, but you’re looking different.”

The magic of the demons who are following their mother is strangely high.

Ten, eighty-nine, you’d be willing.

What are you after? Is that a sword, or is that your mother herself?

If you’re going to take your mother hostage, don’t be too hostile.

“Let’s go help”

“Whatever you do, wait a few minutes. If I let go of my demon eye now, Sheila won’t be able to help.”

There are fan union people near my mother, but the magic of the devil tribe I’m following is far stronger.

Though they have a lot of people, they won’t be opponents.

And this wavelength of magic.

It’s expensive, it’s messy, but it looks familiar.

Sure, this is, uh…



Oh, man, what the hell are you going to do?

Working a far-sighted demon eye, I stared where my mother was.

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