Chapter 597. Deep Freeze – Sarcophagus.


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“Did I overestimate this defense or did you underestimate the crashing fist?” – Reflected Mo Fan, looking at the muscular commander who burned before his eyes.

In the end, everything went completely according to plan. At first he thought to get rid of the governor, who uses toxic emissions, because he seemed to be weaker. As a result, Mo Fan destroyed a muscular commander with a collapsing fist!

However, if you think about it, this muscle monster was much weaker than a clumsy voivode. In addition to the poisonous mist, there was nothing effective against Mo Fang in his arsenal.

Now, when one of the opponents was finished, Mo Fan did not even think about the danger that was already waiting for him. He did not notice how his legs squeezed something.

Mo Fan lowered his head and saw how two paws coming out of the ground grabbed his legs, so hard that his bones seemed to crunch!

Mo Fan guessed that this must have been the third voivode!

It is not surprising that he could not see him before: he was in the ground, avoiding the flame that engulfed the neighborhood!

And that opponent was with brains! It’s good that Mo Fana was wearing snake mail that protected him.

– Print lightning!

Numerous lightning immediately surrounded the body of the magician, and by his decree hit the ground! The fourth-stage lightning magic was unimaginably powerful!

From these electric shocks he heard voices of the governor that was in the ground. Now he couldn’t squeeze his legs as much, which Mo Fan used. The bloody boots that were still activated gave the mage’s feet additional strength. Mo Fan jumped, completely freeing himself from these terrible claws.

The voivod, who was still trying to hold on to Mo Fan’s feet, literally flew up to the surface of the earth with his leap.

Mo Fan looked at the ground and saw only half the body of the governor brown …

His upper case was firmly folded, and especially his iron arms!

Lightning prints did not act very long. Iron hands, which at first moved so actively, crashed to the ground with a crash, shaking the air around!

The action of Mo Fan’s bloody boots has already ceased, and using the magic of the shadow among the burning flames was unreal. The fists of the governor gradually reached Mo Fang’s chest, and then abruptly dropped him to a distance of ten meters!

Mo Fan rolled right into the flame, swallowing the sand. He rose, shaking his chest.

The serpent hauberk really possessed a remarkable protective function: this iron-arm voivode still could not pierce it. All that was left for him was to throw Mo Fang from side to side.

Mo Fan was only about to release magic, as a poisonous rain poured down from above, from which it was now necessary to take cover.

Snake mail was capable of absorbing poisons, but this poisonous rain could corrode surfaces, and only heaven knew if snake mail could save a mage in such conditions.

– Water curtain!

Before the black dust storm a dark blue transparent light flowed in, which looked like a waterfall. More than ten tentacles emerged from this black dust storm, but they came across a water curtain, and having failed to grab Yao Nanya!

Yao Nan stood behind the curtain and carefully looked at the monster that was trying to attack him.

This creature was clearly fattened and looked like a very obese person. Two-thirds of this creature’s huge belly was streaked with veins, its head was covered with incomprehensible growths, and the limbs were represented by tentacles that could easily be pulled in different directions.

How many must have this monster devoured lives, since I had fed up to such an extent that its flesh hung down to the very earth!

“So you are too cunning!”

Yao Nan just grinned. The water curtain protected him from the attack of these vile tentacles, and he did not even need to connect additional protection! He just stood and calmly looked at this picture.

Asterisks began to intertwine around Yao Nan in the star elemental system of the color of ice crystals. The systems are now also intertwined in a star cloud that surrounded the magician by 360 degrees!

Star cloud of ice! High level magic!

– Deep freeze: sarcophagus! – Yao Nan’s eyes sparkled.

The frost that slipped in his eyes literally populated a black dust storm …

From above, where the frost was chilling the most, there was a sound that really looked like a funeral chime … the cold of a dense, icy mass descended downwards!

It literally was an ice coffin!

A sarcophagus of ice sank down directly on the governor’s body! He was so heavy that pieces of earth flew into the air! They were instantly frozen inside!

This ice sarcophagus, like a cap, covered the fat body of an insatiable corpse giant, sealing it there forever!

The deep-frozen sarcophagus was the size of a small mountain surrounded by a veil of cold air. The land in the vicinity was shaking with this spell!

The insatiable corpse giant wanted to escape from the trap, but the ice was so strong that it could melt only from the magic of fire – it was impossible to break it!

“It’s good that I use the seed of a crystal tear, otherwise I would not be able to grab such a giant!” – said, grinning, Yao Nan.

– Even before that, he spoiled his insides with my poison, and now he is frozen … He will be frozen to death due to the fact that his blood because of this poison crystallizes faster …

“Hmm … elements of poison and ice refer more to the magic of resistant resistance. If I wanted to fight with the magician of the highest level, Dusiao, then it would be better for me to awaken the element of fire or lightning … and even with such animals I have to sweat.

– Here is Mo Fan then! He already has four elements. To achieve their high level of magic, he will have even more of them at his disposal! And then he alone will have the same combat capability as a whole group of magicians!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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