Chapter 59: Melody in flame


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Road to the house.

Mother is walking while chatting with the female students of the fan union.

The area is already dark and unpopular.

“Mr. Isabella.”

She is called out, and her mother turns around.

Emilia stood there.

“Good evening, Dr. Emilia. It’s amazing how two students in your teacher’s class are in the finals.”

Mother says.

“Yeah, thank you. We’re both proud students.”

Emilia smiles. I felt something dark in that look.

“Is this Dr. Emilia’s home?

“No. Actually, the day before the finals, it’s a rule to keep the player’s sword. So I rushed after him.”

The women of the fan union have a wary look on their face.

“Was there such a provision…?

“I don’t know…”

They interacted that way in a whisper.

“That’s right. I didn’t know. Are you going to let the management committee of the tournament keep it?

Mother asks, without a particularly alarming bare gesture.

“Yeah. They’re going to make sure there’s no sword switching or anything. Even so, it’s only formal.”

Hmm. I see. Is Emilia after my sword?

Are you gonna do something, or are you gonna break it?

“Okay. Well, it’s a bad idea to ask a teacher, so I’ll give it directly to the management committee of the competition.”

“No, not at all. Either way, I’m going back to the college.”

“Actually, I forgot something at the academy, too. Shall I come with you?”

My mother giggles.

Emilia looks slightly wolfish.

“But there’s something strange about it, too. I looked through the rules of the tournament, but there was no such thing as depositing a sword the day before. It says,” We each manage our swords under our own responsibility. ”

Mother doesn’t break her smile.

I know you don’t doubt Emilia from your head, but you haven’t even pelted her words.

If you had examined the Demon Emperor, you would have reached the information of the Imperial and Unitarian factions.

You also know that Emilia is a royalist.

“Let’s go. We need to make sure we know exactly what the policy was.”

Emilia will be eating inside.

At first glance, my mother seems to be easily fooled.

But in human society, there are extraordinarily many frauds compared to the Demons.

Even if I take one of the product instructions, when it comes to the finesse of the terms it says, I get a headache just from looking at it.

Humans are noisy about what’s decided.

I guess that’s still the same after two thousand years.

No, there’s even a verse that’s more of a clap.

Even if I trust you, I’ll confirm it just in case.

Emilia seemed a little insulted by the common sense of human society.

Well, thanks to the wall I built, there was little interaction between demons and humans, so I couldn’t help it.

“… you’re in trouble…”

That said, Emilia grabbed the sheath part of the Vajra Iron Sword.

“… Dr. Emilia…?

“Mr. Isabella. Give me that sword. Otherwise, it will be painful.”

Mother pulled the pattern of her thoughts and pulled the sword out of her sheath.

“Is that okay? If you don’t listen to me, you may die with that sword.”

A magic formation emerged on Emilia’s palm, where < Great Heat Flame (Gusgum) > appeared.

Still, my mother won’t let go of her sword.

“Let me burn you with this flame, that filthy body that gave birth to such an abomination against the royal family”

The great red and black flames burn vigorously, becoming fireballs and attacking my mother.

“Mother! Run, please!

Eight fan union female students develop anti-magic at the same time.

For a moment, the barrier, which seemed to have prevented the < Great Heat Flame (Gusgum) >, flamed violently the next moment.


In a fierce flame, the fan union women collapse.

Although they managed to take their lives thanks to anti-magic, they suffered severe burns.


Mother’s voice sounds like a scream.

“Dr. Emilia, why…? Guys, you’re the teacher’s most important goddaughter, aren’t you?

“No, Lower Bitch Mixed, because I’m not a godchild. I’m just begging to keep my class spill.”

Emilia gave a dark, passionate grin a peek.

“Would you rather give me that sword than that?

“… why, …?

“Why? Please don’t you say something white”

And Emilia says in tones like clean and white.

“My brother, Kurt Ludwell, is a swordsman representing the royalists. More than anyone else, he had honorable power and a nobler heart than anyone else. Anos Voldigord, who dastardly defeated it, is an unacceptable great sinner. There’s no way you can shut up and watch him take the stage of the final.”

“Anos fought square and square! I’m so glad your brother did this!

Emilia stares at her mother like she slaps her anger.

“Square is a word only allowed to the royal family. Anos Voldigord’s power has no dignity. No matter how strong it is, it’s a lowly, cowardly force. With such despicable power, you can’t be forgiven, such as defeating the royal family”

“… don’t you think it’s strange to break Anos’ sword so he can’t make it to the finals? If you say the royal family is honorable, do the right thing!

“Mr. Isabella, you’re wrong. Not that the royal family does the right thing. It is what the royal family did that is right. That arrogant word about doing the right thing toward the royal family, etc. is a criticism of the royal family!!

Emilia appears in her hand.

Anti-magic unfolded to counter it.

“… Mother… run away…”

Eight of the fan unions stand up whipped to the burned body.

“No. Together, everyone.”

“Now, if you loosen the anti-magic, you will be burned by < Great Heat Flame (Gusgum) >. Run as far away as you can. I’m sure Master Anos will come.”

