Chapter 593. You take upon yourself a corpse commander, and I am a corpse ruler!


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Yao Nan didn’t talk anymore, and flapping his wings, he was right in front of Mo Fang. He grabbed his collar and lifted him into the air.

“All you have to do is attack, attack, and attack again!” – Yao Nan ordered the rest.

After these words, they rose to the heights, penetrating directly into the black stench coming from the corpse ruler …

– Only they are two ??? We will not even know how they will die! – said Jiang Li.

“That’s for sure … against the creature of the level of the commander-in-chief, one high-level mage cannot cope, but the average level magician is still with him …” said Zhou Ming anxiously.

– Well, it is their duty: the commander and deputy commander are always the first to go into battle! We must get to the point of strategic gathering as quickly as possible!

– Just say it! We have to go! The courage of these two should not be wasted!

– Forward! Kill these black ghouls!

It was obvious that the feat of Yao Nan and Mo Fang, on the one hand, dispelled the general fear of the commander-in-chief monster, and on the other, rallied the detachment.

Mo Fan, who was seized by Yao Nane, was shaking with fear inside!

Even before that, he wanted to ask the commander what he had in mind when he said that the two of them would go against the commander in chief!

Before joining these ranks, Mo Fan spoke at once that he would only fight against the undead level of the servant and pack leader, and when the commander-in-chief monsters appear, he immediately returns!

As a result, now he “flew” over a crowd of rotting corpses in order to penetrate the black stench of a commander-in-chief monster!

– Yao Nan, damn it, I am no match for you! Let me go, you and I are not friends anyway! If I do not turn into undead, then I promise, I can even become your boyfriend! – cursed Mo Fan.

– I, of course, a little weird, but I’m a normal guy! – with a grin said Yao Nan.

– What do you want in the end? I am only an average magician! I can’t fly like you, I can run …, said Mo Fan.

– You, baby, do not speak my teeth! The magician of the four elements, plus everything else you still have the draft and contract animals. I know that in public you try not to use all your trumps, especially try to be in the crowd! Hehe, you look, how many corpses at the bottom of the governor! I promise you that I will take over the commander-in-chief, you just have to deal with these commanders, ”said Yao Nan.

Yao Nan flapped his wings.

Three or four tentacles swept in close proximity with the commander and almost touched Mo Fan. That fear raised his limbs, making splits in the air!

– This corpse ruler … he …! – Mo Fan knew that there was no way back, and now he agreed to a compromise.

– Well, then there are no questions! I have a vessel for the shower in my hand, I will help you with my soul … in return, you just need to survive among these toxic corpses-governor! – Yao Nan as always smiled.

– What is the toxic corpses of the governor … e … e * y!

Mo Fan only opened his mouth to say that he had never encountered such creatures as he was thrown to the ground. Even at the height of the crowd of rotting corpses already ran after him …

Long before Mo Fan landed, all the looks of these monsters were already fixed on him!

He hurried to use the magic of the shadows to hide …

It was also fortunate that it was a dark night, and the breath of death was so dense that it was easy to use the shadow.

– Agile wolf, fiery hetera, get out faster and save your daddy! – excitedly whispered Mo Fan, looking at how the crowd of the undead rushes straight at him.

Now it was certainly no time for jokes! Mo Fan turned out to be absolutely alone in a crowd of enraged undead, who was dispersed here by the magicians of the world, who hurried to other troops. There were so many corpses, then only in a small handful of undead that they rushed in his direction, Mo Fan counted five governors !!!

– Agile wolf, you take that lame!

“Little heterie, you will create a fiery wall around me that should flare up further as much as possible!”

Mo Fan, still had some time to think. An agile wolf can easily cope with one small commander. The fire hat could have also fought with the corpse commander, but Mo Fan decided to keep her with him so that she would cover him … If she takes upon herself all this overwhelming crowd of undead servant level, then he himself can fight with the corpse commander!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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