Chapter 587. The Atrocity of the Little Hetera


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– My wife will remain a widow, and a son without a father … and all this thanks to you! They themselves jumped into this grave for their death! – wailing stunted.

Mo Fan let the fire starter move forward so that she would open the way for them, because under such conditions she had a clearer perception than people.

The fiery hot dog was for the first time in a similar space, so everything here was interesting to her.

– Do not fall behind! Shouted Mo Fan, undersized.

He, of course, did not want to remain alone in such a place, so he hurried to catch up with Mo Fang and his living creatures.

The tomb inside was much more spacious than they thought at the very beginning. Due to the dense breathing of death, the light from the fire of the hetaera did not reach distant parts of the tomb.

The fire element is not usually used for lighting, as it does not have the characteristics of the magic of light. The magic of light has cleansing and scattering effects, and if you use it here, not only the whole breath of death will be momentarily dispelled, but the whole tomb will be lit up!

– Let him go, you miserable corpse! – I heard an angry cry from the darkness.

Mo Fan saw Yu Qing Su, whose body was surrounded by electrical discharges that shook the air.

Mo Fan looked ahead and saw there a greenish, slightly moldy pillar, which, apparently, was the backing of the crypt. He rested against the ceiling of the burial chamber.

At the height of half of the post was pressed magician with scars, and the mummy still held him by the neck. The extremities of the magician were also tightly bandaged. Even a chain mail could not save him from a long strangulation, and he could die at any moment!

On the other hand of the scarred mage, the mummy governor stood like a spider, with his eyes fixed on Yu Qing Soo. Black blood flowed down his body as a result of lightning strikes, but he did not pay any attention to it.

There was a chuckle from his mouth that looked more like the grinding of grinded bones.

– What are we waiting for? We kill him and return to the rest of the team, ”said the short man.

Mo Fan also did not want to lose more time here. He looked at the mummy governor, who stood in anticipation of when the magician’s protective mail would give up the slack, and the mummy could strangle him!

– Fire gambler, burn it! Said Mo Fan.

* Jin *

Hetera with great interest went in the direction of the mummy-governor. During the flight, its flame began to flare up more and more.

– What is the use of your kid-draft? Do not put our lives at all ??? – Yu Qing Su was very angry.

Mo Fan, not paying attention, looked around.

It is not clear why, but he had the feeling that this tomb was not as simple as it seemed.

The desert of the tomb could still be understood: it was night and all the undead were at the top. However, this too thick corpse smell did not give rest.

* Jin *

The hetera flew higher and higher, and its flames flared up more and more. Now she gradually turned into a huge fireball!

With a big fiery ball, she rushed towards the governor, but he too managed to move quickly, tightening her bandages.

A two-meter fireball followed him.

During this chase the ball has increased in size by another meter, and now it was a three-meter ball!

Mummy voivod continued to avoid attacks. He himself could not imagine that such a tiny creature can take on such dimensions !!!

* Jin *

The fire music made a disappointed sound, as if to say to the mummies: β€œWhere are you running? The child wants to play so much! ”

Mummy-voivode was a living dead, and therefore, was not completely devoid of brains. Hearing the crying of the fiery hetera, he was also upset, but he could not escape, given that there was no use of his bandages either. After some time, this hetero can become four meters!

If it reaches four meters in size, then it will not be possible to hide from a collision with it! Same twice as much as a sports car!

– What is frozen? Save man – said Mo Fan, numb with amazement of Yu Qing Su.

She was shocked by how the draft beast-cub chases the mummy-governor!

With the magic of plants, she freed a powerless scarred magician who thought his end was near.

While Yu Qing Soo released the captive, she did not notice how a silhouette appeared behind her.

He was like a magical ram.

His magical horns were as sharp as daggers …. They rested against the neck of Yu Qing Su.

She then thought that it was a silhouette of a short, that gleamed from the fire.

– Blessing of light: holy shield! – quietly whispered, the undersized released the magic of light.

The magic of light was considered very effective against creatures of dark magic. From the sudden appearance of the holy shield, the creature that kept Yu Ching Soo screamed!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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