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For the anti-drug, Chu Xingyun beginning is simply a slave, only nothing more.

However, after the water family, he saw that the poison was injured in order to protect Chuzhen, and his heart was also somewhat moved, so he wrote down the experience of this portion, and he was compensated for him.

However, this distribution compensation is completely different in the eyes of vicious drugs.

For the scorpion itself, entering the Earth Spirit has always been a dream in his heart. At first he ventured into the bloody poison, in order to find a chance to see if he could step into the Earth Spirit realm, even if it was poisonous. Tragic end.

Since he got the “swallowing phlegm” and resolved the bloody poison, he feels that he is close to this dream, and it is much closer. It takes only three years to make it come true.

But at this moment, Chu Xingyun has shortened the time of three years by a hundred times!

Moreover, the experience written here is very high, and it is definitely a brilliant insight about cloud evil energy. The more I look deeper into it, the more I feel that I have a deep understanding of cloud evil energy.

“I can recognize you as the mainstay. It is definitely the blessing of my scorpion III. Please accept me three times!” The cockroach was grateful to look at Chu Xingyun and knees down.

“If you really appreciate me, if you really appreciate me, try to reach Earth Spirit realm as soon as possible. The sooner the better.” Chu Xingyun waved his hand, and there seemed to be a bright glow in his eyes, and his footsteps changed and he changed his direction. Move towards Goblin House.

While walking, Chu Xingyun whispered to himself: “Only relying on a poisonous person, time may be a little tight, first go to the Treasure House to see, there may be unexpected gains.”

It is about a month to choose from Wufu.

A month, for many Martial Artists, it is not long, or even a short one, but for Chu Xingyun who owns Samsara Stone, it can be used for one month as five months.

For five months, he was fully qualified to step into the Spirit Gathering realm and even upgrade several levels.

These are just what Chu Xingyun wants.

His Two Lifetimes are people, and the goal is much higher than finding the ordinary person. For him, this world, he has to step into the legendary empires anyway, so he will never be sloppy for every cultivate level.

If you want to speed up, this sentence, Chu Xingyun needs to know more than anyone. Now, he is only the last step, you can step into the Spirit Gathering realm, begin the real Martial Artist road, and you will be in a hurry?

“Martial Emperor, you took me so many medicine pill in the last life, this world, I use your “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering” to use it, it should not be too much.” Chu Xingyun raise one’s head Look at the night sky, A thick face suddenly appeared in my mind.

In the original top ten Martial Emperor, on the Martial Study cultivation technique, Chu Xingyun was better than anyone, but on strength, he ranked second.

The first is the mixed Martial Emperor.

This mixed Martial Emperor is a Martial Idiot. His Martial Spirit is not as good as Chu Xingyun, Martial Study cultivation technique and Chu Xingyun. It is a dead brain, but his innate talent is extremely high.

The Martial Study cultivation technique of the cultivate of the Martial Emperor is all from his Self-created, and the Martial Study from these Self-created is almost contrary to common sense.

Chu Xingyun’s “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering” is one of the methods of the Martial Emperor Self-created.

As we all know, after the Martial Artist enters the Spirit Gathering environment, the spirit sea will be derived from the body.

The more the Linghai is, the more Martial Artist can store the more powerful spiritual power, the endless stream, endless life.

But this “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering” does the opposite. It does not expand the Linghai, but instead compresses the Linghai and makes the spiritual power reach the purity of the peak.

Even more shocking is that this compression needs to go through nine times!

Every time the compression, Linghai is doubled. After nine times, the Linghai is almost as small as a needle. The spiritual power inside is also terrifying. Once it is mobilized, it seems to be a flood. The power is amazing.

The reason why the Martial Emperor is the first is because his spiritual power is too pure, even if it is a different kind of Chu Xingyun, it is not his opponent, it is to be defeated.

Now, Chu Xingyun’s cultivation base is the Body Tempering Ninth Level, which is about to condense the Spirit Gathering Sea, just cultivate Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering, and let the Yuan’s Yuanhai reach the abnormality of the Mixed Martial Emperor.

However, the process of cultivate “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering” is not easy. Every time you compress the Linghai, you have to endure endless pain. These pains are not the same. The most troublesome thing is that you must gather nine spiritual cores.

The so-called nucleus is the energy body that Spirit Beast condenses into the body after entering Spirit Gathering, which is similar to the spirit of Martial Artist.

The only difference is that the spiritual power in these spiritual cores is especially violent, and it is almost impossible to be absorbed by Martial Artist. Most of them are used for forging weapons and are of great value.

Every compression of Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering requires a nucleus, and this nucleus must also be from the Spirit Beast of Spirit Gathering Ninth Level Day. It is not high, not low, and strict. .

Chu Xingyun let the scorpion smuggle into the Earth Spirit realm, just want him to help collect the nine nucleus. Now Chu Xingyun suddenly thinks of the treasury, want to see if there is any spiritual sale in the treble building. .

Upon entering the gate of the Treasure House, Qinshan came over with energetic and bustling and hurriedly said: “Chu Family, you are finally there. Gu City Lord and Miss Yanyan are looking for you everywhere.”

“Looking for me?” Chu Xingyun squatted, and it seems that he has no disputes with the two.

“You still come with me first.” Qinshan made a requesting posture, Chu Xingyun slightly frowned, although the heart is puzzled, but still with the past, directly talking to Qin Yuyan about the spiritual core, it should be more convenient.

Chu Xingyun followed Qinshan to the second floor and walked into an elegant room. Inside, Qin Yuyan and Gu Cyan Mountain had already waited for a long time.

When they saw him, they both flashed their colors and hurriedly stood up and nodded. They did not show the appearance of aloof and remote, which made the cockroaches almost bite to the tongue.

Gu Cyan Mountain is the well-deserved first windhouse of Xifeng City. Qin Yuyan is the behind-the-scenes controller of the Treasure House. These two people, whose position is terrifying, facing Chu Xingyun, actually performed so easily, it is really unmaginable.

Chu Xingyun didn’t have much expression. He went straight to the two people and sat down directly. He asked, “What are you looking for?”

The two looked at each other, and Gu Cyan Mountain immediately stepped back three steps and said with both hands: “Chu Family, last time I was offended, please bear with me. Here, I am deeply impressed by you. apology.”

Said, Gu Cyan mountain bent back, deeply worshipped.

Chu Xingyun was taken for granted, and immediately said: “I said at the beginning that the last time, I have forgotten everything. If you look for me, just to apologize, then, I accept your apology, are you satisfied?”

Upon hearing Chu Xingyun’s answer, Gu Cyan Mountain’s face was twitched. Since he became the City Lord of the West Wind City, few people dare not give him face and accept his apology. Is it so stubborn?

He glanced at Qin Yuyan and suddenly felt the helplessness in the other’s eyes. He immediately pressed down the anger of deep in one’s heart and said: “many thanks Chu Family main sea han, this time in addition to apologizing to you, this Please do not hesitate to accept it.”

After that, Gu Cyan Mountain took out two old fragrance wooden boxes and smiled and handed them to Chu Xingyun. The two resolute dashing eyebrows were bent into a crescent shape.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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