Chapter 586. The Invasion of the Tomb.


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Electric discharges split into streams, becoming even more violent.

The lightning bolts, striking the mummy commander, literally burned through the perishable insides of his bandages, and his hand completely fell off.

The mummy governor was really different about the governor that Mo Fan faced, since his thunder peals of the third stage had no such effect then.

However, the mummy commander was not even going to fall apart. Suddenly, he began to rotate in the same place at high speed!

The speed of its rotation became faster and faster, and the governor, like a drill bit, screwed into the ground!

Since the dungeon of the lunar forest did not have a root system, for an adversary that simply wound into the ground, she could not imagine a trap.

Very soon only a hole remained in the dungeon, and the mummy-voivode himself disappeared without a trace in the ground.

– Heck! We let him escape! – swore the magician with scars.

– Ran away – this is not the worst! We must now return to all the others, they must have already gone far! Said the short man, glancing in the direction in which the group was moving.

Yu Qing Su was also upset. If she could have known that this mummy governor would be screwed into the ground, she would not use the dungeon of the lunar forest, but would release the vines to stop him! If she had gotten him, his corpse crystal … her fame would have noticeably increased!

Strange sounds began to spread from behind the scarred man’s back.

– Do you hear that ???

* Tyts *

After the words of a short, frozen ground beneath the feet of a scarred mage, it began to open … And from there, the mummy began to climb!

She immediately headed towards the scarred mage, grabbing his neck! The tall mage was able to respond quickly, and his body began to shine with numerous highlights …

Light brown threads of light formed a protection on his body, turning him into a warrior in brown mail.

Mummy grabbed his head and dragged him to the side!

The scarred magician was waiting for the rest to react and save him, but in the meantime the mummy dragged him already to a distance of ten meters, dragging him into some kind of grave hole.

– Save! Save him! – shouted Yu Qing Su, rushing after them.

Since Yu Qing Soo did not have the magic of movement, she was not able to catch up with them.

The grave burial literally took only a few seconds, so Mo Fan and the undersized could not catch up with them, because they themselves did not have the magic of movement.

– He was dragged to the grave, how can we save him? Jump for him? Shouted the stunted one, running to the opened tomb, from which darkness gaped.

The tomb from the inside was very narrow, so it was impossible to move there without any protection or other artifact.

– Do not go there, I’ll go! – said Yu Qing Su, jumping into the tomb.

Mo Fan and the stunted continued to look into this grave, in the darkness of which it was completely impossible to see anything. Jumping after Yu Ching Soo was a reckless affair.

– What do we do? Get down or not? – asked the undersized Mo Fan.

– Well, how else. We’ll have to go down and save them two …. Fire heterie, get out! Said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan began to compose an elemental system of conscription magic, but when she was only half ready, the fiery heterodox herself appeared with joy.

Mo Fan was angry at the fact that he knew that the fiery hetero in this stage of development still could not appear on the general review.

The stunted man watching all this was taken aback, but said nothing.

Now the short man knew that Mo Fan, a middle-level magician, had three elements. The man who admired his gifts, now completely stunned by the manifestation of the third element of the call.

It was contrary to the elementary principles of magic!

“This dude has aspects of the magic of space, so he twists and twists where he wishes,” Mo Fan explained.

“Um … I do not really want to go down … I’m afraid in this case, I definitely will not see my son! – panicked short.

– Enough gab! – Mo Fan decided not to give the opportunity to a short man for idle chatter, and, having sent the fireball music player forward as a lamp, they went down.

– No, thanks!

The stunted one didn’t have such composure as Mo Fan. Mo Fan, without ceremony, seized him and lowered him to the grave.

While they were making their way through the grave hole, they noticed that the inner walls of the hole were not from the ground, they were lined with ancient bricks!

– E * at! Where is the end? – shouted restlessly short, moving forward in total darkness.

The fiery hetero was ahead, but even so it was not visible the bottom of this grave.

* Tyts *

Finally, they crashed straight at the base of the grave.

Stunted because of his short legs did not feel as comfortable as Mo Fan.

– And where is Yu Qing Soo? – asked Mo Fan, looking around.

– She was dragged off! Fighting a mummy-warlord on earth is nothing compared to falling into this grave, where the chances of survival are minimal! – cursed undersized.

“I thought that here everything would be swarming with the undead, and here it’s pretty spacious!” – sentenced Mo Fan, looking at the dungeon with fiery hetero.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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