Chapter 588. The Horned Imp.


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The sound came from behind her, Yu Qing Soo felt that death was close, and she immediately began to tremble.

– This is … What is it! “Yu Qing Soo has already seen a huge number of various undead, but she has never heard of such horned creatures in the shadows.

This creature was not weakly wounded by the blessing of light, and its cry came from the depths of the darkness of the tomb. But at that moment when Yu Qing Soo turned around, she saw an unusually horrifying physiognomy.

“Hehe, you have to thank your undersized father.” I’ve seen more of yours. It was a horned demon. One of the most dangerous species among the demons is the governor. They are able to stay in the shadows and unexpectedly attack many times better than the skilled magicians of the element of the shadow, to the point that they can appear straight out of your shadow, and unexpectedly attack you from behind, and then cut your throat. Not a few great magicians like you were killed by these demons, but they never attack ordinary magicians, and they specifically choose someone stronger. If the undead have an understanding of the rating of those who need to be killed, then the goal of these horned demons is to cut everyone at the very top of this rating, the short-growing one said without stopping.

Mo Fan nodded slightly, not surprisingly, it seemed as if the mummy commander was plotting against them, and purposely took a comfortable position, did not attack the already wounded man with scars, as if he wanted to divert general attention to himself in order to give the horned demon to finish. with Yu Qing Su!

Unfortunately, the mummy commander made a miscalculation, deciding that no one could repel the sudden attack of the horned imp. Who knew that as long as a small fiery hetero would glow on the whole hall, the undersized would be so closely monitoring the situation.

The timely blessing of the light easily destroyed all the machinations, and it is not known how many magicians they had brutally killed in this way!

– This mummy-voivode is more a corpse, a man who once lived. Because they provide the greatest danger, and they must finally kill. Also horned demon, following us on the heels. He obviously killed a lot of magicians while they created element star systems! – told the other three Mo Fan.

Apparently, the undersized was really an experienced hunter, since he was able to detect such a hidden threat to their squad.

“Short, scarred, Qing La Jiao, find and kill this horned demon and leave the mummy commander back,” said Mo Fan in a commanding tone.

Seeing the power of a small hetero Mo Fang Yu Ching Soo did not argue.

– Eh, if it were not for a short father, where would you be sons and daughters! Said the short, enthusiastically.

Many people think that the magic of light is not particularly useful. The shield of the blessing of light is not so big and strong. Many even consider the magic of light to be a completely useless element. And only in such moments, like this battle with the horned demon, the beauty of the light magic appears.

Other elements can be destructive, destructive, but against such monsters are completely useless. You can neither find a demon nor kill him, and in the end one fate awaits you – a cut throat!

The short man was a hunter who had been actively spinning here and there, listening to various stories, once he heard about a detachment of ten people who were cleaning the tomb behind the tomb, the number of undead passed there any acceptable limits, but the treasure found was worthy. And suddenly, on the way back, one by one the members of the detachment began to die, and only one of the perfectly trained detachment remained because of …

Horned demons!

Then the stunted first heard about them, in that detachment everyone could cope alone with the monster of the pack leader level, but eventually they died at the hands of horned demons, no matter how they tried to cope with them, but no one could find a way to overcome them, perishing one by one.

To their misfortune, among them ten there was not a single magician of the element of light.

In fact, a light mage could easily have prevented such a situation!

The undersized reluctantly leaves for other cities to work, since in the ancient capital the magicians of the world are greatly appreciated!

He knew that it was enough to light the room and the horned demon would have nowhere to hide.

– Shine! – palm undersized blushed milky-white radiance.

He threw a light into the distance of the tomb, and the rays of light immediately lit the tomb. The breath of death here was quite dense, but this light seemed to clear the air from it, completely dispelling the darkness.

Yu Qing Soo turned around, looking for the eyes of the horned imp.

The light was very bright and the tomb room could be easily inspected without looking closely, but the horned imp could not be seen.

“Wasn’t he running away the other way?” – asked Yu Qing Su with a furrowed brow.

“Oh, that bastard is playing with us, there is no demon’s shadow in the whole tomb, which means he is hiding somewhere behind the column,” the short-grown one said with a chuckle, mocking the murmur of the horned demon.

Yu Qing Soo did not talk in vain, and in her hand there was already a lightning, which she sent straight to the column, in a single instant the discharge of the lightning seal appeared behind her, and immediately the silhouette of a demon appeared …

Lightning printing was an entry-level magic, and it didn’t have a sufficiently paralyzing effect against the demon-governor, and the horned demon, realizing that he had been found, immediately began to fade away!

– I will continue to use the shine! You can not give him the opportunity to use the absorption of the shadow! And you finish him, without a shadow, he is no different from the monster levels of the servant! – smiling said stunted.

The scarred man barely caught his breath, so he only showed a short thumb and chased a horned demon along with Yu Qing Soo!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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