Chapter 589. 38 stars.


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There was a roar across the tomb. The fire hat, which has already reached the size of a five-meter flame ball, continued to oppress the mummy commander, which has now been cornered, with no way of retreat.

The power of the fireball-hetera was equal to ten fiery emissions, therefore, from one of its blows, such a spacious tomb was destroyed by half, and was about to collapse completely.

Sand and rubble continued to fall from the ceiling of the tomb, and gaps appeared on the solid fortified walls. The mummy-voivode himself was already partially engulfed in fire, and his body was already falling apart.

Although the mummy governor had good speed, he was now cornered!

* Jin! Jin! Jin! *

Little Hetera was very happy, she flew into the fire-ridden space in which the voivode was located.

Hetara thought very simply: she just wanted to make sure that he did not die.

Who knew that the voivode would be so cunning … he only pretended to be dead, so that at the moment when the hetera would fly up to him, attack!

Little Hetera was not ready for this, moreover, she did not even know how to hide from attacks. As soon as Mo Fan understood what was happening, he immediately turned his flame straight towards the mummy!

Mummy Voivod began to rage, hitting the wall of the tomb, until, finally, his body was not completely engulfed in flames.

The mummy-voivode was in reality not as strong as the rest of the undead, therefore, with one more blow, Mo Fan finally killed him.

Mo Fan took a few steps, after which the dark talisman shone with a green light, which meant that this monster was definitely dead.

It was the soul of the level of the pack leader, of which there were quite a few in Mo Fane’s talisman. However, it was with the absorption of the soul of the mummy governor that the dark talisman combined these souls of the level of the pack leader together, forming something of a water-blue color.

Spiritual essence!

Now the talisman has received an integral spiritual essence!

About one hundred souls of animals of the level of the leader of the pack made up one full-fledged spiritual essence of the level of the leader of the pack – this fact inexpressibly pleased Mo Fanya!

This means that a dark talisman can form spiritual entities not only at the level of a servant, but also as a pack leader!

The spiritual essence of the pack leader cost about 20 million yuan. Huge amount! Then he can return the money to Liu Zhu …


– Fool! For sure! How could I forget! The spiritual entities that complements the dark talisman cannot be pulled out of it – spiritual entities can be used by the talisman only to strengthen the stars! – Mo Fan cursed himself.

In vain, he was delighted – he cannot sell this essence …

“Damn, I don’t even know if I can use the spiritual essence of the level of the pack leader to enhance my stars …” Mo Fan suddenly wondered again.

Since he could not sell it, Mo Fang only had to use it himself. He directed her to gain the thirty-fourth star.

In the red nebula, the stars moved erratically, so he began sorting through them one by one.

– Come on, get stronger and stronger!

Mo Fan fed the spiritual essence of the level of the leader of the flock to this asterisk – the result was followed immediately: the asterisk immediately increased and began to produce a brighter glow.

Mo Fan thought that after he feeds the spiritual essence with an asterisk, nothing remains of the essence, but the essence did not disappear anywhere, it just darkened a little.

– Wow! In the spiritual essence of the level of the leader of the pack hides much more power, which is enough for several stars!

Mo Fan was pleasantly surprised, because he still had about fifteen stars, which had to be strengthened, and this spiritual essence of the level of the pack leader would save him a lot of energy!

Mo Fan took the 35th asterisk, which also increased very quickly, and now shone as brightly as the 34th

Then came the 36th …

After that, the 37th was strengthened!

The 38th star also strengthened, after which the spiritual essence of the level of the pack leader dispersed …

Five stars!

One spiritual essence of the level of the leader of the pack is enough to strengthen five stars!

The quality of the spiritual entities of the level of the pack leader is constantly different. Sometimes it can only be enough to enhance the four stars, sometimes six …

38 stars have already been strengthened, up to 49 there were only 11 left – this was the most important thing for Mo Fan.

The fiery fist of the fourth stage was especially furious, otherwise Dun Fang Le would not be able to rise to the first place in the rating. In fact, after Mo Fan seized the fiery hetera calf, his fire magic certainly didn’t become as powerful as the fourth-stage magic, but even Dong Fang Le could no longer guess what he was capable of!

When Mo Fan reaches the fourth step of a flaming fist, his magic will become unstoppable! In addition, he will have a fiery hetero – all will lead to the fact that his magic is closer in its power to high-level magic!

If you think how many magicians will be able to resist the average level magician, whose magic is close in its effect of high level magic?

That is why Mo Fan should as soon as possible strengthen the remaining 11 stars – for this he needs to kill as many undead as possible!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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