“But…! If you get burned by such a flame, everyone dies…… even now, you’re burning so much!?

Emilia can be even more magical.

The magnitude is more than twice the size of the previous one, and it expands further.

Fan Union’s anti-magic won’t prevent it in the end.

It’s such a desperate magic difference.

But they laughed.

“It’s okay. Yikes! There are eight of us and one of us.”

“Hmm. You just lost your hand.”

“And here! Why are you imitating the tone of Mr. Anos?”

“By imitating the tone of Master Anos, you can use the power of Master Anos by a hundredth of a billion, because it’s fanmagic!

“There was such magic!?

“If you borrow a hundredth of a billion, you’re an easy winner!

Despite the overwhelming crisis, they are trying to put aside and relieve their mother’s anxiety.

“Mother, go quickly. With your mother here, we can’t be serious either!

Mother nodded quickly.

“Because I’m going to call someone. Wait for me!

Mother holds the sword and runs out.

“As always, I have no idea what you guys are thinking”

Emilia says to throw it away.

“Because I don’t know that doing that won’t even buy me time. No dignity, no power, not even wisdom. Stupidity is a word for you.”

Emilia also serves the other hand.

“… it’s no use…”

“… not stupid…”

As we say to ourselves, they say.

“… protect… the important person of Lord Anos…”

“… protect…!!

“Come on, guys!!

Fan Union joins forces and unleashes full anti-magic.

But Emilia’s right hand burned it out easily.

The eight men, scattered and struck at first sight, strike at Emilia simultaneously with a spear made of.

However, the left hand is released in all directions.

They were caught in flames, bouncing and flying.


“So I told you. It won’t even buy you time.”

Emilia’s sight still shows her mother.

She had < Heavy Flame (Gus Gum) > appear on her hands.

If you let go, you won’t have the means to make it up to your mother.

That’s when I heard a slight melody.

“… you’re down, I’m up…”

I’m singing.

A bunch of fan union girls lying on the ground.

“… Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh…”

Nice to meet you. They wake up.

But you won’t have the strength to resist. If you ignore it, that’s it.

“… you’re down, I’m up…”

Emilia’s face is distorted.

She said in a low voice.

“Would you please stop”

One more, a fan union girl gets up.

“… la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.”

Emilia screamed like she couldn’t stand it.

“Awesome because I don’t know what you’re saying to stop!!

Emilia burns one of the fan unions with < Heavy Flame (Gusgum) >.

But she sang while caught in flames.

“… Kadaka-kun, give me Lord Anos’s…”

To draw Emilia’s attention.

I’m trying to buy you some time.

“… and in a sleeping area called Gigi, the prey comes to you…”

The remaining seven, unarmed, go into Emilia with their bare hands.

“… to Master Anos’s magic.”

“Stop, I told you!!

The girl burns.

The song – I won’t stop.

“… fuck off, oh and here too, in one shot”

Another one, a girl collapsed.

Sing and you’ll be burned. Still, they raised their voices.

“… let it go… let it go… let it go!”

His breath is constant, and his weak melody echoes.

“… you’re down, I’m up…”

“You’re downstairs! You must be under the royal family!! No lousy songs!! It’s royal criticism Yikes!!

Like mad, Emilia uses magic and burns the fan union girls.

“… bjo, dobjo, second kill ♪… Phew, ahhhhhhh ♪”

One, another, and the girl fell on the ground.

“… you’re down, I’m up…”

Two left.

“… ah, aaaaaaan, peace of mind ♪… uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”

As such, the last one is burned by < Heavy Flame (Gus Gum) >.

“… hey, uh, hey… give me… give me…”

From the flames, still, her singing sounds unceasingly.

“Let me take the extra effort…!

Emilia pounded her tongue.

But in the end, it’s no use.

She uses and flies through the sky.

And I quickly captured my mother in my sight.

“… die…!

< Big Heat Flame (Gusgum) > burned violently and instantly approached her mother.

And so a pillar of flame rose up in the place.

“… hehe, hahaha, hahahaha!

With a high laugh, Emilia goes down to earth.

“Oh, you’re finally soothed. Maybe I could send the body to that nonconformist?

She walks out as if even skipping.

“Hmm. You’re in a good mood sometime. Did something good happen to you?

She stopped her legs perfectly and stared at my back.

“… Anos…”

He used it and transferred it from the magic hospital to become his mother’s shield.

“Mother, are you hurt?

It’s okay. It’s okay.

and mother hides her own fingertips on her back.

There was a slight burn.

It was too late to hide.

When I used and healed it, I turned to the teacher.

“Hey, Emilia.”

Take a step, take a step.

Even though the distance was still a long way off, Emilia lagged far behind, as she was surprised.

“I’m tolerant. I still don’t see any angry memories before I reincarnate. I forgive him if he changed his attitude to try to fly around like a cobbler around me. I didn’t think it was as narrow as leaving myself to anger.”

Stare straight at Emilia.

What do I look like now?

I can’t even imagine it myself.

“No, no, not quite. Why, it was a mistake”

Take another step and speak up.

I felt colder than I thought.

“Emilia, you will not forgive me.”

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