Chapter 590. Breakthrough!


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“You still dare to run after me?” See how uncle will deal with you! Shouted the short man, simultaneously releasing the magic of light.

The holy wall was what the horny bes definitely did not want to deal with. The rays of the holy wall, which were released short, literally cordoned off the horned devil, foreshadowing his misfortune.

Yu Qing Soo used lightning magic, directing her toward the horned demon.

The horned devil was much weaker than the mummy governor, so it literally fell apart from such a blow.

– I’ll deal with him! – without further ado the short man released a strong shine.

The magic of the light of the initial level now could precisely deprive the horned life.

Rays of light began to pierce his shadow, like sharp spears!

The horned devil could not bear even a few minutes: his body was divided into pieces of shadow, from which only a piece of black skin remained, which fell to the ground.

When he saw the skin of a horned demon, the short man was delighted: his eyes began to shine, and his own emotions were overwhelming. He shouted: “I don’t even know what to do with it now!” Maybe someone will buy? -.

Saying this, he quietly shoved a piece of skin into his bag.

During this entire procedure, the magician with a scar watched, smiling, exposing his gold teeth, between which a smoking pipe was clamped.

– Brother, you’re so mercantile! You know for sure that the horned demon is an amazing and rare creature. So how can you not know that his skin is very expensive? Said the scarred man.

The short-faced face immediately hung up.

In a situation where everyone was doomed, he did so much! And everything was crossed out so soon!

– Hehe. I don’t really understand this either. However, I can think of a way to buy it at a higher price. If I take this skin, I will give you the rest. Is going? So be fair, – said the short.

“It depends on what you offer us, then there are three of us,” said Yu Qing Soo.

– One piece of spiritual seed?

– Yes, you fool me to hold! Come her here! Said the scarred man maliciously.

– Goes, goes, goes! I will give 5 million to each of you. If you sell yourself, you can’t get more than 20 million for it, and if you divide it into four, then you’ll get 5 million for each! Do not stay at a loss! Said the short man.

– Well, it’s okay.

The short was a little disappointed. If he had known before, he would not have saved him, then he would not have to divide such a good find into four!

Low-growing began to recall the average market value.

“This spiritual essence of the servant level to you, it costs 5 million,” said the short man, drawing the spiritual essence of Mo Fanyu.

Mo Fan ofigel: how could he know that he needed spiritual entities so much?

Mo Fan immediately reinforced another star.

Now he still has 10 stars!

From this point on, he needs to carefully collect the souls of the undead, who were around in abundance … so he will very soon reach the fourth step of the burning fist!

After the exchange was completed, they all got out of the tomb.

Just leaning out, they immediately saw a crowd of undead.

Among the crowd of rotting corpses one could see a skeleton commander, a werewolf commander …

– Hurry, come on! Said the short man.

– Fiery heterie, open the way for us! Said Mo Fan.

The fire warder flew up to a height of three to four meters and suddenly produced a fire ejection!

This fiery ejection flew, fell and began to roll around, forming a fire carpet! Because of this, all the undead that were in the area, began to rapidly run away! The flame of the fiery hetero is much fiercer than the flame of the fiery rose …

– E * oat, this your contract beast is more powerful than 4-5 mid-level fire magicians! – astonished said short.

– Tie already swearing, better release your magic of light so that the rotting corpses scatter even further! Grumbled Mo Fan.

The fire cleared the way. In addition, Yu Qing Su and Mo Fan were the magicians of lightning, with one blow of which it was possible to deal with a crowd of undead.

Of course, the lightning magic of the fourth-level entry level of Mo Fang was far superior to the initial magic of Yu Qing Soo, which could paralyze a huge number of undead at a time.

– I see the team ahead! – shouted scarred.

Holding the ice chain in his hand, the scarred wizard moved forward, whipping away crawling rotting corpses.

About a kilometer remained to the team. None of the four people did not stint on the use of protective artifacts. They ran across the terrain, simultaneously releasing magic.

On the other hand, the vines were grabbed by the legs of two rotting corpses.

The undersized used the magic of light, and already pierced the eyes of five undead with rays. By that moment, when the undead had regained their sight, the magicians had already fled from them a distance of a hundred meters, and another undead was waiting for them there!

– I’ll deal! Wind Disk: sky nets! Said the magician.

There was a huge stream of air, which literally turned everything around!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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